Mamavation Mondays: Healthy Sex 101

I am a PORN GIGGLER.  Whenever I am somewhere and it comes on a screen I throw myself into fits of giggles.  Silly sex like that makes me act so immature.  However when I am with friends and we get down to the nitty gritty of talking about our sex lives, being confident, knowing what we want, knowing that it is o.k. to know what you want… well I can go on and on like a mature woman.  Part of a well-rounded healthy lifestyle includes finding enjoyment in intimacy.

This week’s show is a chance for friends to get together and talk about this piece of our healthy lifestyles.

Special Guest: Gena Morris (@themorrisbunch)

Gena has been married to her husband for 6 years, their sex life is still as spicy as it began. If anything, it’s gotten hotter. Her belief is that every couple should be having that same connection. She believes the problem boils down to communication with your partner. If you are not satisfied with your partner, you need to open up. Gena loves to share tips with her friends when they are wanting to spice things up. She has no issues with helping couples achieve ultimate success in the bedroom. As a mom of 5, she also knows how hard it can be to make that time for your spouse but she believes it is crucial to do so for your own health, sanity and marriage.

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Question: Why do you think exploring intimacy is an important part of a healthy lifestyle?

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