Two Week Challenge #2 (Sep 27th – Oct 10th)

The participants in the last two week challenge lost over 55lbs and 47 inches. This program is a great way to jump start your fitness goals.

*ahem pay close attention Mamavation Applicants and supporters*

To participate in this challenge here’s what you need to do:

1) Sign-up below and leave your Twitter ID

2) Tweet at @MrBookieboo and let him know that you accept the GruntStyle challenge and send him a DM with your email address

3) Register at if you haven’t already

4) Print out the two-week challenge

“Advanced” version:

“Beginner” version:

**Make sure you get your weight and measurements before the challenge starts

5) Report your status to @MrBookieboo daily. Use the hashtag #2weekchallenge along with #mamavation

Participants who successfully complete the two-week challenge will be entered into a drawing to receive a prize pack containing:

Bondi Band – Comfy, Colorful and creative headbands to fit every lifestyle and personality.
nekFIT – perfectly holds your ipod nano or shuffle behind your neck eliminating tangled wires
Sportline Heart Rate Monitor Watch
$5 Subway Gift Card

Two winners will be selected using at the end of the challenge

Ready….Set…GO! (Starts Tuesday, September 27th)

Hit the linky below if you are planning to participate. :)

Dad to 3 boys. Husband to 1 redhead. Chicago Native. Lost 35 pounds. Fitness Trainer for #Mamavation - over 3000 pounds lost so far.


  1. I am SO in. :) @AndreaEmilien.

  2. Sitting this one out to focus on my running but can’t wait to cheer you all on!

  3. As soon as the list is ready I’ll run any new stuff by the physical therapist, but I’m ready to go!

  4. I have the Rocky theme song playing in my head, that’s how pumped I am!

  5. Can’t wait!

  6. I’m excited for this one!

  7. Count me in for this one

  8. Ok I’ve been a total slacker for the past two months….So I am in…but it might just kill me!

  9. This time I *will* finish! :)

  10. Linked up.

  11. @klwschmidt says:

    I usually don’t participate in these but am looking forward to pushing myself!

  12. My first two week challenge I am super Excited! @divaliciousmomy

  13. I am a newcomer, but so up for this 2week challenge!! Count me IN!!!! Can’t wait!

  14. I’m in!!

  15. Marie Nichols says:

    I am so IN!!!

  16. I’m super nervous, but I’m in!

  17. So excited for my second 2 week challenge!!

  18. Nervous for my 1st challenge, but I accept!

  19. I’m in again :)

  20. I honestly have no more weight to lose, but I could use a good strength workout – count me in!!

  21. You know I’m in :)

  22. So ready for round #2!

  23. Bring. It.

  24. I need a jumpstart, I’m in!

  25. This looks pretty awesome and just the kind of change I’m going for.

    Plus it’s bite-sized :)


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