No Need to Hibernate


It’s week 6 and we can’t believe it is almost the end of the Mamavation Mom Graduate campaign!  Last time Meagan and I were in a campaign together it was warm (extremely hot) outside.  This allowed for plenty of outdoor activities for us and our families.  Winter on the other hand means we are indoors more often.  Yes, even we are tempted to curl up with a fuzzy blanket and nap the day away.  However, that will not put us or our families closer to our goals.  So what are two grads to do?  Find ways to keep everyone active!


We would love to tell you that we met this week with warm hugs and huge leaps.  That this has been our easy breezy week, alas, we have each faced our own struggles.  The beauty of it is, we aren’t letting our struggles be hurdles.  Instead, we are accepting them and doing what needs to be done.  When Sexy Sergeant deployed earlier this week I could have easily thrown in the towel and become a crying mess.  Instead I chose to keep going through the “normal” motions of day to day life.  Sure I cried but it was after waking up and seeing a missed call from him.  Letting the tears only take a few minutes then pushing through a workout, and spending most of my day focusing on what will best help the kids.  Meagan’s struggles this week have been the stress that comes with having an autistic child.  Her strength as a mom and how she is able to handle all of this stress while still staying on track is one of the many reasons I adore her.  Not to mention she drank wine twice this week and still lost weight!

Special Thanks to our Sponsors New BalanceBilly Blanks, and Omron Fitness. Love, Hugs and thanks to our coaching team LeahAlysaMarkand Shellie

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  1. You are both very strong women and I know you have what it takes to keep your families going. I know it isn’t easy to think about ourselves and much easier to curl up on the couch and forget the day, but hope you can keep the motivation and use the strength that I know you both have!

  2. Best of luck to both of you with what life is tossing at ya. You are doing great with the workouts and mindful eating in the midst of chaotic lives.

  3. You’re both so strong and inspiring. Excited to hear about your progress on Mamavation TV tonight!


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