Join the #StonyfieldMarathon Twitter Party April 16th

Stonyfield Boston MarathonSlider800x600_1

Stonyfield is the official yogurt sponsor of the Boston Marathon this year. They will be there handing out thousands of cups of organic yogurt on race day to runners, their families, volunteers and anyone else who wants to stop by.  They've also created a special program to recycle all the cups used that day as well. And they are sending 10 runners … [Read more...]

Earth Footwear Looks for 30 Bloggers to Celebrate Earth Day With Style


Make Every Day, an Earth Footwear Day! Earth Footwear, a modern collection of smartly styled casual footwear, is made for real women and their real lives. They combine contemporary styling with uncompromised comfort to create a collection that brings a refreshing new twist to footwear--letting women look and feel their best when they're on the … [Read more...]

Apply to the #MushroomMakeover 30 Day Weight Loss Ambassador Challenge

#MushroomMakeover Mamavation Weight Loss Challenge

Mamavation is partnering with the Mushroom Council to recruit 15 bloggers for a special 30 Day weight loss challenge. Bloggers will be compensated for blending/swapping out mushrooms four (4) meals per week, following a special mushroom inspired weight loss nutritional plan AND fitness plan.  Each blogger will share their experiences with their … [Read more...]

What’s Inside Your Feminine Products Twitter Party

Feminine Products Twitter Party with Mamavation

Do you know the ingredients in your feminine products? Check the box and look. Go ahead. I'll wait..... *whistles dixie* You might have noticed that the ingredients are not labeled. So you actually have NO idea what is inside your tampons and pads, right? That's cause it's considered a "medical device" so by law they don't' have to tell you … [Read more...]

Zerorez Seeks 25 Bloggers from Southern California for #Zerorezsocal Ambassador Campaign


Zerorez  is looking for 25 bloggers from the greater Southern California region to participate in a paid Ambassador challenge with the Bookieboo Network. Are you a blogger that lives in Southern California? Zerorez is looking for bloggers from the counties of Los Angeles, Ventura, San Bernardino, Orange, Riverside & the Inland … [Read more...]

#RealReform of Chemicals Twitter Party

Real Reform for Chemicals Twitter Party Mamavation

What would you do if you woke up one day and the water coming from your tap was poisoned? Over 300,000 people in West Virginia woke up to poisoned water two weeks ago In West Virginia, over 7,500 gallons of a chemical called 4-methylcyclohexane methanol leaked into the Elk River and into the water supply from a tank farm close to the river. The … [Read more...]

Mamavation Detox & Weight Loss Boot Camp 18 Twitter Launch Party


Disclaimer: Bookieboo LLC subsidizes the Mamavation campaign. All products are donated to the campaign by clients of Bookieboo LLC AND professionals donate their time to the cause. Mamavation Moms™ are asked to give their honest opinion on products they receive and are given free professional support but no money. This January and February, … [Read more...]

Thank You Cheerios for Going GMO Free

BabyBookieboo Cries About GMOs in Cheerios

Do you remember earlier this year when Mamavation joined with GMOInside to pressure Cheerios to reformulate Non-GMO? Well, they did. Cheerios Iconic Yellow Box is Now GMO Free Iconic Cheerios has now declared their yellow box original brand GMO free. According to Cheerios, the ingredients have been GMO free for a couple of weeks. Soon boxes … [Read more...]

Food Movement News: December Updates about Real Food Issues

Food Movemetn News

December had some incredible break-thrus for our food supply and public health. Most of the articles revolve around the FDAs most recent decisions to be more proactive in protecting citizens.  After years and years of siding with big food and chemical companies over public health, a couple of reversals have underlined that the FDA is starting to … [Read more...]

“Gotta Try This” #StonyfieldGreek Twitter Party January 15th


With the New Year comes new experiences and trying new things. What have you always wanted to try? Can you think of an experience that you've always wanted to participate in but possibly didn't have the cash on hand? Stonyfield has a proposition for you You try something new from their organic yogurt line and they will help you with that ONE … [Read more...]

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