Mamavation Monday: Keeping Snacks Healthy and Fun

It is officially December folks with only a handful of shopping days until Christmas and only a handful more until the new year. I have no clue where this year went and I’m sure many of you feel the same.
Along with the holidays, many of us will have our school age kiddos home for winter break. So when you are faced with the obligatory “Mom… I’m hungry” what kinds of healthy and fun snacks can you keep on hand? I don’t have the answer but lucky for us, Jasmine (@Healthy Jasmine) is our special guest for Mamavation TV Monday night and can shed some light on the subject!
Special Guest: Jasmine (@Healthy Jasmine)
Jasmine’s passion for health and well-being stems from her own childhood. While her love of cooking and baking from scratch came from her own mom’s kitchen, Jasmine grew up drinking pop (soda, Cola, Coke, whatever) and hating her veggies. In 2006, Jasmine was diagnosed with a gluten, soy, and dairy sensitivity that explained a number of symptoms: weekly migraines, digestive problems, acid-reflux and fatigue. Freeing herself of medication and living healthy, she now makes it her mission to help others heal themselves through diet and lifestyle changes.

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