Mamavation #2WeekChallenge Campaign #17 – August 25th-September 7th


Back to school, back to fitness. We are back in business and ready to sweat! The 17th Mamavation #2WeekChallenge is starting August 25th. You can do this and we are here to help.  **Please note that you will need dumbbells for many of the exercises. 5#, 8#, 10#, 12# and 15# is a great starter set. You can easily cut this down to 5# and 10# if … [Read more...]

Ab Blaster Workout


This week adds one of the most popular #2WeekChallenge workouts to the Mamavation Workout Library: the Ab Blaster. Looking to tone up those abs? Give this workout a try. Tired of doing 1000's of situps and not seeing the results you want? Time to mix things up with this workout. As always, you can incorporate these exercises into your existing … [Read more...]

Back to Basics Workout

Mamavation Back to Basics Free Workout

The two most common questions that I get regarding the Mamavation #2WeekChallenge are: "When is the next challenge starting?" and "Can a beginner participate?" My answers are typically "Soon" and "Absolutely". Of course this doesn't help if we are in between challenges and you want to get started working out today. In the past I would recommend … [Read more...]



Pee-pocalypse (Or how I learned to love the Naturepedic Mattress Protector Pad) Disclosure – while Naturepedic is a client of ours we purchased all of their products that we use on our bed. Much like Superman, I have a fortress of solitude. It’s called my bed. Just like a fish needs water, I need my personal space in bed. Early in our … [Read more...]

Mamavation #2WeekChallenge Campaign 16 Results

Mark Segedie, Mamavation Fitness Trainer

Another Mamavation #2WeekChallenge has come and gone and the results speak for themselves: of the 95 people that signed up 46 lost a combined total of 124 pounds and 76 inches! This brings our grand total over 16 campaigns to 1715 pounds and 1171 inches lost!!! Without further ado, here are the winners of the 16th Mamavation … [Read more...]

Happy Birthday, BabyBookieboo


Note: Steven's actual birthday is Saturday but birthday's tend to be a week long affair in our house (yeah, we are one of those families). Besides, I don't think he'll mind if I post this early. Soooo without further ado . . .   Steven, I knew from the moment we first met that you were special and destined for great things. What I … [Read more...]

What motivates you?


Confession time - last November I stopped working out regularly. Looking back, I had a lot going on (and still do). The stress of raising three kids had caught up with me. Several crucial decisions at work weighed heavily on my mind. I struggled to come to terms with my wife's increasing popularity and decreasing free time. I'm sure the craziness … [Read more...]

Mamavation Two Week Challenge Campaign 15 Wrap-up

The itinerary didn't say anything about power yoga . . .

Can you believe that we just wrapped-up our 15th two week challenge? It feels like it was just yesterday when Leah and I first developed the idea. Fifteen challenges later participants have lost a grand total of  1591 pounds and 1095 inches! We had 71 people sign up for this challenge and 45 people finish. Participants lost a total of 117 pounds … [Read more...]

Getting the most out of the Mamavation #2WeekChallenge

This is what it's all about

We've been running two week challenges for a few years now and during that time we've developed a simple and effective formula that anyone can incorporate into their busy lives. Regardless of your fitness level you can participate in the Mamavation #2WeekChallenge. Here are some tips for maximizing your workouts to get the most out of the … [Read more...]

Frustration, Strength and Hope


My previous post: To the parents of the “normal” toddler at the pumpkin patch represented a radical departure from my typical fitness-related writing. In all honesty it was fairly difficult for me to press the "publish" button on that article. You see, I tend to keep my feelings and even my opinions close to my chest. I guess you could say I am a … [Read more...]

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