Mamavation Mondays: Eating Healthy on a Budget

For those in the middle of a nutrition makeover have you come across the dilemma of the new price point for healthy food?  It can definitely be hard to replicate less than healthy habits when you shop at healthier stores.  I know you have all heard of one particular store referred to as “Whole Paycheck” at some point in your shopping adventures.  However it does not need to be that way.  I can personally attest that you can eat an inexpensive, healthy meal with a complete protein of rice and beans.  However most people are not willing to take a healthy diet change in that drastic of a direction.  There are other alternatives though.

This week’s show has a special guest who has dedicated her time and knowledge to help others shop frugally for healthy food.  Please join us and learn from her hard work.  If you have any specific questions for our guest direct them towards @elenka29.

Special Guest: Jennifer Windler (@HealthyLifeDeal)

Jennifer is a creator of the “Healthy Life Deals” blog.  She has always enjoyed finding a great deal. So when she found a blog that helped her get product for FREE using coupons she was HOOKED. But have you noticed that all the coupons out there are for processed food or chemical laiden. Jennifer found herself overweight and dealing with infertility. That’s when she decided to find a way to remove as many toxins from her life as possible.

Dilemma- how to eat GOOD food and still stay on a budget?? And what about coupons?

Loving the thrill of finding a great deal she decided to figure out a way to get healthier products and still coupon.

After scouring the internet Jennifer was thrilled to find there were a TON of Organic and Natural product coupons and the best part they were FREE. In her blog she is trying to share as much information as possible to help make the search for a healthy bargain that much easier for the fellow healthy bargain shoppers.

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