Omron Strapless Heart Rate Monitor Fitness Challenge


Omron has a brand new product, the HJ-323U connected pedometer! Combining all the activity-enhancing features of 3D smart sensor technology pedometers with Omron’s web-based solution and software, the HJ-323U downloadable pedometer provides an engaging and information-driven way to improve one’s health. By connecting the pedometer via USB cable and integrating it with, users can transfer data and track progress over time and share achievements via email, Facebook and Twitter with friends, family or healthcare professionals from their own personal dashboard.

Cool. Easy. An improvement on technology.

Measure the success of your #iheartOmron Challenge with your new 510W Scale from Omron.  The Full Body Sensor Body Fat and Composition Monitor and Scale is a breakthrough device to measure your body composition at home. It measures 5 fitness indicators including body fat %, BMI, weight and more. The innovative Full Body Sensor is the only at-home body composition monitor that accurately measures your entire body. It uses 6 advanced sensors; 2 for your hands and 4 for your feet. Clinically proven to be as accurate as expensive medical devices professionals use.

Lastly, celebrate the success of your challenge with the new Strapless Heart Rate Monitor (HR-5ooU). This monitor helps you work out SMARTER and is easier to use than other heart rate monitors. They’ve eliminated the strap, so now when it comes to monitoring and staying in THE ZONE, it’s all in the wrist.  The monitor alerts you when you are in the right heart rate zone to ensure an optimal workout. Walking 10,000 steps a day is recommended, but you can also achieve the same benefits walking 5,000 steps at a higher exercise level. Wanna cheat like the pros and still get a better workout? Let the Strapless Heart Rate Monitor from Omron help you. By connecting the monitor via USB cable and integrating it with, users can transfer data and track progress over time and share achievements via email, Facebook and Twitter with friends, family or healthcare professionals from their o personal dashboard.

Cool. Easy. An improvement on technology.

Would you like to work with Omron as a Challenge Ambassador? Read the details below:

25 bloggers will enter a 30 Day Challenge with Mamavation and Omron using their connected pedometer and scale. At the end of the challenge, they will be rewarded with the Strapless Heart Rate Monitor. Each blogger will be given a fitness plan and instructed to workout 5 days a week. They will also be supported and given accountability by the Mamavation community and encouraged to join for daily inspiration. Click here for details on how to join the Mamavation community. While an Omron Challenge Ambassador, they will need to share their experiences on their blog, Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and/or Instagram weekly. They will NOT have to show their weight, but they will need to send it privately to Mamavation Leadership for verification. Bloggers are also competing for additional cash that will be awarded to three individuals that work exceptionally hard and lose lots of weight. Then after the challenge is over, they will be the stars of a twitter party on February 20th from 8-10pm EST about fitness,  heart rate acceleration, and Omron. Bloggers will be compensated $300, plus product valued at $280, plus fitness plan, plus the love of Mamavation. And three of them will win additional cash: 1st prize $500, 2nd & 3rd prize $250 each.

(Mandatory: 5 blog posts, “before” and “after” pics, weekly weigh-in pics you ONLY need to share with Mamavation Leadership, 5 Facebook posts, 50 tweets w/ specified hashtag, 5 Pins or Instagram posts, link up to Mamavation blogging carnival for additional comment love, & participation in twitter party. Anything else is just gravy, but we LOVE gravy when it’s the fat burning type.)

The challenge will go from January 13th to February 10th and twitter party on February 20th from 8-10pm EST.

If you would like to be considered for the Omron Fitness Challenge, please fill out this application below AND let your friends know you have applied by sharing on both Twitter & another social media platform of your choice, preferably Facebook. Please use #iheartOmron when tweeting.  Applications close on 1/3 and participants will be announced on January 4th on twitter by Leah Segedie @Bookieboo.

Reminder: If you fill out this application, don’t forget to “share” about this opportunity. Only people who “share” will be considered. Thank you!


Leah Segedie is the Founder of Mamavation and Bookieboo, a blogger network. After losing over 100 lbs, she started a career mentoring women in health and since then has assisted in over 3,500 lbs lost via the Mamavation community. Leah and her work has been mentioned in Ladies Home Journal, Reader's Digest, Fitness, Women's Day, CNN, ABC, CBS, the O'Reilly Factor, AOL, Entrepreneur, and Yahoo to name a few. She works from home in her fuzzy slippers.


  1. This is a wonderful opportunity, I am so excited to be considered ! Thank you! This would change my life ! My goal is to start doing 5K’s and I want to run a Warrior dash !

  2. thanks! I applied – I also shared via FB on my blog’s facebook page :)

  3. I need to do this and be accountable and I would love to help promote your brand, and get back on track. Thank you in advance for your consideration.

  4. I would be the participant in the contest, my husband Clarence Womack is a Personal Trainer, he would share the experience of using the OMRON with a client and I would be a guest blogger on his site sharing the experience from a client prospective. We would both share pictures and information via both of our social media channels that is the reason for 2 listings in some of the fields above. We have a diverse following on both of our facebook pages and he has followers on his personal page and Move with Mack fan page from as far away as Aruba.

    Thank you for considering my entry.

  5. This is a great opportunity, I hope I get this one, I need a new fitness challenge:)

  6. I just applied for this opportunity and tweeted about it (@AngelaHogan26) and shared it on my blog’s FB website (

    I would love to do this to help kick start my weight loss goals! I am also training to run a 1/2 marathon a year from now — so this will really help my training!


    Angela Glaze

  7. Just applied :)

  8. Oh? “Gravy of the fat-burning type”? I’ll take 10 cans of that, please!

  9. Just hit submit! Thanks for the opportunity Leah! You work hard for all of us! We def appreciate it! You are making such a difference in our lives!

  10. I just Stumbled post.

  11. I have to wait til I get home to “share”, but I will definitely be sharing! <3

  12. Thank you for the opportunity. Need something like this is kick my butt back into gear. :)

  13. Stevie Nanstad says:

    Very awesome thing. Get paid to workout!! This is just the kick start I need.

  14. This is an awesome opportunity!!!!

  15. Thanks for sharing this opportunity!

  16. Awesome opportunity. I shared on Twitter and Pinterest!

  17. This would be a wonderful opportunity! I’ve recently gained some weight and would love to take it off as quickly and efficiently as possible!

  18. I’m ready to kick my fitness goals into the next gear. Sharing on fb, blog, & twitter.

  19. What a cool opportunity! I am a huge tech geek and would LOVE to be a part of this challenge. Just what I’m looking for to jump the New Year off right!

    Here’s my tweet:

    Good Luck, everyone! <3

  20. We have loved our strapped version! I can’t wait to give this one a try (fingers crossed). Tweeted:

  21. How much fun to have such a great tool to help keep track of workouts! I am such a nerd about all sorts of fitness gadgets and info! I would love to participate and share information with my personal training clients, group fitness classes and bootcamp classes that I teach. I will definitely be sharing this cool product and opportunity!

    Thanks much!

  22. This would be a great opportunity to be able to find out exactly how hard I am working out. I would love the opportunity to review this product.

  23. I am so excited to hopefully be apart of something like this…I needed to start exercising and stuff, but I was lacking the accountability factor and this is PERFECT! GREAT idea!!!!

  24. I applied, I think this would be the motivation to keep me dedicated!

  25. Would love to apply if this was open for international bloggers too but with 80% US audience.

  26. I love this challenge/campaign! I’ve been working hard at losing weight through eating well and exercise. This would be a great tool and provide motivation/accountability to get me to my goal weight!!

  27. This challenge sounds amazing and so fun! What an awesome way to motivate family, friends and others around you while making positive Changes! I pray I get the opportunity to do this and that my new blog will take off! As a new physical therapist asssitant I know how important exercise and being healthy truly is! I can not wait to share this with patients friends and so many others! I have wanted a heart rate monitor for awhile so I know how many calories I burn doing a cardio class, my mamavation challenge workouts, work out DVD’s or Zumba!
    This challenge will change my life for sure and hopefully will motivate a few others along with changing my life! 😉

  28. I so hope I get this….. I really really need it. I think this will be so fun and motivating :)


  29. Thanks!! I applied, tweeted twice and shared on Facebook :)

  30. Well Leah, I am finally signing up to do something with Mamavation! Jeez it has taken long enough! I have way to much baby/cookies weight to get rid of. I am to the point where I want to punch sugar in the face. That is saying something coming from me ;-P Anyway, I definitely need something like this to get me in shape or at least on my way before my 30th birthday coming up. Shared on Twitter and Facebooke <3

  31. What a perfect opportunity! Sharing now!

  32. I just applied. I have been looking forward to doing a challenge and I am hoping for the opportunity to participate in this one. I have done workouts but have been at the mercy of writing things down, since I workout outside and use whatever is handy around the house. This would be a great tool and would give me some insight on where I am physically and also a great motivation and accountability tool to help me along my way. I tweeted and pinned it.

  33. This wasn’t supposed to make me cry was it?

    I have a small blog with so few followers on twitter and facebook, but I still applied. (and shared)

    I am so worried that I am losing all control with my fitness. People are always amazed at the walking I do (2740 miles this year woohoo), but the scale and the mirror are proving to me that I ned to do so much more.

    I am nearing 50 and for the first time in my life I feel like a failure. I could use all the help that I can get, and a few kicks in the rear.

    good luck everyone

  34. I am ready for this challenge. I signed up!

  35. Just applied….tweeted (@wa_tracy) and posted on both my personal FB page and my blog’s FB page. Love this opportunity :)

  36. This is terrific. Hey Leah, is there a way to pay for this same program if we do not get picked? I would be interested in doing it – even if I need to pay for it.

  37. Great opportunuty. I applied and I hope I get chosen to add this to my goals for 2013

  38. What a great opportunity! My fingers are crossed. I have some serious fat burning to do! I shared on Twitter and Facebook. Thanks for the chance!

  39. I submitted!! Will we get an email confirmation?? Always am weary that my phone has eaten something I believed was submitted. Don’t want to miss out!

  40. I shared via Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, and StumbleUpon!
    Thank you so much for your time and consideration! I am anxious to hear if I made the cut or not – I really hope so!

  41. Thank you for the wonderful opportunity!

  42. Thank you so much. I have shared about the opportunity on Twitter. I really need help getting to my goal weight!

  43. Tried to enter… either I entered like 6 times or 0….the form didnt say anything like “thanks for submitting”….

    • It should give you a “thanks for submitting” – I don’t see you on the list though – can you try again?

  44. shared via twitter

  45. I blogged about the challenge, and as I was writing, I began to get emotional and cry. I am still a newbie at blogging. I have a few followers on my blog, twitter, and on pinterest. I also have a few people on my facebook fan page.I have been working at losing weight, finding things that would fit my budget and have just been trying to stick it out. I would love the opportunity and didn’t realize how much I would love the opportunity until I was writing. I don’t have a smart phone, I go to places with wifi because of finances and not having the extra money to spend in other areas. I am thankful for the possibility of this opportunity. Here is the link to the blog post Thank you in advance for the opportunity to apply. I think it went through, but have not gotten a confirmation of submission.

  46. I just signed up! I really hope I am accepted. It’d definitely help me to kick my health into high gear! I posted on my FB page:

    Thanks in advance for the opportunity!

  47. So excited to apply! Thanks for the great opportunity!

  48. I am so excited about this opportunity. I have posted about it on Twitter (@AlissaEnders) and on my blog’s Facebook page (/CleverCompass). I can’t wait to see who is selected!

  49. How do we know for sure if we applied? I have not received a confirmation of submission

  50. OK, woman. I’m in.

    My husband said he’ll believe it when he sees it.

  51. Tweeted :) It’s a Share-a-thon baby!

  52. What a great way to start the New Year!! Encouragement to work out!! Thank you!! @cammiLH

  53. Just signed up and would love to have a chance to try out the product and join a group of great women to help and stay motivated! LET’S GET MOVING!

  54. Ok, I shared! And applied! And am super excited!

  55. I shared on pinterest :)

  56. My heart is to help stepmoms take care of themselves and therefore their blended family. I would be honored to be a part of this campaign and share my exercise/weightloss journey as well as provide tips and tools to my wonderful stepmoms.

    Thank you, Heather

  57. Tweeted and Pinned! Thank you for the opportunity! :)

  58. Thanks for the opportunity to apply!

  59. Thanks for the opportunity — liked on Facebook and shared on twitter:

  60. I applied and shared on twitter and google+ :)

    Why not? I love fit gear and supportive fitness friends. :)

  61. Looks like a great opportunity to get motivated again! Will tweet right now.

  62. I did fill out the form, but am not sure if it was submitted along with my comment–the bottom of the form is missing on my screen, making it difficult to tell if there was a second box to click.

  63. OK, I’m in! I’ve gained 6 lbs since summer. Not good!

    I need this.

    I’ll make you proud, Leah, Shelley & Mark!

  64. This could definitely be fun and interesting.


  65. I think that I have applied a couple of times, but this time I received a thanks :). I tweeted about it over a week ago. pinned it, and shared on facebook.
    Here is the link to the pin:
    Blog Link:
    Twitter Link:
    Facebook Fan Page:

  66. I can’t believe I even signed up but…i did. Tweeted too.

  67. Just applied and tweeted. I really, really need to get myself moving this year. I am WAY too sedentary, and it’s not good for my health!

  68. Jaime Gard says:
  69. Applied!!

  70. Sounds exciting & just what I need to push me! :)

  71. What a fantastic motivation! I love this and I know the “ripple effect” of other’s getting healthy will be amazing as well!

    I can’t wait to say, “Be GONE 40 lbs!”

  72. Awesome! I applied and am excited about the opportunity! I’m always looking for new ways to challenge myself and assess/improve my level of fitness!! I just tweeted the opportunity: and pinned it on Pinterest:

    I also “liked” it on Facebook:

  73. I have applied, would love to take on this challenge.

    I tweeted about it here:
    I posted about it on my fb page here:

    I have a reader asking if this is open to only those in the US and am not sure how to answer her. If you could let me know, I’d appreciate it.

    Thanks so much for the opportunity.

  74. i tweeted- and liked on fb but am off to share on my fan page too :) thanks for the opp- and good luck to those who end up participating!

  75. I applied and have shared. Thanks for this opportunity

  76. This sounds like a great opportunity. I could certainly use the extra motivation.



  77. I would LOVE to apply! If only this were a month later! I was involved in a car accident a few weeks ago and suffered whiplash. I’m currently not allowed to work out :( I could definitely use the motivation and competition!!

  78. I applied and have shared.

  79. I just applied, liked on fb and shared on twitter! Really looking forward to this if I am selected!!!

  80. I really need this! We are going on a beach vacation in the next few months….

    Happily sharing everywhere :)

  81. I signed up, tweeted it and shared it to Facebook – would love the chance to encourage other special needs parents by posting about my challenge were I to be selected! Thanks!

  82. Filled out the application.
    Tweeted –
    Facebook –

    Hope to be part of this!

  83. Shared!

    I’m sure tons are signing up…. but if I was lucky enough to get chosen this would be awesome because I really need to get in shape and this would be awesome motivation.

  84. So so so need this to get my life back on track after a terrible year!!!

  85. I tweeted, pinned & shared on FB! I am so excited… Good luck all but plz let it be me 😀

  86. I am beyond excited and can’t wait to see who is selected. I would so love to participate :)

  87. Tweeted, FB and Pinned :) Hope to win so I can get the new year started out right! Hoping, wishing and needed to lose weight before my wedding anniversary in July 2013.

  88. Ive tweeted, am moments away from sharing on Facebook. Hoping to take part in this challenge – needing the help from great people like the Momavation community.

  89. Shared on the new FB page dfocused on weight loss:

    I tried figuring out how to post the link like others have but I’m apparently clueless. LOL

    • Kim, just click on the time (whether that is the actual time or however many minutes ago it shows) of the post on your timeline on Facebook or Twitter and it will take you to the direct post. You can also hover over it with your mouse and then right click and choose “copy link” to grab the direct link.

  90. Just applied, tweeted and shared. I need to get my fitness routine back on track so I can keep up with my son!

  91. I am so excited! Thank you for the chance to be included in this amazing opportunity! This fitness challenge will tie in perfectly with my very first gym membership that I purchased it 2 days ago.

    Chosen or not, I am doing this and I thank you for the motivation!


  92. Applied and shared via fb and twitter! 😉
    Praying whoever gets the chance to do this will change their life and will motivate many others during the challenge!

  93. I entered before and I tweeted and pinned it again just to make sure I shared it! I am keeping my fingers crossed!!

  94. Hoping to be selected! Tweeted and facebook liked!

  95. I am having problems registering for Mamavation, I wanted to enter this challenge. The verification box is blank, I tried to listen to it audibly but it said I didn’t have permission, and so whenever I try to register, I am told I haven’t entered the verification code. Please advise?

  96. I’m excited to have found mamavation. I’ve been on a health and fitness journey for the past two years and love sharing my ups & downs with it and encouraging others to get healthy/fit too. I can’t wait to write my first post on Monday.

    I also applied for this challenge. It’s a perfect for my blog.

  97. Shared and Tweeted (as @rmgm)! Fingers crossed that I get picked!

  98. Kelly Merriwether says:
  99. I shared on Facebook and Twitter! Getting excited to find out who the finalists are!!

  100. I tweeted and facebooked! Now time to get the button on my blog!
    Please pick me!

    Molly Phair

  101. Shared on Facebook, Twitter and pinterest :O) Wouldn’t let me stumble :O( I really hope I get in this would be great!

  102. Kathryn Cummins says:

    Thanks for the possible opportunity. I shared on twitter and facebook!

  103. What an amazing opportunity! I shared on both my personal and blog fan page on Facebook and Twitter too :)

  104. I took the leap and applied and I also shared by liking, tweeting, pinning and stumbling!

  105. Shared on twitter

    And on Facebook!

    Excited to hear who gets chosen and excited to see the results of everyone!!! :)

  106. This is awesome! Would love to be a part of it! Thanks so much for a great opportunity. :)

  107. This sounds like a wonderful opportunity! I have shared on my social media sites. What a fantastic way to get healthy in 2013!

  108. What a fantastic opportunity! After 4 years of carrying post-baby weight, I am ready to get it off! Tweeted and shared on FB!

  109. Just applied. I desperately need to get healthy in 2013. My body literally is rejecting my current weight and the health issues are growing, and I want to fit in a wedding dress and have another baby so this would be the push I need! Thanks for the opportunity!

  110. Applied, tweeted and facebooked. I’m thinking if I get paid to move my money-maker, I will get back into the habit.

  111. I have been tweeting, sharing, and pinning but I haven’t remembered to grab the links!

  112. I applied and shared via Facebook and Twitter!

  113. Hoping to make 2013 my year for better health and more energy so my 3 year old doesn’t run circles around me! So excited about this chance!

  114. What a great way to really jumpstart weightloss and fitness for the New Year! Here are my posts:!/wyominggirlcoastiewife/posts/407254576017100

  115. I tweeted and shared! Thanks so much for the change and good luck to everyone!

  116. I shared it on facebook again….to make sure I did everything I needed to be considered.

  117. Tweeted and Facebooked:
    (Don’t know how to get the direct Facebook link of my share – willing to take a screen shot if necessary….)

  118. I tweeted! I sure hope I am selected!

  119. This is so cool – gonna share on Twitter!! Hope I get it!

  120. Cheryl Lund says:
  121. Cheryl Lund says:
  122. Happy New Year! My first share of the new year.

  123. Renee @ Qpon Junkie says:

    Wow! It’s almost time for the Omron Fitness Challenger! I’ve been sharing for a month now via Twitter and Facebook @QponJunkie. It’s time to take control ladies. Good luck everyone!

  124. Hi I think I put in an application a few days ago but I’m not sure. Should i just apply agian? My computer was kinda having a bit of a freakout

  125. I tweeted! Going to share it on my facebook and R/T later! :) Super excited to jump start my journey with Mamavation & Omron!

  126. Just applied. This will be an awesome opportunity for everyone chosen. Facebooked and Tweeted

  127. So looking forward to hearing the big announcement! I have been sharing via Twitter and FB and Pinterest as @sassystewrants!

    Here’s my FB page with close to 8K followers!

  128. brandi mulligan says:


  129. I’ve been sharing :) Here’s my recent FB share

  130. I’ve never done anything like this, so I’m super nervous, but would love to be considered!

    Sharing now!

  131. I shared via twitter:
    I hope they pick me! (:

  132. Tweeted @simplyjunebug and liked on facebook.

  133. I tweeted @landarydayblues Also Shared about contest on FB and liked Omron Fitness on FB.

  134. Alexandra K. says:
  135. Under the wire, but this is a leap for me.
    And shared on FB.

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