Why We Wine

Well its another week down… Week 5 next up 2 more weeks and then well we don’t stop we keep on moving but we can drink our wine which is why we are working out extra hard right now. We had an amazing Mamavation TV show this past monday if you weren’t there you missed one heck of a show. Our Slumber Parties are not to be missed. I would like to take this time that to announce that someone did get topless on Mamavation TV and it WASN’T ME!!!!! It was my partner in crime Mrs. Aries Mommy herself. See we were allowed to drink a little and relax because it was definitely needed that night. We were all refreshed and relaxed and it was the perfect way to begin the holiday week!


We have 2 more weeks left in our reign as Mamavation Mom and we plan to end the campaign the same way we started it. Working our butts off. This week is Thanksgiving so we have been extremely busy getting everything ready for the holiday.



Special Thanks to our Sponsors New BalanceBilly Blanks, and Omron Fitness. Love, Hugs and thanks to our coaching team LeahAlysaMarkand Shellie


Mamavation Team

Mamavation Team

Mamavation Team

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  1. I LOVE the honesty and can totally relate. Being a mom can be a tough job. Keep up the great work ladies! You are almost there!

  2. You guys are amazing!! So proud of you both!!

  3. Great job, ladies! I love to cheer on fellow wine lovers. :)


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