Mamavation Monday: Slumber Party

What kind sorority would we be without a slumber party? And since we can’t physically get together in the same room – the second best option is to show up in pajamas to the Mamavation TV show.

It’s hard to believe this year is almost over. 2011 was an eventful year for our community – we lost a lot of pounds together and participated in numerous campaigns. Mamavation Mom bootcamps  show great results every single time. The numbers are impressive and results are real! However, Mamavation community is so much more than Mamavation Mom campaigns. There are great challenges, recepies, twitter parties, giveaways and more.

I have  lost 35 lbs with Mamavation community and went from size 16 to size 12. It took some time and several different challenges, but I would not be able to do it without the Sistahood. It is a great thing to know, that your weight is no longer your personal problem – we can tackle it one pound at a time as a community!

Well, grab your pillow and let’s chick chat. This upcoming show is all about the sistahood. We invited few sistas to share their challenges and victories of 2011 and we will definitely be talking about your ambitious plans for the next year.

MAMAVATION TV: Join us Monday night at 7pm PST/10pm EST on Mingle Media TV

BLOGGING CARNIVAL: This week’s blogging carnival is sponsored by Santa’s little helpers – @YumYucky, @EcoFoilPans, and @Mamavation. 2 blogging carnival participants will receive something out of the big holiday bag.

Shakeology Prize (4 prizes)
: 4 individual packets of Shakeology, Supplement Facts sheet, and 30-day recipe calendar. @YumYucky (Josie) is  a Beachbody Coach and You can find Shakeology at her Beachbody shopShakeology is a nutrient-dense powerhouse in smoothie form with over 70 healthy ingredients to help you lose weight, increase energy, eliminate toxins, stay regular and improve your overall health – all with no artificial ingredients.” Smaller sampler quantities are available here.

Eco-Foil T-Shirt (4 prizes): These t-shirts are comfy and great for every day workouts. Don’t forget to buy some Eco-Foil pans for your next party. These disposable pans are 100% recycled and will make your holiday cleanup  an easy task. Check them out on Facebook and enter their Photo contest.

Workout DVDs from Mamavation (3 prizes): Start your New Year in high gear with new workouts. Have a variety of DVDs at your house to keep it fun and interesting. Don’t forget to vote for Mamavation for Best Health Blog of 2011. Each vote counts AND you can vote daily.

For a chance to win one of these prizes, answer the following question in your blog post and link back to the Mamavation website.

Link up your post here.

What is your biggest achievement of the year?

Also, don’t forget to include the following disclosure in your post: “I’m writing this to be entered into a giveaway sponsored by YumYucky, Eco-Foil, and Mamavation and hosted by Mamavation – a community dedicated to obesity prevention & weight loss for women”.

SISTAHOOD: If you are interested in pledging to the Mamavation Sistahood, Monday is the time to do it. Please go here for instructions. Invitations are done on Wednesdays over twitter. (Or later if I get swamped)

GIVEAWAYS (You must attend Mamavation TV show to win):

  1. Special gift out of Santa’s bag (6 winners).

To Enter (leave a comment for entry):

  1. Hit the Linky
  2. Tweet out this message “Giveaways LIVE on #Mamavation TV spnsrd by @ecofoil & @yumyucky.  Join us!”    (Unlimited Entries for tweets)

Extra Entries (leave a comment for EVERY entry):

  1. Download the Alexa tool bar, (this will help your Alexa rating go up and will help Mamavation too!) (1 entry)
  2. Comment on a Mamavation Monday post. (2 entries for each blog you visit)
  3. Tell a Sista this week WHY she is special on twitter using the #mamavation hashtag (1 entry)
  4. Subscribe to the RSS feed of this blog (1 entry)
  5. Follow @InspiredRD on Twitter (1 entry)
  6. Like Eco-Foil (1 entry)
  7. Follow @YumYucky
  8. Give @Bookieboo Klout points, +Klout in Fitness, nutrition, health, social media, or parenting. (1 entry each)
  9. Vote for Mamavation for Best Health Blog on – you can vote daily (1 entry each vote)


Mamavation Team

Mamavation Team

Mamavation Team

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