Sista of the Week ~ 18

July 2010 2010-07-17 006

I just love this sista. This sista has been apart of the sistahood for a long time and with good reason. She loves to see people succeed. She loves to see people reach their goals and wants to help you get to where you want to be. She is supportive in her blog comments and also on twitter. Offering up suggestions, support, recommendations on … [Read more...]

Sista of the Week~17

I am on time this week! WHOOP! This weeks Sista of the Week is amazingly supportive! Every single blog comment I see from her is positive and uplifting. She knows what to say and how to say it to just lift your mood up immediately. Whenever I see a tweet from someone needing a positive word or a good kick in the rear, she is there....willing … [Read more...]

Sista of the Week ~16

*Sorry for the delay in getting this post up. Hubby is on vacation this week and I seriously had no idea what day it was.* This sista is always there. Whenever I see a tweet come through needed encouragement or a shoulder to cry on, she is always there to offer her love and support. A true definition of what a sista should always be. Her comment … [Read more...]

Sista of the Week ~15

This weeks Sista is someone I have "known" for a few years. I got to know her on a natural parenting website. At times I really thought, "Do I really belong here? I do not follow some of the same things other moms were doing." and she always assured me that I was a mother doing what I needed to do for my children so that made me belong. She made me … [Read more...]

Sista of the Week~ 14

Did you guys miss me? Huge thanks to Kia for posting for me the last 2 weeks! Now, let's get cracking. This week's SOTW is all over twitter and the blog posts. She is always supportive and encouraging. She also has a ton of knowledge on running. She is always ready to answer questions when we come running(no pun intended). Every time a sista … [Read more...]

Sista of the Week ~ 13

This week's Sista of the Week has been with Mamavation since early May. I love her blog and interaction with people because of its blunt honesty and going places that can be hard for many of us to talk about. She shares a-ha moments and pictures of herself she would rather not posts. However she does all this for frank accountability yet she is … [Read more...]

Sista of the Week ~ 12

This is a true honor for me to contribute to Mamavation this week to introduce our Sista of the Week. In case you did not notice I am not the regular contributor but this is a special post to commemorate our 12th Sista who I have loads of respect for. This week's Sista has been a part of the Sistahood for a while. It has been nice to see her … [Read more...]

Sista of the Week~11

I am so excited about Sista of the Week this week. It has been such a crazy busy week with the new Mamavation Campaign in full swing that twitter has been a buzz! This weeks Sista of the Week has not only been on twitter offering constant support to every single one of the applicants and sistas, but she has been all over the blogs. Her comments … [Read more...]

Sista of the Week ~10

Can you believe we have been honoring supportive sista's for 10 weeks now?! Its amazing that we have a great group of women apart of the Mamavation Sistahood. You guys are the reason this is possible! You make the Mamavation Sistahood what it is, supportive and loving. This weeks Sista of the Week is a super hard worker! She has a super intense … [Read more...]

Sista of the Week~9

It is crazy to think we are in week 9 of honoring our fellow sistas!This week is no different. The new sista of the week is around twitter so much! If you dont see a tweet from her just sit tight...she is around and offering up tons of support!! She pushes her self to the limits and also supports anyone and everyone who needs it.1. Name(twitter … [Read more...]

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