Mamavation Mondays: Sensual Valentine’s Day

Ooooh-la-la… Valentine’s Day is only a week away.  There will be no show that night in the hopes that everyone that has someone to get snuggly with is making the most of their night.  Intimacy is not a subject for only one night of the year though.  It is not to be put away the rest of the 364 days.  Relationships are to be maintained as partners change and the relationship itself changes.

Our guest this week is a relationship expert.  She has valuable tips for all of us whether we have been married for years or are still looking for that right someone.  It is good to know what you have to offer and what you want in a relationship to make the most of your experience.

Special Guest: Allana Pratt (@allanapratt)

Columnist for eHarmony and relationship expert on CBS, TLC, and FOX, Allana Pratt is redefining relationships and sensuality from the inside out. People Magazine reported that Allana was the first person Leeza Gibbons called for coaching when she signed on with Dancing with the Stars. She’s interviewed everyone from Whoopi Goldberg to Dr. Christiane Northrup, who have revealed things to her that they haven’t even told themselves.

Join us this week as Allana helps us open up about what we are looking for and how to get it with respect to our partners and ourselves.  Expect giggles and insight.  This is a fun show and a comfortable space to have this discussion.

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Question: What are you doing to keep your heart healthy?

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