Mamavation Two Week Challenge Campaign 6 – Feb 13th-26th

Back by popular demand Mamavation is pleased to announce the 6th Two Week Challenge. Participants have lost an astonishing 519 pounds and 385 inches over 5 campaigns. The results speak for themselves – join the growing movement today!

To participate in the 6th Mamavation Two Week Challenge here is what you need to do:

1) Hit the linky below, include your Twitter ID, and don’t forget to leave a comment after linking

2) If you are interested in the giveaway CLICK HERE TO FILL OUT THIS FORM

3) Tweet at @MrBookieboo and let him know that you are joining the Mamavation Two Week Challenge. Important: use the hashtags #Mamavation and #2WeekChallenge

4) Register at if you haven’t already

5) Print out the two-week challenge:

Beginner Workout

Advanced Workout

6) Report your status to @MrBookieboo daily. Use the hashtag #2WeekChallenge along with #Mamavation

Participants who successfully complete the two-week challenge will be entered into a drawing to receive:

Grand Prize: $100 Visa gift card (1 winner)

Runner-up: $50 Visa gift card (2 winners)

Note – in order to be eligible for the drawing you must tweet the completion of every workout to @mrbookieboo

Winners will be selected using at the end of the Two Week Challenge.

Hit the linky below if you would like to sign up!

Dad to 3 boys. Husband to 1 redhead. Chicago Native. Lost 35 pounds. Fitness Trainer for #Mamavation - over 3000 pounds lost so far.


  1. Hooray!!!!

  2. Athena @Tink4everbell says:

    W00T, I’m excited!!

  3. Can’t wait!!

  4. Krissy Higgins says:

    Definitely LOVE the ‘challenge’

  5. Yeah!!! This will keep my motivation going for the next two weeks.

  6. I’m in.

  7. Marie Nichols says:

    So excited. Love these challenges :)

  8. Excited and ready!

  9. Totally ready no travel plans for me so I am dedicated towards this!

  10. Can’t wait!

  11. I’m in! Let’s do this!

  12. Looking forward to the challenge!

  13. Missed the last one but I’m back!

  14. YES! On top of everything else, YES! :)

  15. Excited!! Going for the advance workout again :)

  16. Ready to join in again.
    Thank you :)


  17. I’m ready! Let’s DO THIS!

  18. I’m still losing weight! Thanks for kickstarting my fitness thingy.

  19. Burpees….without a trainer? I think I will LOVE this Challenge!

  20. I’m ready ! :)

  21. I am so ready! This will be round 2 for me :-)

  22. Super Excited!!

  23. I’m in!! Thank you!

  24. I’m in, I’ll have to set reminders to hop on Twitter every day! :)

  25. looking forward to the new challenge. It’s been a while since I’ve participated

  26. One more time b/c I can feel a difference from the last challenge.

  27. despite the dreaded burpees………bring it on!!

    i love the support and knowing i’m not the only mom working out :)

  28. Looks like fun! Um…what’s a burpee? *going to investigate*

  29. Oy, Nevermind. I found them. Holy @^%^&#&^%$.

  30. monica young says:

    ready for this one….

  31. happy for the strength training because it is something I never do at the gym.

  32. I am going to make myself do this again. I fell off at the end of the last one because everyone was sick. Really want to make this one work for me!

  33. Hopefully my household stays healthy this time!

  34. Hoping my family stays healthy for this one!

  35. Looks fun!

  36. Okay, I’m in! Can use the motivation.

  37. i am up for the challenge!

  38. Ready to jump start this winter body. woo.

  39. With every fiber in me, I so need this challenge. Cannot wait.

  40. Looking forward to the beggining of a trasformation, :)

  41. sooooooo excited ready to get healthy and sexy!!!!

  42. Definitely need this challenge to get me focused!

  43. Soooo ready!

  44. Cant wait to start the challenge I news it!

  45. Cindy C @bobisyellow says:

    I’m in!

  46. I’m in for round 2!

  47. Lisa @EarlyLitMama says:

    I’m down to loose some more poundage! Woot!

  48. I’m doing this. The whole two weeks!

  49. Here I go again! And this time I plan to stay with it the whole time, even if life decides to try & interrupt me again.

  50. Yes, I will complete my workouts and report to @Mrbookieboo

  51. Woo-hoo let’s go…can’t wait to start my 2nd 2 week challenge!!

  52. Gonna try it again … Even though I’ve never had a perfect 2 weeks, it helps me to think about what I’m eating more often .. :)

  53. Mary dragged me into it. And I don’t mind. Here I go :)

  54. mary dragged me into it. but i don’t mind.

  55. Looking foreward to jumpstarting my workouts with you all! 😀