Mamavation Monday: Learning About Menopause

As a Mom of a little girl I will one day have “The Talk” with my daughter. You know the “You are growing up and your body is changing” type talk. However, when it comes to menopause women usually wish they knew more about it before they had to face it. Who will sit down with us for the 2nd vital talk, and walk us through what will start happening to our bodies some day?

Here is a tricky thing though, we usually don’t want to talk about menopause. I am sure some of our community members don’t think much of it, because it doesn’t apply to them. However, you’d be surprised to learn that some women experience pre-menopausal symptoms as early as 35. That’s right, you might have kids in diapers and have to deal with pre-menopausal issues. This week Mamavation TV show is about education and learning what we need to know now before the menopause knocks on our doors.

Special Guest: Kelley A. Connors, MPHFounder of Real Women on Health

Kelley is the founder of Real Women on Health, an on-line community and radio show that educates, empowers and engages women so they can take more charge of their health and wellbeing. From heart health to sexuality, and surviving with cancer, Kelley brings passion and expertise to the topics she shares with her Real Women on Health audience and her advocacy partners.

Kelley also contributes her expertise and passion for women’s health and wellness to some of the most recognizable global organizations. As a member of the American Heart Association’s Westchester/Fairfield County GO RED Leadership Team, Kelley brings her advocacy-to-action to raise awareness and raise funds to improve education and awareness of heart disease as a woman’s issue. Kelley is also a member of the American Cancer Society’s Blogger Advisory Council, helping to draw attention to the most important cancer-related issues facing women.

She is a competitive rower and a yoga enthusiast, living in Connecticut with her husband and dog Lucy.

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