Mamavation Applicants: Who Do You Recommend?

Choosing five women from all the Mamavation applicants is a very tough job. What I have started to do that has been very helpful for me is (1) Having Kia @bodhi_bear, our Mamavation Community Manager, interview them and give me her opinion on who she thinks can handle the job and (2) ask the Applicant’s friends and family about them. They know them the best.

So here is what I’m asking. Do you know any of the applicants? If so, please let me know in the comments which Mamavation Applicant you support and why. I’m looking for stories about these women. Do you know any? Do you have a tale of strength, courage or dedication you think I would be interested in hearing? I know you like them. It will be obvious if you visit this page, but I want to hear a story about them. Let me know by showing me what they have done in the past, why this opportunity is perfect for them as well.

This is incredible helpful to me when I make my decision…and I’m making it very soon!

And it would also be helpful to include their twitter name with your comment.

I will make my decisions about Mamavation Applicants by Monday, March 28th and post a voting widget on this site for you to vote. Voting will go on for a week and we will announce the two winners on April 4th during our twitter party. Come RSVP!

Thanks for your help!


Leah Segedie is the Founder of Mamavation and Bookieboo, a blogger network. After losing over 100 lbs, she started a career mentoring women in health and since then has assisted in over 3,500 lbs lost via the Mamavation community. Leah and her work has been mentioned in Ladies Home Journal, Reader's Digest, Fitness, Women's Day, CNN, ABC, CBS, the O'Reilly Factor, AOL, Entrepreneur, and Yahoo to name a few. She works from home in her fuzzy slippers.


  1. My vote would be for my friend Libby (miacupcake on Twitter). She’s quite an inspiration. She is a strong, funny woman. She beat cancer. She is a derby queen. She’s a great mom. She’s a great daughter. And she’s a great friend. One story that I particularly love is how she took a particularly nasty breakup and made it fun and brought her friends in on the fun. This jerk, after dumping her in a spectacularly poor way, had the nerve to complain that she had “stolen” his can opener. So, she created a group just for the can opener and began sending it across the country. People would get it, photograph it in different places and then send it on to the next person. The pictures she sent to the ex (all in good humour). It became the most well travelled can opener ever. My point is, she could have fallen apart, she could have wallowed, but instead she made us and herself laugh.

  2. My vote is definitely for Eliza (aka, HomeMom). In participating in the healthy lifestyle change group for Lean Cuisine, Eliza was an example of dedication and perseverance to us all. She stayed true to her goals, and she worked hard to lose weight and get fit. Even now she has stayed on track and is committed to making a total lifestyle change. She’s inspired us all, and that’s why my vote is for her.:)

  3. Lena, of course!! This woman has one of the best attitudes I have ever seen. Yes, she gets discouraged or upset, but she ALWAYS turns it around so fast. She has been consistent and is so strong. I’d like to see her get the attention that the Mamavation Moms get and also she would be a GREAT mentor.

    Even with a really busy work schedule, Lena was figuring out ways to get exercise in and started running at lunch! She’s amazing and I think she’d do really well.

  4. Eliza (@homemom3) would be a terrific Mamavation mom. We participated in a healthy lifestyle campaign together and she has already lost 25 lbs this year! Imagine how far she could go with the help of this strong community…

  5. I support Eliza Ferree, aka Homemom3. Why? She is very motivated and dedicated; she dedicated all her time and engery to be mom, teacher (home schooling), and wife. She has always put everyone infront of herself and never did anything for herself-until now. For the first time she made a goal to do something for herself; I feel she deserves to the oppertunity to make her goals happen for herself, and from what i can tell this program will help her learn more about heing healthy and excericing-all around help her better herself for herself….she is the type of person that never gives up and will keep going even when times are hard-I believe in her.
    Thank You,

  6. I would pick Eliza (Homemom3). I did a 31day Lean Cuisine challenge with her and she was amazing! She supported every single participant by cheering us all along. She was not just focused on her own weight loss – but also on supporting all the rest of us in her journey. She is amazing and you would be lucky to have her on your campaign.

  7. I vote for Eliza (@Homemom3) because she is a supportive friend, a great mom and still finds time to show her kids by example that they can go for their dreams. She went back to school to get her degree and is really doing an amazing job at getting in shape and losing weight. I’m very proud of her and I truly believe that she is the best Mamavation applicant for the job.

  8. Soccerboy_3000 says:

    I think homemom3 should nominated for mamavation because she is hard working and really wants to work off thoughs pounds.

    Good luck mom

  9. I recommend Eliza Feree, I worked with her at b5media and am very impressed with her. She is also part of a group I’m currently in. I think she’s wonderful and I’ve been watching her progress on Facebook. It’s very motivating. You can’t go wrong with Eliza!

  10. I recommend Eliza (Homemom3) – Eliza and I have been friends for several years and at one point, I had the pleasure of working with her too. Having seen her engage on varied levels has shown me how dedicated she is both a personal and professional level. Eliza delivers quality, dedication, motivation and inspiration in spades! I’d love to see her selected to this campaign – I know it would be beneficial to all involved.

  11. I have to say Andrea K @notimemom. She has two children with special diet needs, but takes the time make nutritious meals for herself and her husband when it would be much easier to grab junk food and get on to the next thing. Plus she shares those great recipes with all of us.
    She always takes the time to comment and uplift other women that are and aren’t in the Mamavation community. She also works at gathering her whole family to be active outdoors.
    She is a great friend and motivator for me personally.

  12. I support Eliza Ferree (homemom3). As a previous poster has mentioned, Eliza has always put the needs of her family ahead of her own needs and health. She is finally recognizing her potential and self worth, and by putting herself first now, she is building a longer and healthier future with the family that she has always put first. With recent health concerns and family history, I know that getting healthy is very important to her. With help, knowledge and support, I know that she will succeed. She is also the type of person that will pay it forward to many many people, including her own children. Eliza is extremely dedicated and passionate and I believe that she will be a great addition to your program.

  13. I’d like to vote for Eliza (Homemom3). I had the pleasure of working with her on the Lean Cuisine 31 Day Challenge, and her commitment to the challenge, along with her ability to support and motivate the rest of us truly made her a stand out. Eliza really believes in making whole life challenges, and being a part of the Mamavation campaign would truly be a part of her life goals…not just something to do!

  14. Go team Libby! (aka Mia Cupcake on Twitter) She is an incredibly mother and perseveres through it all. I am amazed by her dedication to putting her daughter and son first. She is a first rate Mama!

  15. I am writing to recommend Eliza Ferree, aka Homemom3. She has inspired us with her photos and encouragement. In all aspects of life that I know her from — as a mom, as a writer — she’s always encouraging others and lending a happy online presence. Her lifestyle changes have given me hope that I could do the same one day. Maybe soon.

  16. My recommendation is for Eliza (Homemom3)! She has shared her experience with everyone and has been a great inspiration. It’s hard to “get healthy” and being willing to share her experiences is BRAVE and ADMIRABLE. Even with some personal trials, she’s been able to stay focused…moving more and eating less and getting healthy. GO ELIZA!!!!

  17. I would recommend Eliza (Homemom3), she would be a wonderful addition to your Mamavation team. Eliza is always the first person volunteering to help out, encourage others, or participate in anything. I’ve known her for several years online, and I know she puts her heart and soul into everything she does. I’m truly motivated by the lifestyle changes I’ve seen Eliza make since the first of the year. She’s definitely an inspiration to many!

  18. There is not a better candidate than Libby (@miacupcake). Her dedication to her family and friends proves that she has what it takes to be committed. With two children in mind and receiving a ‘cancer-free’ verdict from her doctor, she is ready to take care of herself. With the help of Mamavation, her friends, and family, I know Libby will be successful. Her personality and online presence will inspire other Mothers to lead a better, healthier lifestyle. GO MIACUPCAKE!

  19. My vote goes to my longtime friend Eliza Ferree aka Homemom3. She has been working hard already and has shown that she is committed to weight loss and following a program. She deserves this fantastic opportunity!

  20. Latema Crittington says:

    My vote goes to Eliza aka homemom3. She is very motivating. Her posts of her progress inspired me to get up and do something instead of just sitting on the couch.

    Eliza is your girl!

  21. I vote for Eliza (Homemom3)! Eliza and I have known each other through blogging for quite a few years and she has always been very motivated for every new task she takes on. She has certainly shown that with her recent 31 day challenge success. She regularly cheers me on with my fitness goals and I am so proud of her for all she has achieved.

    Pick Eliza – she will be a wonderful addition.

  22. Solomother says:

    I’ve got to vote for Eliza (homemom3). She’s been an online friend of mine for a couple of years now. She’s got a great attitude, she’s taking this challenge very seriously, and it’s working for her. I love checking in with her to see how far she’s come. She’ll be a great addition to your team.

  23. I would recommend Eliza Ferree (Homemom3), because of her dedication to make herself a better person on the outside as she is on the inside would make her a incrediable asset to your Mamavation team. Eliza is always the first person volunteering to help out, encourage others, or participate in anything and everything, whereever needed. She puts her heart and soul into everything she does she has truly motivated people with herlifestyle changes and being the support group lead for those who choose to follow her lead. She has been a true inspiration to family, friends and her extended online family. She truly deserves to be part of your team and you would be blessed to have her.

  24. Leah…. I can honestly say that Eliza would do an awesome job as a Mamavation member.
    She was part of the Lean 11 team that I managed for CB and she worked her butt off.. literally.. she has already lost 25 # on her journey and I think is the only one of the 12 of us that has completely embraced the work in front of her.
    She still has a long way to go, but has the determination to stick with it.
    I feel sure she would make you proud!

  25. I’d vote for Eliza F. She’s been working so hard to get back on track with a healthier lifestyle. I had the pleasure of being a participant with her in a campaign involving Lean Cuisine and her determination was just AMAZING.

  26. Sharon Lawrence-Carter says:

    I vote for Libby (miacupcake on Twitter). She is a great mom, a fabulous Roller Girl that inspires others, She has beat Cancer and doesn’t let anything get her down. She is a wonderful friend to my daughter and son in law and I love her cupcakes! I can not amagine who you could get that would be a better Mamavation Applicant for you to choose than Libby. She not only Rocks in my opinion, but she gets the job done.. Always.

  27. I vote for Eliza! She’s awesome!

  28. I would like to recommend Eliza Ferree, aka Homemom3. I believe that she would be a welcome addition to any team but she would be an exceptional asset to the Mamavation team. Eliza has worked diligently throughout the years to be a mom that any kid would be proud of while still working towards her own dreams. She has never ceased to amaze me at the job that she does at keeping home and career balanced. For quite awhile now she has added another goal to her list. She has not only been working towards a healthier lifestyle but she also has been working hard to help her family and friends gain the knowledge and confidence necessary for their own healthier lifestyle.

  29. My vote goes for Libby (@miacupcake)

    I started following ‘mia’ on Twitter a few years ago when I was searching for cool roller derby girls to follow. When I ‘met’ her, it was just before she was pregnant with ‘Chuck’…and was also mom to ‘Short Stack’..without this story becoming a novel, through the years, I have followed her through child birth, through her starting her own cupcake business, through her fighting and defeating cancer, and various other ups and downs…all with a sense of humour and a quiet strength, when I’m sure she was scared as hell.

    She has also been battling her weight…it’s really been since I’ve been following her. I would LOVE to see Libby be a part of this thing. She has been really focused and motivated. She deserves this little push/incentive, so when she’s looking at her reflection in the mirror, she will see the beautiful, amazing woman the rest of us see..

  30. I’d like to vote for Eliza (Homemom3). Her ability to support and motivate others is truly made her a stand out role model. Eliza really believes in making whole life challenges, and being a part of the Mamavation team would truly be a part of her life goals.

  31. I’d like to vote for Eliza (Homemom3). She has a natural way to motivate others making her a true role model for others. Eliza really believes in making whole life changes, supporting family, friends, and just about anyone she comes in contact with. She doesn’t know a stranger. Being a part of the Mamavation team would be an asset.

  32. I vote Eliza Ferree – Homemom3. I’ve known Eliza for almost 12 years. I have a lot of respect for the way she conducts her personal and business life. She is able to find a balance while still focusing on what needs to get done. I don’t know how she does it. I have enjoyed watching her inspire others with her weightloss journey, as well.

  33. My vote is for @JustHeather because I’m fully part of #TeamHeather. Being gluten-free seems like it’s the new Atkins and weight should fall right off. Unfortunately, managing food for her girls who are also gf has meant a lot of ‘tasting’ to determine if the food is really any good. We all know Kraft mac & cheese is yummy. But what about the random GF brand? Heather has been the guinea pig so to speak.

    In adddition, while it’s easy to find all kinds of packaged low fat/low sugar snacks for a quick grab and go, being gluten free hasn’t offered much until recently. And forget about GF/Low Fat/Low Sugar. Almost unheard of.

    And being able to grab a quick salad if she was out? Forget about it, too risky. So she would wait until she was home. Starved and facing something quick, it was the easiest thing to open up the chips to get a few and tide her over.

    It all together was the perfect storm. Add to it that Heather is like 6’23’. OK, not that tall, but she’s very tall so it didn’t start to look like she was gaining weight. It was easy to ignore.

    But here’s the thing – Heather is always doing for others. From running the girl scout troop to being the allergy coordinator for summer camp, running a few websites and leading a team of women who are frugal minded, all while working on her marriage that she focused on keeping together she’s truly selfless.

    Heather took it upon herself to make small noticeable changes. Not because she was being paid to blog about it or it would drive traffic to her blog. She did it because she knew that she needed to be the example of do what I do not do what I say for her girls. Especially with a now teenager, body image is so important. Modeling a healthy lifestyle is what will stick with her daughters.

    What I thought was great was how Heather has motivated other women to take stock and join in. There are several of us on Team Inexpensively who are not only supporting Heather with tweets and posts and comments, but we’re actively making changes too.

    I think the most telling thing about Heather was when I first met her at Blissdom 2010. She didn’t ask about my blog or my numbers or anything like that. She asked about me. She asked how she could help me. She offered her support without any thought of what was in it for her. And that’s just how she rolls. When I didn’t have a hotel room for BlogHer, she offered to let me share hers. She’s always working behind the scenes to find opportunities for the bloggers on her team.

    So while most of the things she does are not about her, Mamavation is all about her. It’s about her realizing that she needs to be an active participant in her own healthy lifestyle just as she is with her kids and her husband.

    All this stuff is well and good, but when it comes to being a Mamavation Mom this isn’t a weightloss journey. For Heather this is a lifestyle change. It’s about being able to look in the mirror and say I’m doing this for me. It’s about making a commitment to a community only after making a commitment to yourself. This is about securing your oxygen mask first.

    Heather is ready, she has a team of women behind her who have taken up WiiFit, P90X, walking and making better food choices not because of inspiraiton but because of dedication to #TeamHeather.

  34. I’d pick Eliza Ferree, aka homemom3!

    Good luck to everyone – and have a DYNAMITE day!

  35. I fully support @JustHeather. She is the perfect person for this challenge. Last summer, I was talking with Heather about some of the health issues I was having and she mentioned that a lot of my symptoms mirrored hers before she went Gluten Free. She challenged me to try going Gluten Free for 30 days to see if I noticed any difference. She gave me so much help and advice on how to get started. And she knew enough to just challenge me to try the change for a short time – so I wouldn’t feel overwhelmed right off the start. I noticed a difference in how I felt almost immediately. I’ve had to face the fact that my body does not handle Gluten well… it’s something I haven’t taken easily too, but having Heather to ask questions of and get support from has been huge. Seeing how she’s motivated me already, she’d make a great pick for Mamavation.

    Her Mamavation tweets are also inspiring because I see the changes she is making and she makes me want to do the same. It’s awesome that she realizes that her girls are watching her and now is the time to instill good nutrition and exercise habits in them. Well, I’m watching her too! Pick her and she will be an awesome example to everyone!

  36. Color me #TeamHeather. I highly recommend @JustHeather because that chick has tenacity. She knows what she wants in life and she strives to get it. Plus she has a large network of women both online and offline who she encourages and challenges on a regular basis. Her excitement and her enthusiasm and focus leaks into the lives of those who follow her. You simply want to live your life more intentionally due to her vision.

    I’d be remiss to mention her Gluten allergy. For those who struggle with balancing health and the g-free lifestyle, Heather would be a shining example of health and fitness. I’ve loved seeing her updates already on making her Wii Mii move down the scales and love the fact that she’s using this journey to encourage her girls to pursue a healthy lifestyle.

    Please pick Heather to be your next Mamavation mama and provide inspiration and not drama. :)

  37. I recommend Eliza Ferree (homemom3). She is a hard working mom of 4. She is extremely dedicated to her family and friends.

  38. I fully support Libby (@miacupcake)! For as long as I’ve known her, she has been a tower of strength and determination with a massive dose of positive attitude and sense of humor. She’s a woman who will tackle things head-on and can juggle a lot of tasks at once, yet still allows herself to be human and make mistakes. I’ve found Libby to be so relatable – and supportive too. Plus, she can take any crappy situation and find a way to make it funny, even just a little bit. I find that an invaluable character trait to possess!

  39. I fully support Libby (miacupcake)! For as long as I’ve known her, she has been a tower of strength and determination with a massive dose of positive attitude and sense of humor. She’s a woman who will tackle things head-on and can juggle a lot of tasks at once, yet still allows herself to be human and make mistakes. I’ve found Libby to be so relatable – and supportive too. Plus, she can take any crappy situation and find a way to make it funny, even just a little bit. I find that an invaluable character trait to possess!

  40. I recommend Andrea Kruse for the Camp…
    If you read her bio, she is very busy taking care of two little ones with some medical challenges and with that said, probably doenst have a lot of time for self. This chance to be part of this group and be motivated by others will MAKE her take the time she needs…to put herself first for once. I can say this recommendation comes honestly, as I dont know Andrea as a close friend…just want her to be successful and good to herself while in the midst of expending so much time and care for others. GO ANDREA!!

  41. I am a full-fledged #teamHeather member! Heather is a natural leader and the changes she’s making is having a trickle-down effect — she’s already talked me into doing a 5K with her in June!

    Heather is media savvy, so while the changes she’s making with benefit herself and her family directly, she’s also going to be spreading the word to the masses. It’s just who she is and what she does. She’ll get on a healthy path, and her entire network will follow along with her.

    Heather was the first blogger I met in person, way back in 2004. How she presents herself online is who she is in real life, and she’s going to be a great Mamavation Mama!!

  42. I’m going to throw in my support for Andrea Kruse (@notimemom) in her quest to be a Mamavation Mom.

    For any program like this, it is best to pick applicants who have a good chance of being successful, and Andrea has the best chance out there. Most people are going about their lives and have yet to master a new lifestyle in their quest for change.

    Andrea, my lovely wife, and I have two children with Phenylketonuria (PKU) which is a inborn error of metabolism. Our children require one of the craziest diets you’ve ever heard of with the risk of irreversible decreased brain function as a potential consequence. Since our son’s birth just over three years ago, Andrea has dedicated her life to keeping our kids healthy. Learning to cook foods with crazy ingredients, measure out ingredients to tenths of grams, keep track of daily amino acid intakes, and all of the other normal intricacies of dealing with toddler diets have been part of her life as a mother. Our household will never be a ‘everyone eats the same’ household. Spaghetti night means two separate types of noodles — noodles for us and low-protein noodles for the kids. If she’s baking bread, she’s baking two completely different loaves.

    But, it’s about time that she gets some help on improving herself. I do what I can, but as a full-time farmer just now getting into the busy season (which will last until December) about all I can do is provide her with emotional support, tech advice and all the fresh fruits and veggies she wants. Our kids are very supportive too, but the advice of a three and 19-month old is limited. With some great resources and this awesome community, I’m positive that Andrea can apply the same focus and determination to herself as she does our children, and show the world what a true Momavation Mom can be.

  43. I have to vote for Eliza aka Homemom, regardless how many times I took out the children to eat, she refused to go and stuck to her goal of loosing weight. She is extreamly dedicated and I hope she wins

  44. Katie-Anne says:

    My vote has to go to my long time – long distance friend Eliza Ferree (Homemom3). I’ve known Eliza for many years and during that time I have watched as she selflessly dedicated herself to the needs of her family. As a military wife with a husband often on active duty overses Eliza was often a single mom raising her kids, many years homeschooling them. We found out at one point that we were both pregnant at the same time, her 3rd child would be born 2 days after my 2nd. Despite various problems, she dealt with that pregnancy with the same positivity and grace she has displayed through the entire time I’ve known her.

    As a candidate Eliza is perfect, not just because she’s a great person who cares about others, but also because she won’t keep what she learns to herself. She will take the experience and use it not only to lose the weight she wants to use, but also to motivate others into achieving their weight loss dreams. Choose Eliza and there won’t be just one winner, there’ll be countless others that she will inspire and help along the way.

    Thanks for the opportunity to bring a spotlight onto one of the nicest people I know.

  45. Andrea!! Positive attitude of the year #2!!
    I absolutely love that Andrea stuck around and kicked butt in move it lose it! I think she’d make a fantastic Mamavation Mom and Mentor once she’s done. Would LOVE to see her get fitter and healthier!!

  46. Patricia PAWF..This lady is an open book. She has been through a lot in the past couple of months and she hasn’t given up!! She’s really sweet and I think she could do a lot as Mamavation mom with all of the support. Would love to see her as a finalist!!

  47. Andrea (@notimemom) is my buddy on this long quest. She is always so positive and pleasure to talk to. I love the fact that I can always talk to her – she is only one tweet away and she is so dedicated to everything healthy. Andrea, I am so proud to be your friend

  48. I actually have two recommends cause there both my friends

    @elenak29 Lena cause shes a motivator and started up the breakfastclub, shes always there with a great word of encouragement and I want her to succeed

    @notimemom shes been supportive of all of us and is a great person to talk to, she’s been making great improvements and i hope she makes it as a finalist

  49. @SalemMomma has my vote! She’s raised 4 wonderful daughters, and supported a loving husband through some very difficult times. Nobody I know has been so quick to offer a helping hand to anyone that needs it, no matter what is already resting her own shoulders

  50. Jacqueline says:

    I would recommend my friend Libby Liming (miacupcake on twitter). I met Libby in massage school, and although we had a bit of a rough start (thanks to little girly misunderstanding) Libby was woman enough to come talk it out with me. After that we became great friends. I could always count on Libby to be there for me in good time and really really bad times. She always had a minute to listen to me rant and rave, and always had a shoulder for me on really bad days. I think Libby is perfect for this because like many great Mom’s out there Libby gives 100% to everyone out there, and doesn’t always get that extra time to take care of herself. Not only that but having been in school with her: I know this lady can and will do ANYTHING that she puts her mind too. Libby has passion, heart, and Balls! There aren’t that many people out there that I would stick money on and Libby is one of those few people that I would stick my neck out for and put my life on the line.

  51. Miacupcake, hands down.

    I am a 29 year old male, single and possess a foul mouth. There is no reason why I should have any association with this woman … yet we have floated into each other’s respective atmospheres and she’s been an inspiration to many folks via “the Twitter” – especially to myself. I plan a career around social media, and a great deal of my technique (whether or not she knows this) has been derived from her, in terms of “personality” and bringing a voice to an account.

    Her story-telling technique would be a boon to any of your efforts, and as a potential brand ambassador you could do no worse, I assure you. She permeates social membranes at ease and floats in a wide circle/has broad reach in the Pacific Northwest. She’s funny as hell, relates to people on a various levels, in various walks of life. She wants to help people … and people want to help her. Which is why I’m here. Against my will … and completely outnumbered by estrogen. I must flee … but I hope the right decision is made here. Ta. =)

    These are skills that are hard to quantify and/or measure, but they are present in this one.

  52. I cast my vote for Libby (@miacupcake).

    I met Libby when we were both first getting involved in roller derby. At the time, we were both going through horrendous break-ups and life upheavals. This will make no sense whatsoever, but her almost crazy optimism was one of the few things keeping me sane. That was a five years ago; I can still count on her to be the stable crazy one who will cheer and support me.

    There is a term in the world of roller derby for someone who will always have your back, regardless of league, team, roster status, injuries, anything. It’s called a “derby wife”. I have never regretted marrying Libby.

    Libby works harder than anyone I have ever known. She has gone through so many trials and tribulations that I cannot even begin to list them here, though through it all she has remained in constant forward motion with a smile on her face and a joke on her lips.

    Entrepreneur, devoted mother and partner, trusted teammate, sturdy shoulder, steady rock, gifted writer, insane nutball and so much more! She deserves a chance to care for herself for once. God knows she has certainly taken excellent care of the rest of us.

  53. While all of the applicants are well beyond worthy of such an amazing title and all that it brings, two stick out most in my mind.

    Lena (@elenak29) because she is such an amazing person. She never gives up and is always offering advice, support, and just a listening ear anytime anyone needs it. When I first joined as a sista, Lena stepped up and offered so much support even though she didn’t even know me. Late night tweets to comfort me through some really difficult times when I felt so alone.
    If anybody can do this, Lena can!

    Another sista I believe is worthy of being a Mamavation Mom is Andrea (@notimemom) because like many others have said, she is just plain awesome! She chooses to do the healthiest possible, despite all that she’s been handed in life. She’s not only bettering her own life, but also that of her children.

  54. I think @JustHeather is a perfect candidate for Mamavation. When Heather makes up her mind to do something, that girl sticks with it! But instead of charging ahead without any regards to others, Heather always seems to seek ways to bring others along with her: to encourage them and to make them believe that anything is possible with hard work and a cheerful attitude. Heather is so authentic. What you see on Twitter and in her blogging is exactly what you get in real life. She will bring her passion, enthusiasm and humor into this Mamavation journey, and I guarantee she will bring many of us along with her. I should know – she’s already convinced me to finally run that 5K I’ve been talking about for ages!

  55. Dawn Dempsey says:

    My vote would go to @SalemMomma. She works so hard at everything she does. She’s the one person who I can call, no matter what the problem is, she’s there to listen and help in any way she can. I really look up to her.

  56. Teri Headrick says:

    @SalemMomma deserves this. She has four children whom she cares for 24-7, and she really deserves something for herself. She’s a hard working mother of four girls, and I would love to see her happy with who she is, not just on the inside, but on the outside as well.

  57. My vote would be for my niece @SalemMomma. She is one of the most terrific moms I know…she has 4 girls who are growing up to be fantastic little ladies. She spent many years working, helping to put her husband through school. She never let that interfere with the quality time she spent with her girls. With the last 2 girls, she has been able to be a stay at home mom, which only makes her all the better mom. She is very much into giving the girls happy memories of their childhood. She thinks of the most amazing daytrips to take with the girls, and they talk about those trips long after. She also is a great sister to her siblings, always there to talk and guide them through day to day life, giving insight into experiences she has had that will help them weather any kind of storm. She is just a fantastic lady!

  58. Ingrid Dempsey says:

    @SalemMomma deserves to win. Caring for four children leaves her with very little time to care for herself. In order for her to be a good role model for her young daughters she needs to feel and look good herself. A happy Mom is a great Mom.

  59. I’m nominating Libby @miacupcake I met her at an event where I didn’t know anyone and I just asked to sit down next to her and she was totally cool with that and we hit it off that evening.

    I’m getting to know her and I’m excited to learn more; she’s very down to earth and up front which is an amazing quality to have. It shows that she possess strength and drive, which are just a few points of a good leader. Anyone willing to put their weaknesses out there by sharing their weight loss struggle is number 1 in my book.

  60. I vote for Eliza, homemom3. I met her through a weight loss and mom’s group. She is strong and always encourages me with her kind words and steady weight loss. She really sticks to her goals.

  61. Just last Sunday, I was over at @JustHeather’s house for a girls’-night-in get together. As the group talked, I could see her determination to follow this Mamvation program through to the end. Not only did she pass on the fun drinks she prepared for others, she provided us a healthy (and gluten-free, of course!) spread of snacks. She spoke of her success giving up soda, and the effect she’s seen already changing her eating habits and starting to exercise. She’s not afraid to be candid about her struggles and progress, and she has a great support system to come alongside her. She’s even motivated friends to go along with her in this Mamavation journey! I continue to be impressed with her determination and enthusiasm to see this through. @JustHeather can do it!

  62. I vote for @SalemMomma. She one of the most busiest women I know. She is a wonderful mother of four beautiful daughters, a wife, a student, and a great sister. Even though she is moving non-stop all day she still has time for the ones she loves. Whenever someone needs her, she is there for them. She is so creative! She takes her family on interesting day trips and documents it all with photos and scrapbooks. It’s important to her to make everlasting memories with her family. Even when she cooks and bakes, she finds creative, healthy, and delicious recipes that she can make with her daughters. I have always looked up to her growing up, and still do!

  63. I vote for Eliza(homemom3). Her commitment to her weight loss is very inspiring. I used to work with her at b5media and I’ve witnessed the same commitment, as well as her professionalism while balancing life, work, and motherhood ever so gracefully.

  64. Eliza, homemom3. Seriously. When she puts her mind to something, she does it. Sticks with it and goes full throttle. I’ve been following her and online friends with her for quite a while and think she would be a great choice!

  65. I think Eliza Homemom3 would be great! When she puts her mind to something she does her hardest to follow thru. She is a great mom and she has been studying on line to get get degree while helping her kids with school projects. And I think she is brave putting her weight loss project on line where everyone can follow her progress !

  66. My vote is for Sandra/@creativebug. At the risk of sounding cliché, she is one of the most incredible women I know. This lady has been in my life since I was in 7th grade. Talk about watching someone on a journey to self-discovery. Her younger years were spent as a conflicted teenage girl and a free spirited college student. Her hair color changed with her mood. By her late 20s she settled down with a husband and started a family. This should be a happy story with birds singing. The truth is she experienced some tough times with a husband who suffered from alcohol addiction. Through it all she kept her chin up and her poker face on. Most people wouldn’t know the pain she felt because she just didn’t talk about it. She kept her emotions locked up and put herself on the bottom of the priority list. In the last couple of years she realized something had to change – her. She faced some demons, decluttered her life, and just took a good deep breath. Last year she started walking, and walking, and walking some more. She lost weight and boosted her serotonin levels all at once. Not wanting to stop there, she started Yoga, joined the community theater playhouse (she is a terrific vocalist), and began a healthy diet (organic and gluten free). She feels good and wants to keep the momentum going. She found out about Mamavation and thinks it is the perfect challenge to keep her moving in the right direction. I support her in this. She is the perfect candidate because she is dedicated to being healthy and happy.

  67. Homemom3 (Eliza) has been on her own cruisade to lose weight for a few months now, and has lost a significant amount already. She has what it takes to go the 7 weeks. She’s the perfect candidate because she has proven that this is something she can do, is dedicated to doing, and has a strong desire to improve her physical self. She has my vote!

  68. Tanja Cilia says:

    I am sure Eliza Ferree, aka homemom3 should be a Mamavation Mom for the next 7 weeks… for the simple reason that I have watched (and judged) her progress over the last few weeks and I am impressed. A lot. I wish I could be like her and have the motivation required to get fit and lose weight at the same time.

  69. Keri H-S says:

    Oh, I would vote for Eliza Ferree, aka homemom3 as a Mamavation Mom for the next 7 weeks. A go-getter, determined, motivated, upbeat, go for the gold kind of lady that has already managed to lose 25 pounds. What an achievement! She is simply amazing. She would do you proud and be the perfect candidate.Watching her lose her weight has been nothing short of inspiring.

  70. Brenda Johnston says:

    I vote for Eliza Ferree aka HomeMom3. She has been working hard for losing weight while gaining a new-found morale. She has been an inspiration and cheerleader for others to get fit. She would be a great choice to join your 7-week program.