Hello To A New Me!

I am welcoming week 6 and excited for all of the progress that I have made it thru another week and have had another loss this week, even with Thanksgiving before my weigh in! This Thanksgiving was very different then any previous others or any other holiday meals in the past. Before, I either went & someone else had cooked or I had made whatever sounded amazing. We are talking all of the “good” stuff and MULTIPLE pies or desserts! Now when I think of the “good stuff” I try to imagine how many GMO’s or additives are in it. Before I could of cared less about the calories let alone if it contained GMO’s. I also never looked for organic ingredients, it was usually whatever I needed just got thrown in the cart. No label reading, no calorie counting & definitely no accountability about what I was eating!

This is what I am fighting for! This is why I need to get healthy & stay around for a long time!

This was also the first Thanksgiving making food conscious of our son’s food allergies. He is allergic to corn, shrimp, fish and oat. As if that wasn’t daunting enough, we decided to try to go gluten free for him too. Needless to say, our entire family needs to do it or we can’t do it at all. Honestly, it is so hard not to mention frustrating to make two different meals and to not accidentally use the other utensil for the wrong dish. Especially when you have three kiddos running around asking you a million questions, sometimes arguing over something or simply distracting the little bit of attention you have focused on dinner. So for right now Aiden is corn free, but the rest of us are working on it.

With the holidays coming up it has been a real test for us to stick to our new “food plans” and by that I mean us sticking to what is best for us rather then what we want. Of course, I would love to be able to eat all of my favorite foods, but if I did my stomach would hurt so bad, I would be gaining weight like no other! Since we don’t want that happening, I will be really conscious of what I eat.

Numbers For The Week

Weight Loss This Week: 3.2 pounds Total Weight Loss: 63.2

Percentage of Body Weight Lost to Date: 29.8%

As a Mamavation Mom I received nutritional support and fitness product from Billy Blanks ,  Omron Fitness ,  New Balance , and  Inspired RD.   Thank you so much for your support!

Mamavation Team

Mamavation Team

Mamavation Team

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  1. Mamavation says:

    Well, I’m sorry for your day dear. I know it was rough. I’m hoping tomorrow won’t be as bad. You are doing amazeballs though. XXOO


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