Mamavation Mondays: Girls Night Off


What are all you beautiful crazies going to do without your Mamavation TV this week? Well world, be on alert... the Mamavation ladies are running loose this Monday night.  Mamavation families, have a wonderful time celebrating Halloween or whatever it is you choose to do.  Be safe and make good choices with candy and treats facing you … [Read more...]

Fit2Fight Type2 Diabetes Party w/Bob Greene & Better’n Eggs


November is National Diabetes Awareness month. Yes, the same month we stuff our bellies with turkey, mashed potatoes and stuffing. I think it's fitting to remind us BEFORE the holidays get started how important it is to be aware of Type 2 Diabetes and how everyone is affected by it in some way or another. Type 2 Diabetes is a preventable disease. … [Read more...]

Week of the Crazies


Looks like all the Mamavation Moms this week were met with the challenges of life. This week was good with a mild bump in the road.  We know as moms life will happen.  Sometimes we have to give-up things in our day.  Monday it was my steps and exercise.  I knew there would be a consequence, but I was willing to accept them as mentally and … [Read more...]

Two Week Challenge #3 (Oct 31st – Nov 13th)

Let's get fit!

115 pounds and 120 inches - that is how much the participants in the first and second Two Week Challenges have lost. Back by popular demand Mamavation is pleased to announce the 3rd Two Week Challenge. To participate in the Two Week Challenge here’s what you need to do: 1) Hit the linky below, include your Twitter ID, and don't for get to … [Read more...]

Opening Up to Change


What drives you to take this moment to seize your life back? How do you know this is the right time? What is your game plan? Is there ever the right time to do anything? All serious questions that I had to ask myself before considering Campaign 10 as my time. It is no secret that I have a lot on my plate as a mom of four with a husband that … [Read more...]



I thought that would pretty much be the best way to describe me, my vlog this week and my blog and my brain right now. Its been a crazy but good week this week. I am first and foremost a Mother... I also am a mother to 3 special needs children. So my life can get so Chaotic at times it isn't even funny. Like for example I remember at 5:17am that … [Read more...]

Finding a New Fit BlogWorld Style


This post SHOULD be titled "Do they know what they are getting themselves into?" Doooood, BlogWorld is giving me a platform to speak about working with brands. I know. I was shocked too. I'm hoping they realize that I have a sailors mouth, tend to say things that are TMI and have an obsession with the word "doooooooood." I'm sure they do, but … [Read more...]

Mamavation Mondays: Make Good, Easy Choices


Alysa, the campaign's registered dietician, has been making it easier for people to make better dietary choices for a while now.  I am sure that all of us that have been around for a while can name a recipe or two of hers that has become a favorite in our homes.  For my family it is her Black Bean Sweet Potato Enchiladas - I use wheat tortillas and … [Read more...]

Testing… Testing…


This week has been a true test.  We are back on our normally scheduled program and it has been a real awakening call.  Monday to Thursday I work outside of the home, Friday I work from home.  Both days add up to a lot of time sitting.  Sitting as  I drive 250+ miles a day to school, behind the computer and desk planning, and finally sitting while I … [Read more...]

Dadavation Fitness Challenge 1


You asked for it and here it is: announcing the very first official Dadavation Fitness Challenge. Modeled after the highly successful Mamavation Two Week Challenge this new challenge is designed for Dads to get a jump start on their fitness goals. Regardless of your level of fitness your participation and support is welcome in the Dadavation … [Read more...]


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