2 Week Challenge Campaign #11 Wrap-up


Just when I thought the Mamavation 2 week challenge couldn't get any better you ladies go out and amaze me. 127 people signed up for the 11th 2 week challenge and 69 people finished losing a combined total of 272 pounds and 130 inches!!! After 11 campaigns the total loss stands at 1213 pounds and 810 inches. Incredible work everyone!! Remember … [Read more...]

GMO Kitchen Cabinet Awareness Challenge

GMO Mamavation challenge

Where are the GMOs in your kitchen? If you live in the United States or Canada, chances are you have several sneaky little products in your kitchen cabinet that are full of genetically modified ingredients. Mamavation is organizing a kitchen cabinet awareness challenge to help moms find them. I'm NOT asking moms to throw these items away, I'm only … [Read more...]

Finding a Spark

girls on fire

Know that part in the Hunger Games when Katniss and Peeta are holed up in the cave recovering from some really hard and exhausting things and gaining strength to go on? They knew they were in a bad place and that they needed to take some time to regroup and prepare to kick butt. Yeah, we're SO there. For a bunch of reasons, it's been hard … [Read more...]

Mamavation Two Week Challenge Campaign #11 with Bob Harper Oct 29th – Nov 12th

UPDATE: The first 100 spots have been claimed. You can still participate in the challenge (and be eligible for prizes) but you will need to sign-up at www.bobharper.com on your own. Everything else is unchanged - Tweet at @MrBookieboo and signup below. Yes, you read that correctly. Mamavation has teamed up with Bob Harper @mytrainerbob to bring … [Read more...]

2 Week Challenge Campaign #10 September 3rd – 16th

Get your sweat on, Yo!

Summer is over but that doesn't mean you have to give up on your healthy living goals. The Mamavation 2 Week Challenge is back just in time for back to school. Join the challenge that delivers results: 798 pounds and 583 inches have been erased to date. The campaign has two tracks to choose from: The Beginner track is designed for people … [Read more...]

Mamavation 5k: The Run Across Twitter

Mark Segedie, Mamavation Fitness Trainer

     June 30th was an amazing day for Mamavation.  Members of the sistahood and Mamavation fans agreed to each run a 5k and then post a sweaty post run picture on Twitter.  In Mamavation fashion, it didn't matter if you walked, jogged, ran or did something in between.  The only thing that mattered was that you did.      Throughout the course of … [Read more...]

2 Week Challenge Campaign #9 – July 2nd-15th


Add some summer sizzle to your routine - the Mamavation 2 Week Challenge is back! Sign up today for the program that delivers: 740 pounds and 566 inches have been lost over the last 8 campaigns. The format for this challenge is the same as last time - there are two tracks to choose from: The Beginner track is designed for people that are just … [Read more...]

2 Week Challenge Campaign 8, April 30th – May 13th


You spoke and we listened - the Mamavation 2 Week Challenge is back. Based on the feedback that we received from the Mamavation community we have made a few changes to the program that delivers results - 671 pounds and 516 inches have been lost through 7 campaigns. If you have been hesitant to sign up for whatever reason - this is your time to … [Read more...]

Two Week Challenge Campaign 6 Wrap-up

Empowerment Zone Ahead

Another Mamavation Two Week Challenge has come and gone and the program continues to deliver. This challenge lived up to it's name - it wasn't easy. Participants felt the burn and worked really hard.  37 people finished losing a combined 74 pounds and 63 inches! The total loss over 6 campaigns stands at 593 pounds and 449 inches!! The next … [Read more...]

Two Week Challenge Campaign 5 Wrap-up


Can you believe we have finished the 5th Mamavation Two Week Challenge? It feels like it was just yesterday when I sat down with Bookieboo and developed the initial ideas for the challenge. Even more remarkable is all of the hard work and dedication of all of the participants. 63 people finished this last campaign and collectively lost 160 pounds … [Read more...]

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