FREE Treadmills from Smooth Fitness

Smooth Fitness has decided to support the Mamavation campaign this season like never before. Not only are they giving each Mamavation Mom a free treadmill to help with their long term weight loss efforts, they are also giving the campaign two additional treadmills in a special giveaway. And that’s not all, they are giving @Mizfitonline (Carla Binberg) and I (@Bookieboo)treadmills to help us with our half marathon training coming in December.(#mizboorun BABY!)

Here is a picture of the treadmill Smooth Fitness is giving away:

Smooth Fitness has been very generous to the Mamavation campaign in the past. They gave treadmills to the following Mamavation Moms from previous campaigns: @StacieinAtlanta, @AlyssaBecthold, @LisaSamples, @Frugalfemina, @Mentallyinked, & @Rachel_L. With the help of their treadmills, together all of these moms lost over 111 lbs. in the Mamavation campaign.WOWZAS!

If you would like to show Smooth Fitness your love and appreciation (and I would certainly appreciate it), tweet this out:

“Thanks @SmoothFitness for everything you do for the #Mamavation cause. We heart U,″

Are you interested in winning a treadmill? Well, you will get a shot at it following the Mamavation Twitter Party. (Just to cut down on the confusion, the treadmill will NOT be given away after or during the Mamavation twitter party. Rather, after the Mamavation campaign has started watch the site for directions on how you can win.) It’s going to take some effort on your part, but if you win you will be in fitness heaven with your very own treadmill. (And we will do the giveaway twice, so you’ll get two shots.) Are you going to participate? What would winning a treadmill do for your healthy living lifestyle goals? Let Smooth Fitness know below…

Leah Segedie is the Founder of Mamavation and Bookieboo, a blogger network. After losing over 100 lbs, she started a career mentoring women in health and since then has assisted in over 3,500 lbs lost via the Mamavation community. Leah and her work has been mentioned in Ladies Home Journal, Reader's Digest, Fitness, Women's Day, CNN, ABC, CBS, the O'Reilly Factor, AOL, Entrepreneur, and Yahoo to name a few. She works from home in her fuzzy slippers.


  1. A treadmill would be the ultimate key for me! The heat here in Texas is brutal and running in such heat is tough. Having a treadmill at home would help keep me motivated to get up and get moving without worrying about having a heat stroke!

    Thank you Smooth Fitness! You rock!

  2. It would help me RUN my entire next 5K, not just a portion of it as well as be a major contributor to helping me lose almost 200 pounds!

  3. Stephanie H says:

    Owning a treadmill would be heaven! Our winters are dreadfully cold and our summers dreadfully hot (not to mention buggy!). Plus, being a busy mom who will be going back to work in the new year, the convenience of being able to run in my home and not have to leave my son or take him out in bad weather would be G-O-L-D! Not sure if us Canadians are eligible tho.

    Either way, Thank you Smooth Fitness for helping pioneer healthy lifestyles for these awesome mamavation mamas! You're amazing!

  4. Momma On The Run says:

    I think owning a treadmill is key to weightloss for single moms or for moms like me who's hubby works long long hours. You wont need to find a sitter to watch the children while you go work out. You can run from the comfort of your own home when your children are sleeping!! How awesome would that be!!

    Thank you Smooth Fitness it is so awesome you are helping to support us mom's get our healthy lifestyles in check :)

  5. Fab Kate says:

    I'd LOVE to have my own treadmill… it's the one thing I enjoy more than anything else, and haven't been able to afford on my budget. I'm a single mom, and have systemic lupus, both of which often take up my time and energy… keeping active with a treadmill would be my dream.

    I actually moved into the apartment complex that I did BECAUSE they had a treadmill for community use. Only problem? It's been broken since the week before I moved in some 7 months ago!

    I do have memberships to two gyms where there are treadmills (free, one is a senior center,the other offers free memberships to those with medicare) but the buses only run out to those locations a couple times a day :( If I miss a bus I'm stranded. None the less, I go when I can, just because it's the most enjoyable exercise I've found!

  6. I live in Florida where the heat index is placing the temperature at over 100 already! A treadmill would give me the confidence to learn to run a 5K before taking it "to the streets". I tend to embarrass easy when I work out in front of others… Sad but true. I need work out confidence!

    I have three kids. My youngest son is 16 months and I still need to drop 30 pounds from my pregnancy!

    Pick me! Pick me! Pick me! Does begging work? Probably not but it's worth a shot…

  7. KarlaBond says:

    A treadmill will allow me to stay at home and exercise and get my knee back into shape. It would be ideal for those winter blizzards and I can 't leave.

  8. Bloggymommy says:

    I was on bed rest for 2 months without my children because of spine problems. I've been told to get a treadmill and lose weight but we just can't afford one. This would be soooo good for me and help me with my back problems! Dr said to walk 3 miles a day…I'll be at this twitter party!

  9. Alaina Frederick says:

    Wow – thank you Smooth Fitness for supporting Mamavation and moms around the world that are giving it their all to lose weight and life a healthy life!

    I'd personally love to have a treadmill in our home as the area in front of our TV is getting pretty worn from my fitness DVD's! It would mean I could push harder, go farther and show my kids another side of their "flabby" mom!

  10. Lisa Johnston says:

    DUDE! We could SO use a treadmill! You know what I would do if I had a Smooth Fitness treadmill??

    Y'all ready for this?

    I'd…. (coughs under breath) Share it with the hubs!

    Ok yes, I said it, I'd share!

    Both of us totally need to shed some FAT! I totally bet we could share enough fat together to make up one of us as we are now! That's friggin insane….. and fat! HAHA! :)

    SO combined, we could lose about 250 lbs!


  11. If I were chosen to win a FREE @smoothfitness treadmill… I promise to love and cherish it… use and abuse it!! 😛

    I love running… and love my three small children! See the funny reason why I need a treadmill?! :)

    I have a double jogger… and not enough room (on that jogger) to hold me 3 small children to run as often as I need-like.

    If I were chosen to get the FREE @smoothfiness treadmill, I promise it will be used often! :)

    Please… pick me! :)

  12. The reasons to apply are even better now! But seriously. A treadmill would be awesome. I really want to train to do a 5k and because of my surgery I had to call of the first one and it really upset me. I am rally hoping I can get in shape enough for the October Zoo 5K because me son wants to run it with me.

  13. You know, I'm really self-conscious (maybe insecure is a better word). I don't like going to gyms because I don't like working out in front of other people. Paying $70 a month for a membership is out of my affordability range as well. Having a treadmill would be an answer to prayer. Seriously.

    I've asked my fiance FOR YEARS to get me an exercise bike, treadmill — anything. New, used, whatever. He said no because, in his mind, exercise could be done for free and he didn't want some piece of equipment cluttering up his bedroom. Now that I'm 258 lbs (last I weighed myself) and he's 225 (he used to be 170-180), that treadmill would be an incredible blessing to us. While we shed weight, the padded surface of a treadmill would be a lot easier on our joints.

    It would also allow us to work out at our own pace. We're both at varying fitness levels, so, when we go hiking, he often feels that he's not getting enough of a workout because he's waiting on me. The treadmill can fix some of that frustration. 😉

    Rather than sitting and watching TV, we could work out while watching instead. Since my fiance is so creative and can build just about anything you ask him to, I'm sure he can build a platform for me to place my laptop on so I could work out while I browse the internet! lol

    Thanks for your incredible support, SmoothFitness!!

  14. Not just for me, but hubs has always promised me if we get a treadmill then he'll only play video games while he's walking. Do you have ANY IDEA how many HOURS a week that is?? Too many just sitting, but just right if he's walking. I don't game really, but it sure would be great to have a treadmill in the convenience of my own home.

  15. says:

    This would be AWESOME because it would mean being able to finish Couch to 5K before the fall.

  16. First of all Thank YOU so much SmoothFitness!!

    I would use a treadmill (and not the ancient feel like you are gonna tip over one I borrowed from my mom) to train to run, yes RUN, a 5k. That is my mini fitness goal. I have a hard time trying to train to run because my kids are young but too old for a stroller and the weather is either super hot or super cold, so I could train anytime.

  17. A treadmill would help out so much as I am asthmatic and running outside can cause havoac on my lungs. Also I have a certain teenager who loves to run but hates running outside and has been begging for a treadmill forever!!

  18. jennydecki says:

    Ok, I'm not here trying to be greedy or anything since I think I get a treadmill as part of being a Mamavation Mom … but you know what, I'm covering my bets on all sides because I need a treadmill. I have a 5yo, a 4yo, and an 8 month old. You try jogging while making sure no one ends up in the street and the stroller doesn't hit the grass and then one girl running ahead while the other child lags behind to stare at flowers and bugs.

    Yeah. I'm so excited about a treadmill there are NO words.

    Plus the reason I know about all those things kids do on runs? I've TRIED them LOL – it just doesn't work.

    p.s. Please view my video and vote if you haven't yet. I'd appreciate it from the very bottom of my hopeful heart!!!

  19. I have no time or money for a gym membership. I want one of these treadmills so badly. Would seriously use it daily! I loved the treadmills when I was single with no kids and had a membership!

    Smooth Fitness is Great and I am in awe of them!

  20. I am literally stunned by the generosity of Smooth Fitness. First, I would like to say thank you to them.

    What would owning a treadmill do for me? It would literally help me save my life. I'm carrying an excess 200+ pounds, so exercise is a struggle for me. Going to the gym, a lot of the equipment literally doesn't fit (or mre accurately, I don't fit it). We already have 100 degree temps, so walking outside is out of the question – between the heat and the air quality, and my asthma (among other issues) I can't be outdoors for long periods of time. I try to walk at work but usually don't have the time; plus usually someone sees me walk by and grabs me for an impromptu meeting. LOL

    Owning a treadmill would allow me to exercise in the privacy of my own home – no embarassment, or shame. No 5 people waiting for the treadmill at the gym, looking at me like "Why bother? You won't walk THAT off." I can literally take steps to save my life.

    I had a knee injury a few years ago – before that, I was walking 5 miles/day at least 3-4 times a week and LOVED it. I would love to get back to that :)

    I also make a solemn vow that no laundry would ever, EVER hang off this treadmill if I'm lucky enough to win it!

    I'll be tweeting the thank you message as well.

  21. Jessica says:

    I have a treadmill already and so am not entering this. Just want to say that I think Smooth Fitness is AWESOME for doing this. What a way to empower more women and their families!! I definitely know where I'll be going when I need to purchase something along the fitness line. Thanks again Smooth Fitness for all you do!

  22. trulytrayce says:

    WOOHOO what an amazing opportunity and an AMAZING company for helping so many moms take our lives back for ourselves and our entire family!!

    I would SO love to be a part of the Smooth Fitness mamavation family of treadmill users and take my weight loss and life transformation to the next level.

    Since I can't afford a beautiful piece of equipment like this I hope I have the opportunity to show you WHY I deserve to win one!

    I also live in WISCONSIN and these Winters are brutal! This would be the perfect way for me to stay on track! Thank you Smooth Fitness for this fabulous opportunity and for your support of all of us moms out here in weight loss land;)!

  23. Melody Baguskas says:

    oh my gosh. If I were chosen to receive a free treadmill, I would get to run whenever!!I, Like so many other fantastic moms.. am a stay at home mom. it's all me with no form of childcare from family at all. I dont want to pawn my kids off on friends 3-4 days a week.. so i can go for run. Seems selfish. I just trained and completed a half marathon-I was able to do so because my kids were in school. Now with summer vacation, I dont have those hours of opportunity. My new goal is to complete a 26.2 on 10/31. But, the reason I am holding back on committing, is that I wont have time to train during the summer. So, thats my story. Good luck on everyones goals & training. Anything is possible. Thanks Smooth Fitness!!

  24. I would love a treadmill in the house but am just too scared of them with little kids around. I will be trying to win this for my sister-in-law though. I know her and her husband would get a lot of use out of it.

  25. Would love to have a treadmill at home! In the last two months, I've gotten serious about weight loss (lost 15 lbs. so far) and fitness. While I'm happy to have my rickety ol' elliptical machine (you can barely hear the squeaking when the TV volume is turned WAY up), being able to switch up my workouts with a treadmill would be doubly awesome.

    As a mom to four, I have to workout whenever I can and squeezing a gym trip into my day just isn't realistic. Not to mention the cost involved…

    Thanks for the opportunity!

  26. How exciting! I would start the couch to 5K program on the treadmill. I don't like running alone since we live far out and I sure can't keep up with hubby. It would be nice to train up to his level though!

  27. Angie (Losing It and Loving It) says:

    What a cool opportunity! I would use the treadmill to help me train for my very 1st 1/2 marathon in Jamaica this Dec. I'm totally struggling with running right now but I'm set to do the run/walk for the 1/2 and I will try my best.

  28. Winning a treadmill would up my motivation. If I had one I would put it in front of the television and the four hours each week that I watch recorded TV I would use it. Then if it was too hot or bad weather outside then I would use the treadmill instead of going outside. Also, when the kids are home and I don't feel like trying to figure out a workout plan I can just do something right at home. :-)

  29. SelahPromotions says:

    I need this…Winning a treadmill will probably save my life. I am 51 years old. I had a heart attack in 2005 at the age of 45. After the heart attack I did well for a couple years. Later I begin falling into my bad habits. You see, I have Systemic Lupus E & Fibromalgia, because of the constant pain & fatique, not only was it hard to keep fit, the depression was over-whelming. I moved from CA to TX, and went down hill. It was a bad accident w/my son that got me back to Cali. I was so over-weight my friends & family couldn't hardly believe it. Once my son became well, I decided not to go back to TX. A couple months ago I started walking and was doing great until the heat and the sun, which does not sit well w/lupus. So, the treadmill can go inside and I can continue to exercise everyday at home. And I promise I WILL DO IT! Thanks for this opportunity.

  30. It is 100 degrees in Dallas already. I am trying to train for the Komen 3-Day for the Cure (60 miles in 3 days), but it is hard to do during daytime hours due to the heat. I have been going very late at night after the sun sets. We had to cancel our gym memberships because money is tight, so winning a treadmill would be just about the best thing that could happen to me. I am very afraid that I will not be fully prepared for the event. It would be a dream to be able to get up and start walking whenever I want. Also? Kim and Rachel have made me green with envy over the fact that their treadmills have fans. FANS!

  31. Katie aka Sailors Princess says:

    I have always wanted to learn how to run and with having a son and a husband in the military makes it hard to get to the gym so that I can work out. Having one in the home with us would help so much

  32. rhonda clark says:

    I have high suger and I need something to help me out

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