Celebrate Good Times.. COME ON!

There’s a party going on right here.. A celebration, to last through out the year..


No? Fine.

But seriously, this post is all about celebrating. Celebrating victories in weight loss no matter how small they are.

I think it’s something we all forget to do, especially when we are waist deep in our weight loss journey. I mean sure, in the beginning you were celebrating all those little accomplishments. The week you lost just 1 pound. The week you only made it to the gym twice, but by golly those 2 times were more than you would have done in the past. The week you had dessert just 4 times instead of every night.

As we progress in our journey we forget about those things and instead get down on ourselves when we have a week where we only lose 1 pound. Or we berate ourselves for only making it to the gym 3 times instead of our normal 5. Or allow ourselves to be consumed with guilt because we broke down that one day and ate 1 cookie.

I’m guilty of this.

We get to that place where we are happy with what we have accomplished and we want to accomplish so much more that we neglect to focus on just taking it one day at a time like we have been up until that point.

I need to get back to that place. Sure, I’ve been losing steadily these last few weeks, but I realized that I am expecting it. I know that if the scale showed less than a 1lb loss I would be completely pissed. I know that time is coming soon, my loss is going to plateau sooner than I think, so to combat that I’m going to focus on the little accomplishments from the last week and really try to recognize them and give myself credit for them regularly here on out.

So, here are my small victories from last week.

  • Completed a workout between the kids throwing up on 2 different days.
  • Drank only water on Tuesday (132oz in the hopes of not catching what the kids had.)
  • Took multiple trips upstairs to put laundry away in order to get steps in.
  • Only ate 1 plate of food during Thanksgiving Dinner!
There. Those of my small victories that I would have overlooked had I not took the time during the post to call them out.
How about you? What are you small victories from the last week??

(Done yonder in the comments!)

And here are a couple more victories from us this week!

mamavation all star campaign

 Thank you to our awesome sponsors for making this Graduate Campaign possible! New Balance, Billy Blanks, Omron Fitness and Registered Dietitian, Alysa Bajenaru of Inspired RD!

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  1. You guys are freaking rockstars!! I am so proud of both of you!

    Kimmy, you are SO close to getting your new shoes! YAY!

  2. You did workouts in between the kids throwing up?! That is freaking rockstar status! ;)

    You guys are doing great!!! :)

  3. awesome! you are guys are da’bomb!

  4. Woohoo! Big victories are just a bunch of small victories put together. So proud of you ladies!

  5. Congrats to you both. You are doing fabulous and it is the small things that really do count and add up in the end!!

  6. Congrats on your progress!


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