No, This Isn’t Goodbye

aug 18 weight

Holy Moly --- 7 weeks have FLOWN by and just like I was shocked to be picked as a Mamavation Mom, I am shocked, and sad, that the time is almost over. First, I just want to say THANK YOU to all of you -- for encouraging me on Twitter, following my journey and giving me someone to be accountable to. I have loved this experience, and I am so, so … [Read more...]

You haven’t seen the last of me!


Seven weeks have flown by, and the end of Mamavation Bootcamp 17 has arrived. To be perfectly cliche, I can't believe how quickly the time has passed. Seems like just yesterday I was hitting "send" on my application and then mentally sobbing through the relentless hazing. These past few weeks have made me a better person in so many ways. First, … [Read more...]

Don’t Mess With Mama’s Babies! Just DON’T!!

How Often a Child is Diagnosed with Cancer

BEWARE: Leave THIS mom's babies alone. I am the gatekeeper of what comes into my home. I'm tired of being  judged by "well-meaning" family members that my methods are too radical. You know what? **I** am responsible for what comes into my home. And **I** am the one who will see to it that my children have the healthiest environment that I can … [Read more...]

Making the Right Choices for my Kids Health

aug 11 weigh in

This week, we learned all about keeping our kids healthy and avoiding toxins in their products as often as possible. For the most part, we use pretty "natural" personal products for the kids (especially after learning about the toxins in personal care products a few weeks ago) but there were a few things that I had never thought of that they … [Read more...]

Protecting My Babies: Cue Mama Bear


Protecting my Babies Did you know that under Federal law, chemicals and other ingredients are not required to be listed except in food products? And did you know that there are 80,000 or more chemicals used in various products? And, did you know that the last time a law was created about this was in 1976? The Mamavation Moms had a chance to … [Read more...]

Just Breathe…..{clean air, that is}…

Naturepedic Mattress

Indoor Air Quality Again, just as the previous weeks, my mind has been blow by what we've learned. Dr. Arthur Lavin, a pediatrician, educated us on indoor air quality, what poor indoor air quality is like, how to obtain good air quality, and all around how the toxins in our air can affect us and our children. We learned that proper ventilation … [Read more...]

It’s Time to Get Cleaning … the Indoor Air!

weight aug 4

This week was all about indoor air quality, and man did I learn a lot!! I am the first to say that I am clueless when it comes to indoor air quality, and I was very excited to learn more about it. One of the biggest things that struck me was how many things can cause carbon dioxide poisoning. I thought that it was just caused from faulty … [Read more...]

Making my house safe to breathe in

plants vocs

Indoor Air Quality When we were told we were going to learn about Indoor Air Quality, I was moderately clueless. I know what those words literally mean, but I wasn't sure what the implications of those words really are for the safety of my family. We had a chance to speak with pediatrician, Dr. Arthur Lavin, and he discussed what causes poor … [Read more...]

Gonna Wash Those Chemicals Right Out of My Hair!

Personal Care Week 4

You can thank me later now that this tune is stuck in your head! ;) I've been working on getting our personal care items toxic free for a while. I knew sulfates weren't good, but I had NO clue about all of the other junk in our poos, conditioners, soaps, body washes, etc. What an ENLIGHTENING week! Kim, from Episencial taught us SO much this … [Read more...]

Um No, I Don’t Want That on my Skin!

weight july 28 2013

This week, we learned all about the skin. Now I don't know about you, but I have never really given too much thought to what is in personal care products. For one, I can't read or understand half of the ingredients to begin with. And honestly, I was mainly only looking for soy or almond oil listed on the ingredient list and avoiding those … [Read more...]

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