A Real Halloween Haunting and Paranormal Research Team

I am a believer in ghosts. So just remember anything I say is clouded by that fact. If you don’t believe in ghosts, you may want to just move on. Or you can be cynical in the comments. Whatever.

Last night, we had a paranormal research team in my house investigating a haunting. They found two different entities: an 8 year old boy named “Henry” and my late father. How I envisioned this house and the people in it has been forever changed, but at least I have a plan in place going forward.

Some background. We first moved to this house 3-4 years ago. The haunting started just after we moved here. There were several instances where my feet were pounced on in the middle of the night by what felt like a cat, but we don’t have any animals in the house because my husband is allergic. My mother also experienced this “pouncing” on her feet independently when she stayed in the guest room. I also saw a little boy in my backyard with dirty blond hair that ran and hid behind the slide on our swing set. The reason I thought it was a ghost at the time is it disappeared. When I went to go look for him behind the swing set, he was gone. Of course, I was scared. We ended up “saging” the house with sage. I’ve always been told that helps clear spirits. It worked. The haunting stopped…until two days ago.

What I experienced Saturday night. My husband and I heard giggling in the hallway while we were watching TV. It sounded like our youngest, but when we went into his room he was fast asleep. And then later that night more happened. The baby’s mobile had been going on by itself for weeks ever since the baby moved into the nursery. And the baby was up crying when the mobile would go on. I didn’t think anything of that even though there aren’t any motion sensors. Why? Toys go off in this house all the time without people touching them. I just thought things were malfunctioning. This mobile was one I received from Tiny Love to do a review on, so it wasn’t like I could return it. And it didn’t happen all the time, just maybe two times a week.

Then the pouncing happened again on my feet. Saturday night it happened three times in the middle of the night. The baby started screaming in the nursery not too much later so I went and got him. He wouldn’t nurse. He was hysterical and wouldn’t calm down. And it was very cold in the room. Very cold. So I just huddled under the blankets with him while he was crying while I was freaking out because I was very scared. Wouldn’t you be? Eventually the baby calmed down, but it was still cold. And then we both feel asleep.

I woke up the next morning and updated my Facebook wall about how freaked out I was. I believed I had a ghost. Within an hour, someone contacted me that knew someone from TV that did paranormal research on a reality TV show, Ashley Troub. Ashley actually lives close by to me and has a team of local paranormal researchers. They go around the county and document hauntings with audio and video. They also have a couple psychics on their team that can help communicate with the dead. I was totally down. We talked and set up a time for them to come Monday night to see what was in my house.

Video cameras were watching my bedroom, the nursery and hallway. The hotspots.

When they arrived they brought lots of equipment: cameras, recorders, EMF recorders, a monitor, lots of wires, etc. They went around the house with the EMF recorders to see how my house read. EMF stands for Electromagnetic Field. According to the team, ghosts are able to manipulate the electromagnetic field around them somehow. The rooms that were very high were the hallway and the kids room, especially the kids room. We gave them a tour of the rooms where we had experienced something unusual.

EMF Gadget

Then the psychic came. She went with us room to room. Before she walked into our bedroom, which was the first room on our tour, she stopped at the door but said nothing. We explained what had happened room to room and then took her outside where I told her about the young boy I saw. Right away she told me that I had the spirit of an 8 year old boy in the house. His name was “Henry” and he passed on around the 70s. She also told me my father was in the house at well. He greeted her when she came into the house by staring at her across the room. She also said that his boy was attached to me personally because he misses his mother. He saw me as a mother figure and wanted my attention. He didn’t like to be ignored.

Equipment used by paranormal research team

Okay, so what now? Well, they wanted to use me as a “trigger object” which basically means bait. So we all went into my bedroom and they all talked to “Henry.” Right away the EMF reader went off and the room got colder by Ashley Troub. They asked him all sorts of questions and was recording everyone on video and audio the entire time. They would ask questions and wait for a response. “Why are you here?…when were you born?…when did you die?…what did you like to play with when you were alive?…can you make my flashlight go off?…why do you like Leah so much?…did you have any pets?” The psychic was able to see him and he was kneeling by Ashley staring at her greenish hair. He was fascinated with her and touched her hair and her arm several times. Ashley felt everything, including a couple of times where her vision got fuzzy and he leg felt tingly.

This is what we learned about “Henry” from the the psychic. Henry lived in the house and died in the 70s from what he described as something behind his eyes. We think it was a brain tumor because it eventually led to blindness, he lost the ability to talk and walk, but still loved to read and had his imagination. He loved reading books about pirates. He also missed his mother and kept asking us where she was. His mother wasn’t around when he was alive, in fact, he didn’t remember what she looked like. But his father was around and his name was “Carl” or something like that. He was interested in me because he wanted his mother and I reminded him of what he thought a perfect mother would be like. We asked him not to scare me anymore and to please leave the baby alone. He admitted to teasing the baby in the crib. Then he just disappeared.

Then we went into the kids room and my father appeared right away. According to the psychic, my father has decided not to pass to the other side because he’s watching out for my boys, especially the oldest. My father died of Mesothelioma and he stayed alive to see his first grandson and then died about three months later. This is actually something that I don’t question at all because my own children have been saying they have been seeing my father in their bedroom for years. And I’ve felt his presence in this house since we’ve moved here. Plus all the pictures with orbs. The funniest thing about my father is I was able to talk to him. I teased him about not believing in ghosts when he was alive and now he was one. The irony is thick around here. He responded just as he would have in person, crossed his arms and just gave me a look. So my father will be here for a while until he feels like his job is done watching over my boys. I’m okay with that.

About Henry. We decided on a game plan. Henry just wants to be part of my life and wants a mother figure. So I asked the psychic if he would stop stop scarring me if I acknowledged him more often and she said absolutely. So going forward I’m going to acknowledge him and say good night to him and tell him I love him and even possibly read pirate stories to him. We are hoping that if he feels loved and accepted by me then eventually he will pass over. Right now he’s not ready because he hasn’t gotten what he needs. So after the paranormal research team packed up and left and I was in the bedroom about to go to sleep I said to Henry, “Okay Henry, I know you are here. Please stop scarring me in the middle of the night. You have my attention now. From now on, you can be part of the family. But please leave the baby alone.” And then the pile of laundry across from my bed moved. I think that was his way of telling me it was a deal. But it still freaked me out.

We are bringing the team back to my house in about a year or so after I’ve continued to talk to Henry. This time, they are going to bring another psychic that specializes in helping ghosts make the trip to the “other side.” So basically I need to love a ghost like he was my own son to make him feel loved and cared for. And then when he gets what he wants he’ll either pass over on his own or we can assist him with a different type of psychic. The research team is also going to go through all the video and audio to see if you can see any manifestations of the ghosts. This is going to take weeks because they all have day jobs. And I think they are going to go to the county recorders office to see who owned this house in the 70s to verify any of the information we received from the psychic.

Am I freaked out and scared? Yes, especially since he made that pile of dirty clothes move. That was what made me a believer in “Henry.” But I’m not leaving my house and I’m sure I’ll just get used to it like I do other things. I always wanted four boys. I just didn’t expect to have a fourth boy quite this way.

Happy Halloween.

UPDATE: Halloween night the lights in my room came off and on at about 1:30am. Mark busted out the video camera because we wanted to show the paranormal research team. Here is what happened and yes that is me crying in the background.

UPDATE UPDATE: I’m done being nice to ghosts in my house especially the ones that only have the mind of an 8 year old child. I’m bringing in the Calvary. Yeah, I’m bringing the psychic cleanser to my house. And I’m also going to bring a priest, rabbi, minister, and any other religious figure that can bless my house. I thought I could handle this, but I can’t. I’m being honest here.

Today my 94 year old grandma is praying in my room pretty much every hour for God to take the little boy back to heaven. Last night we got sleep. That was the first night in almost a week. If I can’t get this spirit out of my house, this may kill me.

I HAVE A REQUEST FROM YOU: Please please please pray for my family and my home. Pray that this boy goes back to where he needs to be–heaven. I know lots of you want to do something to help, but I think having people all over the country pray for us is the most powerful thing that CAN happen. Take action that way. Thank you!


Leah Segedie is the Founder of Mamavation and Bookieboo, a blogger network. After losing over 100 lbs, she started a career mentoring women in health and since then has assisted in over 3,500 lbs lost via the Mamavation community. Leah and her work has been mentioned in Ladies Home Journal, Reader's Digest, Fitness, Women's Day, CNN, ABC, CBS, the O'Reilly Factor, AOL, Entrepreneur, and Yahoo to name a few. She works from home in her fuzzy slippers.


  1. Well, wow. I normally wouldn’t believe this “stuff” since I’ve only really seen it on TV. But, because I know you and know you NOT to be histrionic, I’m starting to believe. I’ll be VERY curious to find out if Henry really existed in that house. I love that even though there was a psychic, the team is still going to do some “reality-based” research. That makes me take this more seriously. I hope that things even out and that you stop being afraid!

    • Mamavation says:

      I think I”m the most curious about what the actual history of this house is. IF I find that this house was owned by a man named “Carl W” I’ll freak.

  2. I am so happy for you with this experience and sounds like you have a great game plan. Can’t wait to hear updates as you go along in this journey.

  3. Maggie Smith says:

    Oh boy oh boy {no pun intended!} This sure is quite the story! You are brave. I am not quite sure I could handle having to acknowledge and accept the role of Ghost Mother but you are exceptional beyond that.

    I can’t wait to read about more Henry stories. Also, I think its high time you told Henry that in order to be your son he has to do chores. Perhaps instead of moving laundry he can work on folding it! Good Luck!

  4. Wonderful write up Leah! Makes me want to have a team come here even more. Will have to look into it more.

  5. I’m looking forward to hearing what you find at the recorder’s office!

  6. It is pretty freaky if you ask me, but I think bigger part of me believes. Is it possible to trace back to 70s with this house?

  7. OMG – Leah. To me that’s scary and exciting at the same time. I hope Henry passes over soon so he can have peace. I think it’s cool that your dad is watching over your boys!!

  8. O.M.G…. I totally got CHILLS reading this

  9. Leah, if he was going to hurt you, he would have done it way before now. He loves you. Surely it wont be too hard to love him back. I’m praying he decides to move on soon. You are wonderful, my dear! To let the researchers come and figure everything out! Too many people don’t believe.

  10. Wow! I have been reading about this on your FB page. I can’t wait to hear more and if they find anything out about a real boy who lived in your house. What a great Halloween house you have:-) Will this be on a TV show?

  11. That sounds like an amazing experience. And I hope Henry is happy soon.

  12. Total goosebumps and a tear or two. I’m so impressed – I couldn’t handle any of this! OK, if my dad had died, I would push my fear of ghosts aside for him to stick around… This is an amazing story, Leah!

  13. WOW, I always believed in ghosts, having past experiences with them. I’m not afraid of them. My first experience was from a good friend that had a massive heart attack and eventually died. He was way to young to go. His funeral was coming up very soon and he knew how I despised funerals. I know who don’t. But I really do!!
    Anyhow it was the eve of his funeral and all I could do is worry about this funeral and how I would react. All of a sudden out of no where I heard him say “come on terr bear you can do it for me”. He always called me terr bear. I shiver just typing that.
    Of course no one believed me. but, I know what I experienced.

    I am looking forward to your journey with Henry and your father Leah!

  14. Um, congrats on having another son?! I can completely understand being freaked out but it’s also completely intriguing from this side!

  15. What an interesting couple of nights you had. I’m glad that you were able to get some answers and know how to move forward. Can’t wait to hear more about your journey.

  16. Oh I totally believe in spirits and we have had one in the house we live in also, we’ve heard footsteps on the stairs, clear footsteps and we thought it was my daughter but she was in her room sleeping. She has the only bedroom upstairs and she said she often feels like someone is watching her. One day I said out loud when no one else was around, ” please, I don’t care if you are still in this house but I am begging you to please stop scaring my kids, this is their home now and I want them to be comfortable here.” ever since then, nothing has happened!

    I can’t wait to hear what happens with Henry and the history of the house!

  17. How cool, Leah! I hope you’ll keep us posted throughout the year.

  18. WOW, this is scary and scary cool at the same time. And the fact your father is still watching over you and your kids just makes me tear up. What a beautiful story.

  19. Fascinating! Thank you for sharing this story with us and I hope that you keep posting about your experiences with Henry and your Father in the year to come. I look forward to it.

  20. Thanks for sharing your story! Glad he’s just lonely. I look forward to hearing more!

  21. I’ve been following your updates on Facebook and loved reading the entire story. It’s sure to be an interesting year for you and your family. And I love that your dad is there, too. Do Henry and your dad acknowledge each other?

    • Henry and my dad have no idea each other exists. They researchers explained it like hauntings have layers based on time. There can be several that are here that don’t know about each other. Not what I expected.

  22. What a great write up! I have goosebumps just reading it! I am sure with Henry thinking of you as a mom he will have the peace & closer to move on. Did you ask if Henry was attached to your dad as well? Perhaps your dad can remind Henry to behave especially at night.

  23. Holy crap! But I am glad that he was just a little boy and nothing malicious. :) I started to cry a little thinking about him saying that you are like what a perfect mother should be. How sweet :)

    • Yeah that was a very big compliment because he sees me ALL the time. You know at times when you don’t know people are watching. Good and bad. And I still got props. It was very humbling.

  24. was great to get to read this – I have a spirit in my apartment & I worry about my kids ever since weird things started happening. hopefully everything will work out for your family & henry.

  25. I am not really a big believer in ghosts. However, your story has intrigued me. I am interested in hearing more about how this plays out.

    It shouldn’t take too long to check the records on the house (I know if I wanted to, I could check them online in Texas).

    Is “Henry” just a name they gave him, or is that his name? I just wonder since you put it in quotes.


  26. If you really want Henry to pass on to the other side, don’t read him pirate stories… just read him excerpts from my blog every morning.

  27. wow…this is pretty cool. My dad passed away in May and I still feel him around all the time. he’ll do little things like turn my fan off.

  28. Oddly, my father used to think I was his mother reincarnated as she passed long before I was ever born and our mannerisms are so much alike…. then living in New England, I met a lot of psychics who felt that I had a very strong power – i.e. psychic power. I believe we all do and all have the ability to communicate with those who are in the spirit world. Many of us choose to ignore it – and then lose the sensitivity to feeling it.

    As I mentioned before I had to ask my Father to leave because he presence was so strong it felt as if I were being possessed. But then years later, I worked with a psychic and spoke with my grandmother, mother, father and uncle about a big issue in my life and when my father told the psychic that I should use the power that I had in the paperwork I had – it was clear that he was there as no one, not even the psychic knew what he was talking about… and it helped me.

    Anyway – I am glad you are on a path to get help and hope this works. As for the nay-sayers, and believe me, there are many out there who would condemn you for your willingness to be open to this, I say, well done you. It is being open and accepting that help people in this world and the next.

    Oh and I have more of these stories including one when I was 15 that changed my life… so just know I don’t think you are crazy…. you are highly intelligent and using all of your senses!!!

  29. Leah, you are a brave woman and so open minded. Most people would not be so open minded but of course I know you’re this way. I think it’s amazing that your dad is there to watch over your kids. I hope many times that my grandmother is! =)

    As for Henry, I hope he gets what he needs to pass over to the other side. How scary. Children ghosts scare me the most because they can be mischievousness – they’re kids!

    I can’t wait to hear more about this as it unfolds and I hope Henry stops scaring you and teasing baby Bookieboo! =)


    • I know. That’s EXACTLY why it is kinda freaky. I’m scared to walk around in the dark in my room now because I feel like he’s going to be like a cat under the bed and grab at my ankles or something. THIS is why I haven’t slept yet.

  30. We were in your house!!!!!!! That is crazy and exciting all at the same time. Keep us updated.

  31. I wouldn’t be scared at all. I know back when my oldest was a toddler we had a ghost in that apartment that loved music. When my son fell down a whole flight of stairs, he didn’t have a scratch or bump or anything. The poor little ghost (i know it was a little one) stayed in the apartment. I’m almost positive that Monster has a ghost with him also, and I’ve talked to the sister of that person…the reason I believe that…Monster is terrified of the sounds of trains and the ghost was killed in a train accident. “Henry” and your dad would both be good for your house! I can tell you will have many stories about them in the future.

  32. The pouncing on your feet in bed, reminded me of something that happened back in 1984. I had raised some kittens that had been born feral in the woodpile out back, and we grew very close, especially one of them. Each night when I’d brush my teeth, she’d do figure 8’s around my ankles, purring up a storm. Then she’d sleep curled up on my shins, as I lay in bed at night. Well, I had to move. I was young and didn’t know where I would end up, so I gave my cats to someone to care for, hoping she would find permanent homes for them.
    It was a couple of months later, I was in another state, staying with a friend, and as I brushed my teeth, I felt the figure 8’s around my legs. I chided myself, thinking, Wow, I must really be missing my cat! Then as I fell asleep that night, I felt the weight of her on my shins.
    About a month later, the lady who had taken my cats, wrote me a letter saying that the one I’d been so close to, had run out in front of a car and was killed. It took her a while to get up the courage to write to me about it. I looked in my journal and the night I felt her was right after she had been killed. Now I think she was coming to say goodbye to me.

  33. I just keep thinking back to your post before the team was even scheduled to show up about how your boys would see your father all the time.. then it manifested into reality. Did the pyschic mention anything about maybe your Father could help out with “Henry” too? I ‘ve been following your FB but never said anything. The house I grew up in everyone said they used to see an older man in a suit holding the hand of a little girl at the end of the Hallway. Come to find out the house was built over what used to be Indian territory mixed in with huge dairy farms and the land itself was on top of an old Indian well. We never could find out the whole story of what happened with that well, but did find out an old farmer shared his land with the Indians and he and his Grand Daughter did die on the property. From what I can’t recall, it was one of those diseases (scarlett fever) or something from the 1800’s. I keep saying that I swear my one dog (Zero the white Boxer I always talk about) is someone, she is someone who has come back to watch over me. This dog is attached to my hip, she will sit on the edge of my bed straining to see out the window and start howling some nights I’m not home.. just so happens those nights are nights that yes something is or about to go wrong. It almost feels like she is trying to right someone else’s wrong.. so she is either my Grandfather or my Father. Dogs understand about 200 words, this dog has a 1000 word comprehension. It’s unbelievable how it’s like she is a person in a dog’s body.

    The townhouse we are in right now we have had strange things happen. Like slippers put by the glass doors would always end back up stairs. The pepper shaker went missing for 2 months.. all the sudden shows up on the stove one morning. Certain things you put in one spot the next day they are in another. My grandmother was the one who moved stuff around like crazy, especially ornaments on the tree.. which yes that happened last year. So I think she followed us here. The house I live in previous to this (for 14 years) all kinds of stuff happened. Most of it was meant to spook us actually. The dogs would stop stare, tilt their heads at a certain area in the front hall and kitchen. You could periodically see shadows on walls of what looked to be people. I swear I saw a guy walk through the kitchen on multiply times.

    I am fascinated and can’t wait to hear what they find out about the records of your house. People may not believe, but until they have it happen then they believe. After all how many times have you or anyone had a Deja Vu? freaks me out when it happens..

  34. Angela Baker says:

    OMG Leah I so want to sleepover your house

  35. Leah, I’ve always believed in ghosts (since about age 10) and watch Ghost Hunters, Ghost Adventures, and any other ghost show I can. I don’t typically watch scary movies, I can’t stand them, but the ghost stories that they prove ghosts exist – LOVE THOSE!

    In 2007 my birth mother contracted a rare flesh-eating bacteria. She was in the hospital for about 4 months fighting this infection. Finally, she passed on April 14, 2007. my sister was trying to get a hold of me on MySpace on the 13th (as it happens – Friday the 13th) but we kept missing each other. She didn’t have a phone to call me on either. That Saturday night, the night my mom passed, I was getting ready to go out and I felt and heard a very deep breath in my ear, like someone exhaled. I didn’t know what to make of it… until that Sunday. I tried all weekend to get a hold of someone in Washington State (I live in Maryland) and could not, as this is my birth family and I had only communicated with them via phone and email. Finally I called the hospital my mother was at, explained who I was, and that I could not get a hold of anyone in WA. They told me my mother had passed the day before. That explained the breath in my ear. Ever since then, all three of her children (and who knows who else) have been visited by her. Although I haven’t felt or seen anything in quite some time, my boyfriend swears she is around alot. Once he woke up out of a dead sleep and swore someone punched him in the nose! We had been fighting that day, and it wasn’t long after my mother’s death – I told him it was her & he should stop messing with me!


  36. I almost wonder if there isn’t some way to “involve” your father–so that Henry has a little more discipline? That’s got to be difficult what you’re going through–even if you know what you’re dealing with.
    Good luck & I hope things settle down for you and your family!

  37. SO sorry he scared you flickerig the lights on and off.

    Thank you for the write up. Our lives must be parallel. We too have a ghost or ghosts here. Not sure how many.My oldest son saw a man in the kitchen in the hall at the top of the stairs and I see them out of the corner of my eye now and again. Both my younger boys see him and my 4 yr old is scared at night to the point that he’s shaking and sometimes my 6 yr old too. I got the chills when you said your father passed away 3 months after your son was born my grandmother passed away a few months after my son was born. Once I felt her shake my feet during the night just like she did when she was alive. That’s how she used to wake me up. Her Hula doll went off shortly after that.(that happened 7 yrs ago) Lately the bedroom has been extremely cold and I get woke up by something crashing several minutes after . Happened 2x’s this week. Most of the time when I’m awake until 3am but lately I’ve been going to bed with the kids and I think the ghost is mad. Sometimes I can feel someone in the kitchen or in the room with me late at night. Freeky and scary as it is I try not to acknowledge it but I wish to goodness I knew who it was. Things like this have been happening to me for years since my 20’s. I wish I knew who or what it is that follows me every house I go to. Believe it or not they followed me on vacation 1 year too!! woke me up a 4:30a standing in the door way. Which is usually where he stands.

    I have to ask. Do you feel better now that you know who is there with you or do you wish you never found out?

  38. Oh Leah, that’s so scary. I am always skeptical of these things BUT I know that there are so many things we don’t understand. I believe that 99% of paranormal “sightings” are BS, but I don’t believe you would perpetuate a hoax in the midst of your fight for GMO labeling, for sure. I pray that Henry will find peace and leave your family alone.

    We have what we call “borrowers” in our house, and who knows – it may very well be a ghost. I’m still trying to figure out what a ghost would want with a glass of lemonade – cup and all – that disappeared about 8 years ago.

  39. Leah –

    My master bathroom door (very old and heavy, it slid into the wall to open) would slam shut and LOCK from inside (old heavy brass lock that needed to be turned to engage lock, with difficulty) in the middle of the night. I would also hear distinct dinner party noises/murmuring conversations coming from my formal dining room frequently as I lay in bed.

    The woman who owned the house for 50 years before I lived there had died in it.

    I spoke with an elderly friend who’d been psychic her entire life. She told me to forget calling anyone, that the ghost dealt with ME on a daily basis and it was me who needed to establish the house as my own from my own force of will. She told me to go in the bathroom, sit on the toilet, and quietly and firmly talk to this woman and tell her she HAD to leave. “This is my house now. I want you to leave, now. You are not welcome here.”

    I did it. Amazingly, that was the last time any of those scary things happened ….and like you, I was afraid to sleep and had gotten to the point where I was constantly frightened.

    You are the alpha female in your home. You decide who can be there.

  40. Ok, I am going to come clean with you. I have never told this story outside of my very personal, close knit group of friends because well, you just don’t normally talk about things like this without folks thinking you are a little crazy. My whole childhood we lived with a ghost. I was raised in an old colonial house that was built in the late 1800’s. We knew our ghost was female but other than that we really didn’t know a lot about her except that she loved to show out for company. Anytime we had company she was go almost crazy, throwing things, pushing people, turning lights on and off all through the night, rattling the windows, etc. We never knew what she would do next. If it was just us (the family) we wouldn’t really hear much from her. Sometimes she might flip the TV channel or something but was usually pretty quiet and content to just be with us. It was something that we all kinda just thought was normal after a while but for visitors, it was FREAKY! ANd people either loved or hated coming to our home. I can’t ever really remember being scared of her, but I do remember her scaring others. You could always bet if one of us had a feeling of dislike or uncertainty about a guest they would really get tormented. Our house looked like the Amityville Horror house, and was called that by the locals. I will have to find a picture of it and send it to you one day. We had honey bees that nested in the walls of the living room and honey would literally run down the wall at times. We had an old underground cellar and when one of us would go down there the door would slam shut. There are so, so many stories of that old house that it would make chills run up your spine. So, I guess I am saying all that to say…I do believe…You and that their are “others” among us. I hope and pray that you get the situation resolved tonight and are able to be at peace in your home once more.

  41. Oh Leah!! Only just now getting all caught up on this.
    I’ve lived in more than one house with ghosts there too. Only one ever freaked me out until my daughter was born…
    But there were things that happened in our last house with ghosts that couldn’t possibly be attached to the house (built in 1983) but must have been attached to the area, since they told my then-preschool-aged daughter stories about things she had no way of knowing and she’d repeat them to us.
    My only condition – something I repeated loudly and verbally from time to time was – “You mess with my daughter, either scaring her, or emotionally scarring her? I will come after you with every ounce of my being. But if you’re good to her? We’re good. No more stories about how you died though.”
    Hang in there Leah – you can and will come out the other side of this. (((hug)))

  42. Hi Leah! My comment is not meant to scare you but I wanted to speak up. This was happening at my friend’s house frequently (flickering of the lights, random movements) and she thought it was a ghost. She took some of the same actions you are. It turned out to be a major electrical issue which she only found out b/c her house caught fire and burned down. I am not saying this is your issue, but you may want to have an electrician come, just to make sure you guys are safe in the electric wire department. May as well rule that out since it’s actually preventable. Sending hugs xoxo

  43. I believe. I believe in Christianity which is based on the principle that Christ died for us, rose from the dead 3 days later and came back in spirit form to attest that his work was done…all who believe will have life everlasting. So, when I became interested in this subject and went to see a famous medium, some of my family scoffed. For me, that was pure entertainment, like going to see someone in concert.
    But the other part of living as a believer is not entertainment. I know some have spirits that follow are mischeivious, some can be scared or lost, some can be loving, and some can be dark.
    For me, I have had strange occurrences in my life…once I felt I recieved help from beyond and once music coming from a computer that was shut completely down and unplugged, my husband, and engineer saying that was not possible. It happened along with other strange things in a house we rented, in which a young man in his 30’s died there. So, some have been very positive “visits” and some scary.
    I have a daughter who has seen a spirit of a little girl with braids standing in the corner of her basement bedroom. My daughter was a teen then and very, VERY parylized by fear . Another time she heard music on her car radio when NO radio was on and saw a spirit walk across the road in front of her. She was with a friend who also witnessed it and NO there was not drinking or drugs involved.! Now she accepts and approaches the issue as just part of her life. For some reason she seems to be a portal and it is said spirit is drawn to those who wear their feelings on their sleeves or have had lots of emotion. We have actually gone to a recent wellness seminar and I was “read” for the first time. I was skeptical about the reader but took it in mostly as entertainment. The occurrences in your home or those that follow you…I totally believe.

    I have to say, it is late here and was drawn to this post. It is quiet with tv on in background…the house is asleep and one dog at my feet, one on the floor near me. I play videos and YouTube a lot, click through posts all night. When I played YOUR clip of the lights going on and off by your fireplace, my older dog woke up, growled and barked….growled again and was still as the night. The little dog followed and barked as well. When your post ended, they went right back to sleep. Coincidence? I think animals do have that open sense. Just look how their other senses are intensified. It makes simple sense to me. They were hearing or feeling something from your video that I could not see or feel.
    I’m going to play the video again to see what happens. It’s 2:30 AM here and am kind of anxious now. LOL. sometimes it can be scary but mostly it is just a very interesting phenomenon that seems to be ‘showing’ itself to more and more people. I hope I can sleep now. And I hope all works well for you and your family and you can restore some order and peace among the living and those trying to cross that threshold. Good luck!

  44. Omg, how scary! I had chills the ENTIRE time I was reading this post! I hope that he goes away and your and your family will be safe.