Mamavation Mom Week 3 – Progress NOT Perfection

During week 2 everything started to click for me.  The exercises are starting to get easier, my meal plan is falling into place and getting easier to follow, and making time for family fitness has become a reality.  Hubs, Baybah and I rode our bikes together for the first time as a family.  All 3 of us had a blast, especially Baybah.  I loved seeing the smile on his face and hearing the “Weeeeee’s!” coming from his bike trailer as we rode down the street.  It was so much fun it did not seem like a workout at all!

Then the dreaded week 3 started.  I was not on the lookout for it.  On Sunday we went to a birthday party and I was not prepared.  When I got to the party I was hungry.  I tried my best not to eat, but the hunger took over and I ate what was available.  I did not go crazy, but I do know that a croissant sandwich and potato salad is not on Alyssa’s meal plan.  Feeling guilty and letting the emotions get the best of me I spotted this:

I resisted it for most of the party but just before I left I gave in.  Darn it! Why did I let that cupcake win?  The host of the party gave us several cupcakes to take home, I should not have taken them.  Later that evening I had a second cupcake.  I was so nervous to be honest about it on my bookieboo journal for the day.  What would my mentors say? What would my friends say?  I did not want them to be disappointed in me.  But just the opposite happened, there was a stream of support from everyone on twitter.  It was just what I needed to help lift my spirits and start the new day fresh and the rest of week 3.

So whenever temptation strikes I am going to think of advice I heard from @MNMspecial today on twitter.  She said to imagine that there is a hair in it.  I am a visual person, so here it goes!

I am sure that image is going to help some of you stay away from those cravings too. LOL.  You are welcome! 😛

Week 3 might have started out with a snag, but I plan on ending it with a bang! Here is my scale picture for the start of week 3.  I am down 1.4 pounds for the week and 4.4 pounds since I applied to be a Mamavation Mom!!

Thank you Mamavation Sista’s for all of your support!!  Thank you also to Alysa’s from InspiredRD for the yummy food plan and Pete Cohen from Weight Loss Guru for your emotional support program.

See you next week,

Lolo from Crazy About My Baybah


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  1. Haha! Love the altered picture. For me, eating healthy is totally in my mind. I have a pumpkin steel cut oats recipe that I pretend are pumpkin cookies. I’m a sugar addict and this recipe isn’t super sweet but mind over matter.
    Its totally okay to cry because this is an emotional journey. You are making wonderful progress :)

  2. Shelley (@momma_oz) says:

    Im so proud of you. You aren’t perfect- you aren’t going to be. But that’s what this journey is all about. Stumbling. Even falling. And then picking yourself back up. Awesome job hon!!!

  3. andreakruse says:

    Love the modified pic. Very cute!

    I like what Shelley said. :) Bootcamp is as much of a learning experience as a time to jumpstart weight loss. If you finish with the skills to keep up a steady weight loss… (even a lb a week adds up to 52 lbs in a year!) that is great!

    I am proud of you for your hard work, your honesty and drive to keep going even when you hit obstacles. Keep it up.

  4. You are doing amazing!!!! So so proud of you! I do most of my steps on the treadmill and I upped the speed by .5 this week. It isn’t a ton but it’s enough to really feel like I am working. Next week I will up it again by .5.

    OMG – you are the first to cry in a video!!! I thought FOR SURE it would be me. I adore you, fyi!! I am SO glad this process allowed us to get to know each other!!

  5. And here I thought I would be the first one to cry on camera! lol I just adore you, FYI. I am so glad this process brought us together. Always, always here for you!! You are doing amazing!!

  6. I am so proud of you!!! So glad to see the progress that you are making. Such an inspiration.

  7. You continue to inspire me!! I super {heart} you and love how you are rocking this program. Bumps in the road are going to happen, but you are taking them in stride. All this hard work you are putting in will really pay off! Hugs! <3

  8. Congratulations on that 4.4 pounds! You’re doing great! I am a HORRIBLE dieter, and I have found that if I give in to temptation every now and then, I feel better about everything overall. Don’t beat yourself up for the party food and the cupcakes. You have to “cheat” every now and again because if you deprive yourself totally, you won’t stick with it.

    I am so glad to hear that the workouts are getting easier for you too. We just started working out, and I realized how out of shape I am. I can’t do a lot of the exercises in the video I am doing, so I hope in a couple of weeks they will get easier for me too.

    You are doing GREAT! Keep it up!

  9. Your progress is inspirational! Keep it up and DON’T beat yourself up over little oopses. In the long run you’re making healthy choices and will be successful. I just know it!

  10. Everyone does that girl! You are still rocking it. And one of the biggest things in dieting is you can’t make yourself feel deprived or you will just set yourself fro failure (this coming from the biggest diet failure every!). Keep it up!

  11. Mamavation says:

    Isn’t it ironic how you feared judgement and got nothing but support? That’s the way we roll. When it’s your turn to mentor, you will be the same dear. XXOO

  12. I totally feel you on giving in at the last minute to that evil food! I have done that many times and I get so down on myself but you just have to realize its a slip, but its a new day and you got this! :) I love the visual! 😀 Keep it up girl, you are doing excellent! 😀 Keep it up!

  13. Marie Nichols says:

    It’s ok to slip up sometimes. As long as you acknowlege it it can back on track. We’re all human and we’re not perfect. Keep up the great work.

  14. You know this is learning how to live this life for FOREVER and to be honest you will eat sweets on and off for a lifetime. The key is learning to limit the intake and not go all crazy. Eat 1 instead of 10 ya know. I wish we lived in an area to go biking. I miss that part about living in Europe we biked ALL the time. You are doing a great job and keep it up…

  15. You are making me hungry with all these pictures. I am an impulse eater. Hate that about myself, but love your progress. Have another great week

  16. AHHHH, the image of the hairy cupcake is going to haunt me. Thank you! Haha, but really, Megan makes a great point – sweets will always be there, but moderation is key. I say it ALL the time, but it all clicked for my mom when her friend asked her “How many bites does it take until the flavor of your food changes?”. It doesn’t, so once you’re full and satisfied, that’s it. It’s okay not to finish every last bite, even though it feels like a tragedy to let such delicious pieces of culinary art go uneaten. Alas, your body is so much more important than that last bite, right? Totally. Keep up the amazing work, and good job owning it! There’s no shame in slippage – just keep on truckin’.