How Meagan Carter Lost 100+ Pounds

Meagan in October 2013

How does someone lose over 100 pounds without surgery, a celebrity trainer, or a live-in chef? How is it possible to lose this much weight and keep it off? I am sure that we could ask over 100 questions just like these, but I wanted to focus on a few of the most incredible, inspiring insights of Meagan Carter. This beautiful, charming, and … [Read more...]

Enell Sports Bras… Make full figured girls happy


I was so excited when I found out I was getting a new sports bra from Enell. One of my main reasons excuses for not working out is my ridiculous boobs. So I used their awesome fit chart and got the perfect fit. Yes, I had to use a tape measure but it was totally worth it - a bra that doesn't fit right is worse than no bra at all, right? It came … [Read more...]

Kristi Yamaguchi’s New Fitness Apparel: Tsu.ya


When Kristi Yamaguchi’s new line of fitness wear, Tsu.ya, debuts in September in select Lord & Taylor stores and online (, moms will have a new way to look good while working out and after. Tsu.ya (Japanese for “shiny” and also Kristi’s middle name) will open with its new fall line September 6th. Kristi explains that … [Read more...]

Disney XD’s Pair of Kings & Geno Segers

Geno Segers

My seven year old and I watch a lot of TV, and one of the shows we’ve recently begun watching is Disney XD’s Pair of Kings (Mondays at 8:30 EST). If you’ve never seen the show, then now is the time to start. The third season begins Monday, June 18, and Geno Segers promises me that it’s going to “rock.” Segers plays Mason Makoola, the royal … [Read more...]

What Can Big Girl Panties Do For You?


Since ending my Mamavation Campaign at the end of May, I've learned one thing: When it comes to changing your lifestyle, you have to put on your big-girl panties and just DO IT. Being a Mamavation Mom was a stressful time, but it was also an "easy" time.  Yeah, I was sweating in the spotlight every week, working hard to burn calories and meet my … [Read more...]

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