#SimilacNoGMO Petition Twitter Party


I’m on a mission to protect babies.

Especially the ones who are poor, have limited accesses to resources, or who have parents who just aren’t paying attention. And I can use your help.

Please Sign This Petition

Join me in petitioning Similac to remove genetically modified organisms (GMOs) from their infant formula during an online rally Wednesday, May 22nd from 8-9:30pm EST (5-6:30pm PST). Because when it comes to babies, is it really worth the risk?

And I’m sure Similac will be listening. We are their target audience. Without our support, they cease to be a company.

They. Need. Us.

But I think we can encourage them to do the right thing.

Hashtag: #SimilacNoGMO

When: Wednesday, May 22nd from 8-9:30pm EST

Theme: Educational Rally about GMOs in infant formula and baby food. We want Similac to reformulate and lead the industry in positive change.

Related: Similac is also involved directly marketing to social media moms with their #StrongMomsEmpower campaign. The campaign is about not judging each other and the decisions we make as parents. I thought the hashtag was very ironic because I feel as if WE need to empower ourselves first to ask them to change some things. Right now I don’t think they have demonstrated core values of putting the safety of babies first. Let’s focus on who’s more important in this scenario–the babies. Then we can start talking about how moms treat each other. But to me, one is far more important.


@Momma_oz–Swag Hag (She’s in charge of giveaways every 3 minutes…)


Giveaways every 3 minutes….or less

Some very generous brands also supported our efforts and because of them we will be doing a giveaway every 3 minutes.

1.Earth Footwear (3 winners)

2. Nutiva gift baskets (3 winners)

3. Nature’s Path gift baskets (4 winners)

4. iPlay Baby dinnerware multi-pack (4 winners)

5. Bob’s Red Mill whole grain sampler packs (4 winners)

6. Hint Water sampler packs (4 winners)

7. Poppy’s Naturally Clean Aloe Vera hand soaps & cleaning powder (3 winners)

8. Goddess Gardens Organics kids and adults spray sun tan lotion (4 winners)

9. Unhealthy Truth by Robyn O’Brien (3 winners)

10. GMO Inside Kits: “I’m Not a Lab Rat” Tshirt, GMO Inside pins, Labeling stickers saying “May Contain GMOs” (3 winners)

11. Healthier Breakfast & Brunch Recipes eBook by DietsinReview.com (3 winners)

How to Enter:

1. To enter please share this on two social media platforms of your choice. Here is a sample tweet in case you choose to use twitter:

I’m standing w/ @Bookieboo & asking  Similac to remove #GMOs from their infant formula 5/22, http://bit.ly/13BmkSH #SimilacNoGMO


#GMOs in baby formula? Similac we want you to remove them and lead positive industry change, http://bit.ly/13BmkSH #SimilacNoGMO

2. During the event, every tweet you produce will enter you to win a prize. There are no maximum entries.

I have not been compensated by any of the sponsors above to host this online event. I’m doing it to drive petition signatures to ask Similac to remove genetic modified organisms from their baby formula. That’s pretty much it.

Please RSVP by hitting the linky below

Leah Segedie is the Founder of Mamavation and Bookieboo, a blogger network. After losing over 100 lbs, she started a career mentoring women in health and since then has assisted in over 3,500 lbs lost via the Mamavation community. Leah and her work has been mentioned in Ladies Home Journal, Reader's Digest, Fitness, Women's Day, CNN, ABC, CBS, the O'Reilly Factor, AOL, Entrepreneur, and Yahoo to name a few. She works from home in her fuzzy slippers.


  1. can’t wait! @bethannechard

  2. @cammi1972 says:

    Great mission!! Looking forward to the chat! @cammi1972

  3. Looking forward to it… I’ll be there I might even come dressed :)

  4. @serenefairy_2 or @serenefairy_2ja says:
  5. @serenefairy_2 or @serenefairy_2ja says:
  6. The most vulnerable humans on the planet are currently getting a dose of genetically modified ingredients with every sip of formula. No safety studies have been run, no certainty that there isn’t a long term effect.
    I’d rather be safe than sorry, NO GMOs

    • Jean, GMO’s have been studied for over 16 years with no ill-effects.

      • Lucretia Pruitt says:

        Um… rather broad assertion that is untrue. The studies that find “no ill-effects” are those done by the agricultural companies who benefit from GMOs being unlabeled in our food sources. When non-agro companies do testing? Ill-effects (as you put it) pop up all over the place.
        Try Googling “gmo ill effects” you might find some enlightening info there.

  7. I didn’t have a choice in feeding my son formula – I hope they reconsider an take GMO’s out of their product!

  8. Lucretia Pruitt says:

    With no other choices 10 years ago, our daughter survived due to Enfamil’s Nutramigen formula – her severe food allergies (including cow’s milk) were causing her to projectile vomit within moments of feeding. After days of crying and worrying and trying everything else the pediatrician and allergist suggested, we were so relieved when she kept something down that my husband & I sobbed hysterically.
    We didn’t know at the time that it contained GMOs… because there’s no law in the US requiring labeling like there is are in so many other countries in the world.
    Our other option at the time was to try Similac’s Alimentum… which, apparently, also had GMOs in it.
    It’s time that these companies stood up to the Monsanto-led drive to alter our food chain. It is particularly important when you are talking about children who might have no other option and whose parents are trusting companies like these to help our babies rather than hurt them.
    Please Similac – lead the way on this!!

  9. I shared on Twitter and Facebook and of course signed the petition! Looking forward to a great party.

  10. Lauren Wagner says:

    Looking forward to the party!

  11. tweeted!

  12. Heather G says:
  13. Heather G says:

    pinned and shared on facebook @guitargirlut

  14. I shared on twitter and Facebook.

  15. annettep says:

    my first twitter party! looking forward to it

  16. Janelle Sorensen says:

    Let’s get this party started!

  17. Shared on twitter and fb at party now @bouz76. How sad is this that GMOs are allowed in formula??? Ugh we need to change this!

  18. pinned! http://pinterest.com/pin/491314640568932665/#GMOs in baby formula? Similac we want you to remove them and lead positive industry change, http://bit.ly/13BmkSH #SimilacNoGMO

  19. Signed the petition and shared on Twitter and FB.

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