Mamavation Two Week Challenge Campaign 15 Wrap-up

The itinerary didn't say anything about power yoga . . .

Can you believe that we just wrapped-up our 15th two week challenge? It feels like it was just yesterday when Leah and I first developed the idea. Fifteen challenges later participants have lost a grand total of  1591 pounds and 1095 inches! We had 71 people sign up for this challenge and 45 people finish. Participants lost a total of 117 pounds … [Read more...]

Getting the most out of the Mamavation #2WeekChallenge

This is what it's all about

We've been running two week challenges for a few years now and during that time we've developed a simple and effective formula that anyone can incorporate into their busy lives. Regardless of your fitness level you can participate in the Mamavation #2WeekChallenge. Here are some tips for maximizing your workouts to get the most out of the … [Read more...]

Mamavation #2WeekChallenge Campaign 15 – January 13th 2014


We recently did a survey in the Mamavation community asking what you wanted more of. The overwhelming majority of you said "More challenges!" So . . . here I am rising to the (wait for it . . .) challenge (bah-bum-dum). Thank you, thank you. I'll be performing here all week folks. Hot on the heels of the last challenge and just in time for … [Read more...]

Mamavation #2WeekChallenge Campaign #14 Wrap-up

Blue Nile

'Tis the season to get fitter . . . fa la la la la, la la la la ;) 53 people signed up for the 14th Mamavation #2WeekChallenge with Blue Nile and 26 finished. Participants lost a total of 70 pounds and 54 inches! That brings our grand total to 1474 pounds and 1004 inches. Great job everyone! Now for some holiday cheer, here are the 4 … [Read more...]

Mamavation #2WeekChallenge Campaign 14 with Blue Nile

Blue Nile

Mamavation has teamed up with Blue Nile to help you get fit and spread a little holiday cheer. Who doesn't love some jewelry to go with their new and improved body? Participants who successfully complete the 14th Mamavation #2WeekChallenge will be entered into a drawing to receive one of four $50 gift certificates to Blue Nile. I can personally … [Read more...]

Mamavation #2WeekChallenge Campaign 13 Wrap-up


Note to self - it may not be the best idea to wrap-up a #2WeekChallenge right before #Fitcation starts . . . My apologies for the delay, but you are going to love the results: 59 people signed up for the challenge, 27 finished (including 1 late comer - Way To Go, Allison @thisgirlallie) Participants lost 74 pounds and 49 … [Read more...]

Mamavation #2WeekChallenge 13 – September 16th-29th

Leah Segedie doing Taebo with Kanika

You've been asking for it . . . In celebration of the relaunch of and the release of the Mamavation Guide to Healthy Living the 13th Mamavation #2weekchallenge is here! Regardless of your fitness level you can participate in the challenge that delivers results - 133o pounds and 902 inches have been shredded from prior … [Read more...]

Run With Us – #Mamavation5K Virtual Race

#Mamavation5K signup August 2013

It's hard to believe, but Boot Camp 17 - our first with the detox AND weight loss theme, is wrapping up. In Mamavation, one of our very favorite ways to celebrate is by working out together, so we're busting out another virtual 5K! Whether you run, walk, or run AND walk, the point is that you're moving with us for 3.1 miles. There are loads of … [Read more...]

#OmronPedometer 30 Day 10,000 Step Challenge Ambassador Announcement

Congratulations to the Tri-Axis Pedometer Challenge Ambassadors!

Disclosure: Bookieboo LLC is being compensated for organizing and administering a 30 Day Step Challenge for Omron. In addition, bloggers in the campaign are also being compensated to participate. Mamavation is excited to manage another fitness campaign for Omron Fitness testing out their Tri-Axis Pedometer. This product connects … [Read more...]

Need 15 Bloggers For #OmronPedometer 10,000 Step Challenge


Omron wants to test out a new product, the Tri-Axis Pedometer, which connects to where you can upload your data, set goals & track your progress. The pedometer track steps, including brisk aerobic steps, calories and distance. It also counts steps accurately when positioned flat, vertically or horizontally. But it doesn't count … [Read more...]

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