Mamavation Mondays: Party Time! Excellent!


Now I am not saying the two moms selected for the 9th campaign are going to be like Wayne and Garth from Wayne's World, but the party on Monday will be EXCELLENT!  It is not only the start of the 9th campaign but it also our two-year anniversary. There will be no Mamavation Mondays TV show this week so that we can focus on the party.  Follow us … [Read more...]

Mamavation Mondays: The Finalists


I had the distinct pleasure of interviewing all of the eligible applicants via Skype in the last week and I have to say WOW - this is a wonderful, sincere, healthy batch of women.  I love that many rated their self-esteem really well on top of being able to nail down what got them to the point of needing a Mamavation kick in the rear.  I saw … [Read more...]

Who is your FAVORITE Mamavation Mom Applicant?


Choosing five women from all the Mamavation™ applicants is a very tough job - and I do not envy Leah in her choices.  We had the opportunity to meet several of the applicants last night on Mamavation™ TV, but now we need to hear from you! We already have the fantastic Kia aka @bodhi_bear, our Mamavation™ Community Manager, interview the … [Read more...]

Mamavation Mondays: Applicants Step Up


This week's show is one of my favorites. It is all about motivation and us motivating each other - the core of Mamavation. The show will be dedicated to anyone who has applied to become Mamavation Mom to get on camera and address the rest of the Sistahood.  Let's play and chat like the sorority that we are. If you have applied be prepared … [Read more...]

Mamavation Mondays: “Let Your Smile Shine On”


Do you smile more when you have more confidence or do you have more confidence when you smile more? It really is like a "chicken and the egg" scenario - you don't know what begets what.  At the core of your being though your confidence and happiness are intertwined.  We are going to talk about this part of your core this week.  Your core values and … [Read more...]

Mamavation Mondays: Calories IN… Calories OUT


A healthy living journey can be mired in diets, regiments, food measuring, trainer sessions on your EA Sports Active, and as much rigor as you want.  However when it comes to reaching your goal body there is a simple concept that truly matters... calories in should roughly equal calories out or else that extra energy converts to fat and you store … [Read more...]

Full Body Weight Training On The Go With MizFit

MizFit Carla Birnberg

Less than an hour after getting off the plane I found myself in a hotel banquet room, getting ready for a total body workout with the wonderful and knowledgable Carla Birnberg, aka MizFit. If you've ever spent half a day traveling, you know how tiring it can be. I usually reach for some caffeine when I get checked into my hotel, but this time I got … [Read more...]

Mamavation Mondays: Food is Fuel


It will happen this week.  Despite previous technical difficulties we will finally get to revel in the knowledge bomb that is Alysa.  Bring your nutrition questions to the show this week.  She has worked with campaign moms and our George Foreman Grill Ambassadors.  She has amazing recipe ideas on her website. She works to make eating healthy food … [Read more...]

Mamavation Mondays: Little Miss Confidence


You all know the Roger Hargreaves series of books with the Little Miss characters? There was Little Miss Bossy, Little Miss Trouble, Little Miss Sunshine... in all there were 30 characters to teach us to be better people and recognize bad habits when we did them.  However there was no Little Miss Confidence in the series which is surely a character … [Read more...]

Mamavation Mondays: Snacking it up the Grunt style way!


We have gone through another campaign and I cannot wait to hear final thoughts from our four campaign moms on this week's show.  Great job ladies! This week's show will be a return of a favorite guest who talked to us about boot camp before. This time he will be sharing his expertise on home-based fitness and healthy snacking on-the-go.  It's a … [Read more...]

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