Finding a Spark

Know that part in the Hunger Games when Katniss and Peeta are holed up in the cave recovering from some really hard and exhausting things and gaining strength to go on? They knew they were in a bad place and that they needed to take some time to regroup and prepare to kick butt.

Yeah, we’re SO there.

For a bunch of reasons, it’s been hard for us to stick to the regime 100%.  At first I felt terribly guilty, but  now I’ve just owned that I screwed up, and I’m just pulling up my big girl panties and starting again! Mamavation is about real life, and we all know that it doesn’t always work out as planned! However, we also know that real life means  rearranging plans to make them work.  Here’s my weigh in!

Wendy's Weigh In 11/5


Lost this week: 1.6 pounds

Total lost: 2.2 pounds





Rachel’s Weigh In

Rachels' Weigh In!


Lost this week: 2.6 pounds!

Total lost: 53.6 pounds!








We’ve decided to make it a priority on  staying on track and  working HARD again! We are RISING!  Rising up from  where we’ve been back on FIRE!!!!

**As Mamavation Moms, we receive nutritional support and fitness product from Billy Blanks ,  Omron Fitness ,  New Balance , and  Inspired RD.   We thank these companies for their continued support. **


Mamavation Team

Mamavation Team

Mamavation Team

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  1. Great job on your weight losses, ladies! Love that you’re pulling up your big girl panties and trudging through. 😉

  2. I adore you two. There is one thing I wrestle with when watching the mamavation campaigns and competitions. People are capable of losing stupid amounts of weight at a time – however research consistently shows that 1-2 lbs/week is more likely to stay off in the long-term than massive spasms. While I know you are frustrated with how you have been sticking to the regime I want you to look at the big picture of what you are doing with life being thrown at you and the fact that you are still losing.

  3. I love this attitude, and I know (knowing you all as I do so far) that you two will RISE to the occasion. :)

  4. Love you all! Thank you so much for the support!!
    xoxo – Rach


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