Join the #StonyfieldMarathon Twitter Party April 16th

Stonyfield Boston MarathonSlider800x600_1

Stonyfield is the official yogurt sponsor of the Boston Marathon this year. They will be there handing out thousands of cups of organic yogurt on race day to runners, their families, volunteers and anyone else who wants to stop by.  They've also created a special program to recycle all the cups used that day as well. And they are sending 10 runners … [Read more...]

#MushroomMakeover Twitter Party – April 8th

Mushroom Council

Disclaimer: Bookieboo LLC was compensated for hosting this twitter party with the Mushroom Council, as well as a 30 Day Weight Loss Challenge in which 15 bloggers were challenged to makeover 4 meals per week with mushrooms. We have a policy not to work with brands containing genetically modified ingredients, transfats or other synthetic … [Read more...]

#RealReform of Chemicals Twitter Party

Real Reform for Chemicals Twitter Party Mamavation

What would you do if you woke up one day and the water coming from your tap was poisoned? Over 300,000 people in West Virginia woke up to poisoned water two weeks ago In West Virginia, over 7,500 gallons of a chemical called 4-methylcyclohexane methanol leaked into the Elk River and into the water supply from a tank farm close to the river. The … [Read more...]

#MomsNotLovinIt Digital Marketing to Children Twitter Party

McDonalds Happy Meal

The obesity epidemic is growing at a pace that is uncontrollable, whereas children are the fastest growing subgroup getting Type 2 Diabetes. We are now at a point in history where our children are estimated to live shorter lifespans than us. THAT is a tragedy, especially when we outspend every other nation on health care and yet continue to be the … [Read more...]

Switch to Natural Dyes during the Color Garden Twitter Party October 22nd


Disclosure: Bookieboo LLC was compensated to throw Color Garden Dyes a twitter party and promote them in social media. Bookieboo LLC does NOT work with companies with synthetic food dye ingredients, so you can rest assured that Color Garden Dyes meets our standards.  As a mother when you look at the studies behind what happens to your … [Read more...]

#Switch2Swerve Twitter Party Nov. 12th

Swerve Ambassador Search with Mamavation

Disclaimer: Bookieboo LLC was compensated for hosting this twitter party with Swerve Sweetener. We have a policy not to work with products containing genetically modified ingredients, transfats or other synthetic ingredients. You can rest assured that this brand has met our guidelines for approval in the Bookieboo Network.Swerve Sweetener is … [Read more...]

Vote #Yeson522 Twitter Rally

Yeson522 Twitter Party with Mamavation

How much is silence worth? The opposition to Initiative 522 in Washington state believe it's worth at least $17 million - they've already spent that much in the campaign to keep labels that indicate if food has been genetically engineered or modified OFF the products that Washington shoppers can buy. On Friday, October 18th, the ballots in … [Read more...]

Fall Into Fitness with Bob Greene and Omron Fitness Twitter Party Sept. 24th

Bob Green & BLoggers Omron Fitness Mamavation

Disclaimer: Omron Fitness has compensated Bookieboo LLC for organizing a blogger campaign, hosting a twitter party and creating this post. The Mamavation campaign has partnered with Omron Fitness for close to three years and has tested several of their products. We are a fan of Omron Fitness because our community has seen a measurable difference in … [Read more...]

Travel to Paso Robles With Girlfriends Twitter Party Sept. 18th

Paso Robles Fitcation Event

Do you feel like you need to get away from it all for the weekend with girlfriends? Have some wine, farm to table food, do some unique shopping, and see sights that only California can bring you? Check out Paso Robles. Paso Robles is hosting Fitcation, a special wellness themed event for bloggers in October. Tickets to Fitcation have long been … [Read more...]

Apply to Be Stonyfield Blogger Ambassador and Fight Pesticides

Stonyfield Fight Pesticides with Mamavation

Disclaimer: Bookieboo LLC is being compensated to host a blogger search for Stonyfield. As a network, we do NOT work with food companies that contain genetically modified organisms (GMOs) in the consumable part of the product. So you can rest assured that this client has met our standards. Also please note any time you Tweet, Instagram, or Facebook … [Read more...]

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