Mamavation Monday: Meet the Teams

There will be no Mamavation TV show on October 22, because we are all going to the Facebook Party! However, do link up your Blogging Carnival Posts.

If you have partied with Mamavation before for campaign launches, you know these parties are full of fun and swags. How is the campaign #14 different? First and foremost, it is our First Facebook Party ever! Second and still very important, this is a Graduate Campaign. That’s right, Mamavation is bringing back a bunch of Mamavation Mom graduates to see if they still have what it takes. AND Mamavation Moms are getting a little help from Billy Blanks and Tae Bo to get the job done. The Creator of Tae Bo has assembled the fitness plan for the Mamavation Moms and will be helping encourage them online.

So I think this is pretty exciting. Hurry and RSVP for the event if you haven’t already done so.

Meet the Mamavation Mom Bootcamp Teams and their previous campaign losses:

Team One:

Shelley Oswald (@Momma_oz): Lost 14.5 lbs.


Jenny Gniadecki (@Jennydecki) : Lost 27.8 lbs.

Team Two:

Megan Carter (@nccarterfamily): Lost 62 lbs.

Shannon Sander (@ShannonMSander): Lost 22 lbs.

Team Three:

Rachel (@RachHabs): Lost 46 lb.

Rachel Habegger(@RachHabs): Lost 46 lb

Wendy Del Monte (@Weightsover): Lost 20.6 lbs.

Team Four

Andrea Kruse (@notimemom): Lost 31 lbs.

Angela Bishop (@ninemoremonths): Lost 26.4 lbs.

Join me in wishing these brave ladies the best of luck and support this event by tweeting this message out

#Mamavation is hosting Facebook Party kick off. Join us for a great time & prizes 10/22 at 8pm EST! 

Mamavation Team

Mamavation Team

Mamavation Team

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  1. WOOHOO!

    I’m super excited to be rocking out for the next 8 weeks with the other amazing ladies on this list. This is going to be a blast!

  2. Kick started my morning with a 3 mile jog before work – ready to kick this competition’s butt

  3. so excited for you ladies!!!

  4. Look out, here we come!! Can’t wait to see the collective losing that will be going on ladies. Good luck to everyone and give it your all. :)

  5. I am looking forward to kicking some serious BUTT alongside some amazing women!

  6. I am so excited for all you wonderful ladies

  7. So excited to be doing this with such amazing ladies!!


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