#Ashamed Twitter Party and Petition For Children in Georgia

Mom blogging and health-based  communities all over the internet are uniting this Friday, January 27th from 9-10pm EST to petition the @Strong_4_Life Campaign and the State of Georgia to cease this campaign before it does any more damage to children. The Strong4Life Campaign has purchased billboard ads all over the State of Georgia in hopes to promote a “wake-up call” to Georgian parents about how many children are obese. Unfortunately, they decided to create ads that are so controversial, they are down right offensive and hurtful to children. We think they have gone too far. As a concerned group of moms we recognize that Georgia has a large scale problem with obesity. No one is refuting that. We are refuting however tactics that would inadvertently harm children in the process.

Overweight children in Georgia have been made to feel #Ashamed with these billboards. And furthermore, children of a normal weight are being exposed to very negative representations of overweight children. These negative representations of overweight children are only succeeding in ostracizing them even more, and leaving them open to more attacks. The children these billboards are hoping to help, they are actually harming. Overweight children will be made to feel even more #Ashamed. As mothers and concerned citizens, we are speaking out about this. This is just wrong.

We believe it’s wrong to fight obesity by fighting obese people…especially children. Children are defenseless and cannot fight back on their own. Obese people are not the problem, obesity IS. Campaigns that have a focus on hope, support, and education are far more beneficial to children. Most overweight children already suffer from self esteem issues, which are going to be considerably exasperated by these ads.

Event: Friday, January 27th from 9-10pm EST

Hashtag: #Ashamed

Purpose: To protest the Strong4Life Ads in the State of Georgia and chat about obesity and ways to solve problem

Here are some of the main mom blogging communities that have come out against these ads and will be at the chat:

1. Mamavation with Leah Segedie @Bookieboo

2. Resourceful Mommy Media with Amy Lupold Bair @Resourcefulmom

3. Type A Mom with Kelby Carr @Typeamom

4. 5 Minutes for Mom Community with Janice Croze @5minutesformom

5. Anissa Mayhew with Slightly Bent Productions @AnissaMayhew

6. Christine Young with Dates for Diapers @youngmommy

7. Cecily Kellogg with UpperCase Woman @Cecilyk

8. DietsnReview @Dietsinreview

9. Sue O Lear as @Mrsfatass

10. Amy Bellgardt with Mom Spark Media @Momspark

11. Stacie Haight Connerty with Divine Miss Mommy @Stacieinatlanta

12. Lisa Morris Frame with A Daily Pinch @Daily_Pinch

13. Social Media Moms with Kadi Prescott @kadiprescott

14. Bloggy Moms with Tiffany Noth @bloggymoms

15. InspiredRD with Alysa Bajenaru, RD @InspiredRD

16. DrMommyOnline with Dr. Daisy Sutherland @DrMommy

17. Sugar in the Raw with Sugar Jones @SugarJones

18. Queen of Spain with Erin Kotecki Vest @QueenofSpain

19. Fitfluential with Kelly Olexa @KellyOlexa

20. Jessica Northley @JessicaNorthley

21. Loralee with Looneytunes @Looneytunes

22. Green & Clean Mom with Sommer Poquette @Greenmom

23. Runhers @Runhers Community

24. EXPERT: Dr. Jen @Playthisway

25. Fitbottomedgirls community @Fitbottomedgirl

26. Jenny on the Spot with Jenny Ingram @Jennyonthespot

27. Greeblemonkey with Aimee Giese @Greeblemonkey

28. Fun and Fit.org with Alexandra Williams @Alexandrafunfit

29. Skimbaco Lifestyle with Katja Presnal @Katjapresnal

30. Pure Natural Diva with Tania @Purenaturaldiva

31. MommyPR with Angela @MommyPR

32. EXPERT: Heather Bauer, RD as @heatherbauer_rd

33. PHD in Parenting with Annie @PhdinParenting

34. Redneck Mommy with Tanis Miller @Redneckmommy

35. Kelly’s Lucky You with Kelly @girlslunchout

(More to come…)

GIVEAWAYS (Winners will be selected at random during party):
– FIVE (5) winners will each receive a $50 Visa Gift Card.
– ONE (1) winner will receive a $50 AmEx Gift Card.
– ONE (1) winner will receive a Full Conference Pass to the Type-A Parent Conference in Charlotte, North Carolina plus the book Mom Blog SEO
– THREE (3) winners will each receive My Trainer Fitness for At Work

Join us by tweeting this message:

TONITE moms R joining together in opposition 2 @Strong_4_Life & their irresponsible ads towards kids, http://bit.ly/zA5FCk #Ashamed


Shaming the “Fat” kid is NOT the way to solve the Obesity Epidemic, bit.ly/zFKYOM #Ashamed


TONIGHT: Stop the Shaming of Overweight Children in Georgia. Join us at 9pm EST to chat about #Ashamed, http://bit.ly/zASFCk


If you would like to join us in opposing these ads and asking the Strong 4 Life Campaign to cease harming children with them, sign the linky below with your twitter name OR blog.

Leah Segedie is the Founder of Mamavation and Bookieboo, a blogger network. After losing over 100 lbs, she started a career mentoring women in health and since then has assisted in over 3,500 lbs lost via the Mamavation community. Leah and her work has been mentioned in Ladies Home Journal, Reader's Digest, Fitness, Women's Day, CNN, ABC, CBS, the O'Reilly Factor, AOL, Entrepreneur, and Yahoo to name a few. She works from home in her fuzzy slippers.


  1. @kymnasium says:

    I can’t wait to be a part of this movement to stop putting posters up about these strong kids. so right not the kids, its obesity, we need to help each other not put down each other to make bring in positive change. and no use any child to make their point. so many other creative ways

  2. Rachel V. says:

    I was a “fat” teen that was made to feel ashamed all of the time from my family. I am so against these ads. They are horrible.

  3. This is wrong. Utterly wrong. While I completely understand where this is coming from, this is not the way. I’ll never forget the day my mom told me I got to start having salad for dinner. I still feel the shame of this – and I wasn’t heavy… Mildly poochy, thank you, Mom. I’m still not comfortable in my own skin and probably never will be. Georgia has been doing a lot wrong – I remember “fat reports” going home with kids before, too. Educate that this is a problem for lots of reasons – social included – but don’t leave it with no solutions, places to turn, or other help. Shame never solved anything.

  4. Scare tactics are never the way to go!

  5. Shaming someone is NOT the way to get them to change.

  6. These ads are just gross in their injustice to the children in them. The little girl in the one poster could have been me in the 1960s. I have struggled with my weight all of my life, and it’s not because I’m inactive — I’m not — or that I sit at home eating bon bons.

    In 7th grade I was nicked named Little Sow because another girl was Big Sow. And that’s what kids wrote in my 7th grade yearbook. I still feel the heat of shame.

    Please stop making these children who are overweight the focus of the wrong type of attention. Launching a campaign that makes elementary school girls feel that they are not little girls, that they are less than, is despicable!

    Troy Corley
    ASAP Asperger’s Support for Adolescents Plus

  7. In the middle of the twitter party but just found the petition. Thank you for helping us speak up! @rkosully

  8. Childhood obesity is a problem, but shaming is not the answer. Kids and parents need to be educated better about healthy food choices and we need to return recess and active play to schools.

  9. Rachel S. says:

    As a mother in the State of Georgia and going down the highways and seeing these billboards I just want to thank you for taking this issue up!! I HATE those billboards and am angered at the new SHAPE act that will weigh the students in school and report their weights to the government (and the parents).

    Keep fighting the good fight!

  10. I can understand being upset about the ads, are they wrongly portrayed, maybe…In my opinion it should be the parents in the billboard ads with the children. By not taking an active role in our children’s lives, to include nutrition we as parents have helped make this issue become much larger. Stop whining about a negative ad blitz, and start thinking about the road that led up to the child becoming overweight. Don’t be scared to tell your child “no”. It is ok for a child to be upset or cry because they didn’t get something they wanted.

    “When I first saw the Strong4Life billboards, my first reaction was wanting to cry and sleep in my room and eat a box of Twinkies. It touched me that much,” she said in an email interview with HLN.

    This quote says a lot about how we are handling our problems today…if this is your first thought to an emotionally challenging topic, then is there any wonder why our children are overweight?

    Please don’t take my comments out of context or blow them up to be more than what they are. I am simply stating my opinion on this topic and not trying to degrade or demean anyone. I just feel like we have learned as a society that blaming others is much better then accepting responsibility for our own actions or inactions

  11. First let me say, the ad is terrible. It’s like constantly talking to someone who drinks a lot or does drugs and you constantly tell them they have to stop. It’s a vicious cycle. It makes them feel worse, thus causing them to do more of what is wrong. It’s NOT always the parents. If you nag your children it forces them to want to run to unhealthy stuff. Many parents to choose to bring fruits & veggies in to their home (Although not as healthy as they used to be, because scientist have played around with the DNA and filled with unhealthy chemicles)

    First they need to get RID of TV commercials with food, start encouraging with healthy foods & exercise. Stop all the FAKE made up people on TV ads. Make them real. Do they have cigarette ads anymore? They can change that if they weren’t focused on the mighty dollar and truly focused on people. They like to play on our emotions.

    They need to STOP allowing the big companies taking over the small farmers and STOP adding antibiotics & steroids to the foods ( Meats, Dairy, Eggs etc) I believe that there is only 5 or 6 companies that have control over 90% of the farmers now. Many people don’t realize that. Especially over the past 15 years. You can’t tell me that that hasn’t affected the way food is metabolized in our children and people in general. Why the increase in high BP & diabetes? Because they have taken things away from the natural state. Most people can’t afford organic, and can we truly trust organic?

    Stop with all the crap that is not healthy in boxed items. Stop playing with the DNA of fruits and Veggies. They have been doing it for so long, no wonder this generation is affected. HUmm, I wonder why Michelle O has her own private garden, because she knows that all the other fruits and veggies have been messed with and she doesn’t want her family to be affected by the crap.

    Get the vending machines out of the schools. Stop allowing the grocery stores/stores from allowing unhealthy foods by the cash registers along with unhealthy drinks. Wouldn’t it be amazing if they had healthy items close to the registers & water only? Get rid of all the crappy magazines by the cash registers and put WHOLESOME healthy ones they don’t need a half naked woman on the cover to get the point across, gear it towards kids. NO, they have the trash looking ones where the kids think they have to look & be a certain way (That effects the children too) It is that vicious cycle, to where they believe they have to be a certain way, then the addiction hormones kick in and they run to eating for comfort. Just like anyone that is addicted to anything. I wonder what would happen if they changed all that?

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