And That’s A Wrap

Here we are, the end of the graduate campaign! It seems unreal and I wouldn’t believe it was true if the scale hasn’t changed so much in the past couple months.

A few things I am taking from this campaign:

- Even though us graduates are competing against each other, we have all been the most supportive competitors. I mean there was the occasional remark to “go eat a cinnamon bun”, but it was all in good clean fun.

-Graduates like to talk. Having nine moms versus two to catch up with has almost always equaled a one and one half hour show on Mamavation TV versus the standard hour. But that’s okay, because I guarantee everyone left with a smile (and some left with wet undies!)

-Gangnam Style. (No explanation needed)

I want to leave this campaign with the same energy I entered it with. After all Christmas is fast approaching and there is lots of treats floating around that could potentially sabotage this awesome loss I have achieved. So Tina and I are counting on you sistas to help us stay focused after the campaign ends!

We want to give our sincerest thanks to Leah, Shelley, Shannon, and everyone else who has made this campaign possible. This has been, personally, my favorite campaign.

Kimberly Before

Kimberly After

tina before

Tina Before

tina after

Tina After

I, Tina, have to apologize for my photos. I totally forgot we needed to have these done so I made the Hubs take them really quick. I’m thankful that these are even in focus people!

team badunkadunk weekly weight loss


This isn’t farewell folks..

Thank you to our awesome sponsors for making this Graduate Campaign possible! New Balance, Billy Blanks, Omron Fitness and Registered Dietitian, Alysa Bajenaru of Inspired RD!

Mamavation Team

Mamavation Team

Mamavation Team

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