Gasteoparesis Diet Sucks


About two months ago, I was diagnosed with Gastroparesis. It's also referred to as "paralysis of the stomach." Sounds really scary, right? Gastroparesis basically means that after I eat, my stomach has a harder time digesting the food and passing it through my intestines. Most people will have passed their food into their intestines within five … [Read more...]

Label GMOs Blogging Carnival for Washington State #Yeson522

GMO Labeling

The citizens of Washington State will be voting on an initiative on whether or not they want GMOs labeled in November. Washington State is now my hero. This is round two for labeling. Last year, Californians were encouraged to vote against their own interests when the biotech opposition misrepresented the facts about our initiative scaring … [Read more...]

Shoppers Right to Know in Washington State #Yeson522 Twitter Party

Yes on 522

Do you have the right to know what's in your food? Mamavation thinks so. Labeling is common sense. Shoppers have the right to know what they are purchasing. Moms have a right to know what is going into the mouths of their children. And we all have the right to basic information about our food. But right now we don't have these basic rights … [Read more...]

Fall Into Fitness With Omron Blogger Search and Event

Omron Activity Monitor Mamavation Challenge

Disclosure: Mamavation is being compensated to recruit bloggers and organize an event in Southern California for Omron. The Mamavation campaign has worked with Omron and Bob Greene for about three years and in that time we've helped them get the word out about some amazing fitness products. This time we are helping them recruit bloggers from the … [Read more...]

Railroad Tracks: Why Being Careful Around Them Is A Smart Move

Norfolk Southern Educational Mamavation

Disclosure: This post has been sponsored by Norfolk Southern Railroad. I grew up around the Railroad. My father was a Locomotive Engineer for Southern Pacific for 30 years. The Railroad has been good to my family. But I remember some days when my father would come home shaking and in tears. Someone had died. And it was the train that killed … [Read more...]

Conventional vs. Organic Dairy Twitter Party #GMODairy

Mamavation GMO Dairy Twitter Party

I was at the grocery store the other day and saw a tub of yogurt and the front said "all natural" and I said to myself, what does that mean exactly? "Natural" is actually a non-description description when it comes to labels. It doesn't mean anything because the FDA does not define it. So what IS in that tub of yogurt? Well, the ingredients are … [Read more...]

Why is Coke Teaching Wellness At BlogHer? #StepstoWellness Twitter Party

Steps To Wellness Mamavation Twitter Party

About seven years ago, I lost over 100 lbs. People ask me all the time how I started and that answer is simple--I stopped drinking soda. Today, I call myself a "fitness and health matriarch" and what that means is I've spent years of my life mentoring women to better health. In the four short years Mamavation has been around, I've assisted women … [Read more...]

Wake Up With Stonyfield Blogger Ambassador Announcement

Kim Wardell Stonyfield Ambassador Winner

Disclaimer: Bookieboo LLC is being compensated to host a blogger search for Stonyfield. As a network, we do NOT work with food companies that contain genetically modified organisms (GMOs) in the consumable part of the product. So you can rest assured that this client has met our standards. Also please note any time you Tweet, Instagram, or Facebook … [Read more...]

Need 15 Bloggers For #OmronPedometer 10,000 Step Challenge


Omron wants to test out a new product, the Tri-Axis Pedometer, which connects to where you can upload your data, set goals & track your progress. The pedometer track steps, including brisk aerobic steps, calories and distance. It also counts steps accurately when positioned flat, vertically or horizontally. But it doesn't count … [Read more...]

#MomsNotLovinIt Twitter Chat–Ask McDonalds to Stop Predatory Marketing to Children

Momsnotlovingit McDonalds Mamavation Chat

McDonalds represents everything that is wrong with our food supply.   For decades, McDonalds has profited richly at a staggering cost to our children's health. Their strategy has been to undermine parents and guardians, whom the corporation calls "gatekeepers." Schools have long been exploited to market McDonalds junk food to kids, … [Read more...]

Stop Being Marketed To!

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