Mamavation Mondays: Natural Rhythms

You have most likely noticed that when you deviate from healthy habits you perform less optimally in all areas of your life.  If you have strayed from your healthy lifestyle for a longer period of time then I hope you have been gathering glances of what it is like to feel awesome again with your wellness efforts.  Health is a huge key to living optimally.

This week’s guest will talk to us about returning to our natural born center that we deviate from as we go through life with stresses and strains.  She examines posture and breathing to strengthen our insides as a way to return to our body’s natural rhythms outside.  The foundation for her POISE technique begins with toning the pelvic floor – an area all mothers who give birth are affected by.

Special Guest: Dr. Teri Jory

Dr. Teri Jory is a 4th degree black belt, professional ice skater, dancer, choreographer, wife, and mother of twins. The POISE technique was born when Jory began experimenting with different body positions and movements, combining martial arts, body sculpting, and Pilates so she could get back in shape after the birth of her twins. Dr. Jory has been applauded for her work with breast cancer survivors as she helps them to gain a better quality of life during, and in the aftermath of radiation, chemotherapy, and surgery. She is the creator of the award winning DVD, POISE CORE TRAINING.  A portion of the sales of both POISE DVDs are given to Breast Cancer foundations.
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In your wellness efforts what is the simplest healthy habit that makes you feel most centered after doing it?

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