Disney XD- The Magic of Healthy Living “Try It”

As we all know Disney is one of those companies that is so big and so influential, we couldn’t really ignore them if we tried. So when I see the big giants getting involved in trying to make a difference in encouraging our youth get get more active, I smile. Just recently I was given the opportunity to hang out with some of the cast members from shows on Disney XD and learn about their “Magic of Healthy Living” campaign called “Try-It”. Disney Magic of Healthy Living is an initiative designed to partner with parents in their quest to raise healthy, happy kids. The program provides kids and families with engaging content, useful tools and unique experiences to help make healthier lifestyles simple and fun.

In support of Disney’s commitment to inspire kids and families to lead healthier and active lifestyles, Disney XD will start airing new videos in March with the stars from “Kickin’ It,” “Pair of Kings” and “Lab Rats” demonstrating new activities and healthy food options kids can try. For more information visit www.disney.com/tryit.

I was actually there when they were filming some of these new videos with their cast. This is who I saw:

Jason Earles plays “Rudy” on “Kickin’ It”–he can be contacted on twitter as @Dukeofearls

Adam Hicks plays “Luther” on “Zeke and Luther”  & plays “Boz” on “Pair of Kings”

Alex Christian Jones plays “Eddie” on “Kickin’ It”

Dylan Riley Snyder plays “Milton” on “Kickin’ It”

Ryan Ochoa plays “Lanny” on “Pair of Kings”

Spencer Boldman plays “Adam” on the new show “Lab Rats”

I had the opportunity to interview the cast of characters about Disney’s “Try It” campaign and see what type of things they have been trying. They were adorable in their answers.

And of course because Disney rocks, they are offering us all a pretty cool giveaway.


  • 2 Disney Magic of Healthy Living Giveaways gift baskets which includes: a sling Bag, socceer ball, yoga mat, & apron
  • 1 signed dodge ball signed by the following Disney XD stars: Adam Hicks, Doc Shaw, Tyrel Jackson Williams, Jason Earles, Alex Christian Jones, Spencer Boldman

To Enter (Leave one comment for EACH entry):
1. Tweet this message (1 entry per tweet, 30 tweets max.)

#Disney Magic of Healthy Living “Try-It” campaign is helping kids 2 get active on Disney XD. Giveaway @Bookieboo, http://bit.ly/yWfl5J

2. Share on Facebook (1 entry)
3. Watch @Bookieboo’s video about the Magic of Healthy Living “Try-it” campaign above (1 entry)
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Winners will be selected by Random.org on March 21st and contacted via twitter. Please leave your twitter name in order for me to get in contact with you. If you do NOT leave your twitter name and you are selected, I will need to select another. Good luck!

Leah Segedie is the Founder of Mamavation and Bookieboo, a blogger network. After losing over 100 lbs, she started a career mentoring women in health and since then has assisted in over 3,500 lbs lost via the Mamavation community. Leah and her work has been mentioned in Ladies Home Journal, Reader's Digest, Fitness, Women's Day, CNN, ABC, CBS, the O'Reilly Factor, AOL, Entrepreneur, and Yahoo to name a few. She works from home in her fuzzy slippers.


  1. Samantha Carr says:

    I really really really showy really want to be on the show because I am really cool and funny to I like your shows they are just so funny videos so can I please be on the show Ty disney xd.com try it:-D

    • i do to it is my dream to be on tv i trie to adition and ask them please super please with a cherry on top and then they dont think i am talented enough i really super duper want to be on tv so can i it is my dream even to meet some onelike right now i wish a super star would come and knock on my ty u for being my number one idol ../”

    • It would be amazing to see the lab rats or kick in it crew I have always wanted to be on one of the shows on Disney,XD

  2. I hope that they would choose me because ive been wanting to go on this show ever since i saw the previews and i tried something awesome.

  3. aja Richardson says:

    I’ve always wanted to be either in Disney or Disneyxd and having 7 other siblings I thought at least 1 of them will be with me but it looks like i m the only challenged one that want to be in it



  5. It would be amazing to see the lab rats or kick in it crew I have always wanted to be on one of the shows on Disney,XD

  6. Rena Conforti says:

    I really want to be on kickin it I watch it all the time. I thought I can do judo on it because I am a green belt in judo.

  7. hey you

  8. annalise says:

    it would be awesome if the people from pair of kings like bomer bozz bradie could come to my house o and people of jessie

  9. I love you

  10. I live u guys

  11. I love you gus

  12. i lick to jump and do lots of things and i ack crazy owhell every body is like that

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        what does ccccccccccccccccccccccccccccccccccccccccccccccccccccccccc mean i’m not trying to be mean i just want to know

  13. Brandon says:

    I am lots of fun and love to act. Love Disney XD


      have you ever been to disney world or a disney park i have been to three.

  14. Katie Turner says:

    Being on kicken it would be a dream because I’m pretty tuf on the boys in my school

  15. please let me be on the show I am loyal, strong , smart and I would love to meet you peace see you later bye.

  16. please let me be on the show I am loyal, strong , smart , funny and I would be a great susses to your team and I would love to meet you peace see you later bye.

  17. kaitlyn hudson says:

    I would love to be on the show I would love to be on the show I am strong smart and loyal and funny

  18. i love lab rats because of bree super speed n’d because adam is strong.

  19. bryce hudson says:

    I like to play and I am funny ,creative, and I like Jack off kickit because he likes karate and I do to.

  20. aleecia hudson says:

    I’m a good artist and love to run. I want to expirence new things in life. I am not normal. I am crazy and creative. I don’t fit in very much ,so I thought you guys could help me. I would be lucky to be on any ones team ,because all of you are great people. Have a nice day. good luck out there.

  21. MICHAEL says:

    IM MICHAEL i do alot of parkour and like to climb and i know my way to get around thing or stuff if u dont know what parkour is it to get around stuff fast and be smart so it look kool and i want to do it

  22. mike mike says:

    my name is mike mike and i like to jump and also punch hard stuff im also a black belt in karate i will take risk all day 24 7 :0

  23. I love Disney xd and really want to do the cocpotion I love doing dangroues fun things things I’m an outdoor person. I’m 11 by the way hope you pick me if you want to

  24. I love kicken it I don’t know how to do karate but I try my best anywayI also very love lab rats peace out see you later hopefully

  25. If tried doing a flip of a forty eight foot Clift and landed in a river at first I dent think I could do bmx but know I have45 trophies and I was three when I first started

  26. ezerah joses says:

    hey im really cool and very active i love outside and try different things just letting you know may i please join xd!

  27. please let me im really athletic,cool,smart,strong i could do it if you let me i love everybody there but if i dont ill still be a good sport. :)

  28. please im a great sport to the people im against im bored alot of times im very athletic.:)

  29. Hi I really want to be on there because I’m strong beautyful an I never give up bye kisses

  30. I love you ryan

  31. Way cool! Some very valid points! I appreciate you penning this post
    plus the rest of the website is very good.

  32. i love duke and he love me

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