I’m A Loser

I am still in shock over this number!!

Can't believe I am already writing my week 3 post. We are about half way thru this campaign already! I feel like I am just getting used to everything! I am still trying to remember to put my pedometer on as soon as I get out of bed and to get my food journal post done before I go to bed, but other then that I have gotten the hang of pretty much … [Read more...]

M9 Sleep Number Review and $250 Giveaway


Sleep. We could all use more. I'm always touting the importance of sleep in Mamavation because it's how your body reboots itself. It important. In fact, when you don't sleep your organs become tired as well. In fact, about seventeen hours of sustained wakefulness leads to a decrease in performance equivalent to a blood alcohold level of … [Read more...]

Mamavation Monday: Workout with Weights


How tough are you? I am a chicken when it comes to any kind of competitions or even training - I pase myself to make sure I can make it to the end of the course. Do you ever feel like you don't have what it takes to complete the task? If you went through a Mamavation Mom bootcamp, finished 2 week challenge or ran a race, you are tougher than you … [Read more...]

I see your Hell Week and raise you..

tina kelley

A middle finger! That's pretty much the attitude I have taken about this whole "Hell Week" thing. Sure, in the back of my mind I know that it's probably coming for me, kind of like the boogeyman in all those scary movies I've watched, but it's not going to stop me. When we went to Fitcation this year, we got to listen to an amazing speaker, … [Read more...]

Just Keep Swimming …


 Just keep swimming. Just keep swimming. Just keep swimming, swimming, swimming. In case you couldn't tell, my kids have been watching Nemo today! As silly as it sounds I have found myself telling myself this over and over this week. When I was in the pool this morning, I was sore, tired and honestly didn't want to do more then a couple of laps … [Read more...]

Mamavation Label GMOs Challenge


We all have a right to know. We all have a right to know what is in the food we purchase and eat everyday. There are nutritional labels for calories, fat, and preservatives already. Why don't we lablel whether a food is genetically modified (GMO) or not? I think its very important for those of us who feel labeling is important to let others … [Read more...]

Mamavation Monday: Mac-n-Cheese Makeover

corinne bike 2

How do you celebrate your weight loss victories? Do you have a happy dance or do you buy yourself something totally awesome? Probably the only wrong way to celebrate these kind of victories is with food. However, what do you do if you gain weight? Do you guilt yourself to do unplanned workout or do you punish your scale by hiding it in a closet? It … [Read more...]

It’s a loser’s game, and I’m a loser..


Of pounds that is!!! Now, if you remember my scale picture from last week displayed 175.4lbs. That's 3 pounds baby! I'm pretty happy with that. Even though it may not seem like a lot it's still progress. This week we received our meal plans from Alysa - @InspiredRD which has made me even more optimistic that I will reach my goals. With … [Read more...]

Shedding Some Pounds!


This has been a long week for me, but I didn't let that stop me from kicking butt and reaching my goals! On wednesday I had a spinal tap that was suppose to only have 12 hour recovery time aka I should have been fine by thursday morning but that is far from the way that things went. I pretty much spent wednesday thru saturday afternoon in bed. It … [Read more...]

Etnies Shoes for Kids Review & Giveaway


I'm a busy mom. No, I mean really busy. I've got 3 kids, one of which is an 12 week old baby, a consulting business, a community, and a blog....oh, not to mention the husband and some volunteer work. Some things have gone by the way side...like cleaning...I've contracted that out. And sometimes dinners get cooked by my husband. But most of the … [Read more...]

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