@FrugalFemina’s Video Confessional – The Time Has Flown By!

HUGE thanks to my sponsors and coaches for the time they have invested in me during this campaign. Earth Footwear, EA SPORTS Active, Smooth Fitness, Gaiam, Tracey Mallett, Pete Cohen, Dr. Renna, and my Fit Friend Andrea at Mommy Snacks. You can keep following me at Frugal Femina.

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Thursday Thoughts: Mamavation (Week 6)

One more week!Successes: I haven't quit. LOL Seriously, my diet (except for the pizza earlier this week) has been awesome and they say that is 85% of weight loss. I have kept up with my veggie intake and cutting out of sweets and too many carbs.Challenges: Working my BUSY schedule.Sunday I am bound for California. [...]

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@FrugalFemina’s Mamavation Post: Upper and Lower Body Workouts

I promised I would share our custom lower and upper body workouts for Mamavation from EA SPORTS Active, and here they are! I already shared my nutrition plan, my exercise routine, the DVD's I use, tips from Pete Cohen, and how I do a cardio interval workout, so now you should have all the tools [...]

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@FrugalFemina’s Video Confessional: We’ve Only Just Begun!

Thank you, sponsors and coaches, for cheering me on! Earth Footwear, EA SPORTS Active, Smooth Fitness, Gaiam, Tracey Mallett, Pete Cohen, Dr. Renna, and my Fit Friend Andrea at Mommy Snacks. Just 2 months of nursing school to go, and I might post again at Frugal Femina. :-)

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@lisasamples Thursday Thoughts: Mamavation (Week 5)

I lost weight last week. I also busted my butt. Katie did too. We rocked it...How is any of this possible? Well, without our sponsors, sistahood, family/friends, and Leah it would nearly be impossible. #Mamavation works, because together we make it work. Our sponsors such as Earth Footwear, EA Sports Active, Smooth Fitness, Gruve, Gaiam, [...]

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@FrugalFemina’s Mamavation Post: Exercise Routine

A few people asked about my specific exercise routine after I posted about some of the DVD's I'm using, so I'm sharing a few more details. Just remember, I'm not an expert. I just do what the bosses tell me. :-) But I can say that this routine is working for me! So far I [...]

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@LisaSamples Video Confessional Week 5

I apologize for being late. I was really hoping to have my microphone before this was due - but it isn't here yet. I was going to use my VADO, but I switched over to Windows 7 and haven't updated my computer yet due to my schedule. I promise the next one will be on [...]

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@FrugalFemina’s Video Confessional – Week 4

I mentioned a few of our DVD's in my vlog because my friend Lisa at Stop & Smell the Chocolates asked about our workouts. Here's a peek at the ones I mentioned:Tracey Mallett's Lose the Belly FlabTracey Mallett's Total Body Fat BurnerTracey Mallett's Total Body Calorie BlastTracey Mallett's Get Your Body Back{I think this is [...]

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@lisasamples Thursday Thoughts: Mamavation (Week 4)

Have I told you how much I love my @EarthFootwear? I do. You have to get a pair if you are serious about losing and toning - they are simply amazing!Last week was challenging. I was having a difficult time balancing my life. I was torn between working out, menu planning, husband, kids, dogs, work, [...]

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@FrugalFemina’s #Mamavation Post: Refocusing

photo by RBlake1026So I stepped on the scale Monday morning for my weekly weigh-in, and I was down 0.2 pounds. Yikes, really?! Not exactly the number I was hoping for. Of course, I'm glad I lost something for the week, but I only have so much time as one of the Mamavation Moms, and I [...]

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