Guidelines for Los Angeles Webisode Opportunity

If you are interested in applying for the Mamavation webisode opportunity, please read below... First off.  Are you willing to be videotaped? You need to be. There will be cameras in your home and a weekly crew will come by your home to interview you. You will also need to sign a non-disclosure agreement and give Bookieboo LLC permission to film … [Read more...]

Mamavation Mom Guidelines

Mamavation is an obesity prevention campaign. You must also adhere to the following guidelines to apply to be a Mamavation Mom: (1) Own an active blog, which means you post AT LEAST once per week (2) Tweet daily (3) Must be willing to tweet daily, blog weekly with a picture of your scale number, and vlog weekly about the campaign. (4) Must … [Read more...]

Are you ready to change your life?

Shelley & Oldest

Thank you again for allowing me this wonderful opportunity. don't forget to check here for details on how to apply to be the next Mamavation Mom! As for me, my journey isn't over yet!  There's still a lot I plan to accomplish!  Stay tuned to see where this journey leads :) I'm ever so thankful for the entire Sistahood for your support this … [Read more...]

Do You Have Twitter Butt? [vid]


[Read more...]

Give the Gift of Fitness Twitter Party w/ EA SPORTS Active 2


Give the Gift of Fitness Sponsored by EA SPORTS Active 2 Celebrate with us LIVE during the Give the Gift of Fitness Twitter party sponsored by the EA SPORTS Active 2 on Monday, December 13th from 8-10pm EST. We will be discussing all sorts of ways you can get back into shape this holiday season AND giving away a grip of prizes. Watch the … [Read more...]

Do It For Your Kids


Motivation. Motivation. Where should you get your healthy motivation from? My answer: Your family. Obesity is created in families. It's an ongoing cycle. But there is one person with the power to combat it. Mom. If you make your family your healthy motivation instead of it being a "me" focused thing, it becomes more sustainable. As … [Read more...]

Looking for Los Angeles Digital Moms


Do you know someone who needs a change and might like the opportunity to become a viral video star? I'm creating a weight loss webisode and will feature one mother from the greater Los Angeles area to star in it. This mother will go through a virtual seven week weight loss boot camp and have her entire life chronicled and recorded. Most of the … [Read more...]

Fitness and Health Bloggers Conference


I'm thrilled to announce I'm Chief Blogger of the Fitness & Health Bloggers Conference next year. (*sings Hail to the Chief.....*) There is a new fitness conference in town. And it's going to be happening in one of the most "fit" cities in the world--Boulder, Colorado. Home of @bodhi_bear (my love) and thin mountain air.  (I'm in California, … [Read more...]

Healthy Living Bloggers with Klout


Jennifer James of the Mom Bloggers Club did two posts about Moms w/ Kout Scores Above 40. She had to do the list twice, because it was impossible to remember everyone off the top of her head. I made the second list. I decided that it would be fun to analyze the Top 50 Most Inspirational Healthy Tweeps and see where their Klout scores … [Read more...]

Fan-Tabulous Fiber Twitter Party with FiberPlus


Fan-Tabulous Fiber Twitter Party Sponsored by  Fiber. Fiber. Fiber. We hear so much about it, but why is it so important? And what types of food have the most fiber? The answer might not be as simple as you think. Did you know that 90% of Americans DON'T get enough fiber? I didn't know it was 90% till I wrote this post. Increasing your … [Read more...]

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