Healthy, Sustainable, Toxin-Free Goals for 2014

Healthy, Sustainable & Toxin-Free Goals for 2014

The New Year is quickly approaching, and many people feel inspired to make resolutions during this time of change. At Mamavation, however, we believe that you are less likely to follow through with resolutions than if you make goals for your new year. For example, in 2013 our Mamavation Sistas Greta Funk (aka @gfunkified) made a goal of running 500 … [Read more...]

And That’s A Wrap


Here we are, the end of the graduate campaign! It seems unreal and I wouldn't believe it was true if the scale hasn't changed so much in the past couple months. A few things I am taking from this campaign: - Even though us graduates are competing against each other, we have all been the most supportive competitors. I mean there was the occasional … [Read more...]

Celebrate Good Times.. COME ON!

mamavation all star campaign

There's a party going on right here.. A celebration, to last through out the year.. SING IT WITH ME!! No? Fine. But seriously, this post is all about celebrating. Celebrating victories in weight loss no matter how small they are. I think it's something we all forget to do, especially when we are waist deep in our weight loss journey. I … [Read more...]

We Are Thankful for Mamavation


With this week being Thanksgiving week, we thought it appropriate to let you, Mamavation, know how thankful we are for you. Leah, you have changed the lives of more moms and families than you probably realize. In the last 2 years I have seen your initiative and drive grow so that you are now reaching more than just us moms. You are changing … [Read more...]

Tap, tap, tap – Is this thing on??


So I gotta tell ya. I'm feeling a bit out of the loop! It's me Tina, this week. I'm still enjoying paradise during vacation and because of this I really feel like I'm missing all of you. I've been trying to tweet various pictures and such, but seriously, keeping up with the kids and making sure we don't lose them is really taxing! As I … [Read more...]

Finding a Spark

girls on fire

Know that part in the Hunger Games when Katniss and Peeta are holed up in the cave recovering from some really hard and exhausting things and gaining strength to go on? They knew they were in a bad place and that they needed to take some time to regroup and prepare to kick butt. Yeah, we're SO there. For a bunch of reasons, it's been hard … [Read more...]

We are rocking this campaign… Mamavation Style

Kimberly -3.8 lbs so far!

Hey sexy ladies! Week 2 was a bit of a blur! If the previous campaigns I have been in have taught me anything, it is that at the beginning the campaign seems like it will be a long 7 weeks, but it really flies by! And here we are, week THREE! Kimberly here! This week I lost a total of 3.4 lbs bringing my campaign total to 3.6 lbs! Whaaat?! I was … [Read more...]

Badunkadunk Busters Checking In!


Hello Mamavation! Tina and Kimberly here, ready to rock! As you may know Tina and I were added at the last minute but don't think that puts us at a disadvantage! Team Badunkadunk Busters is pumped and ready to drop some pounds. You probably remember me, Kimberly, from campaigns 7 & 9. My reign as a Mamavation Mom in the past was super … [Read more...]

In conclusion…

tina kelley scale

In college I always remember using those two words to wrap up technical papers. I figured it was a fitting way to begin this, my last post as a Mamavation Mom. This time next week I will be a Mamavation Graduate. Holy Schnikes!! This has been an unbelievable surreal journey, one I never thought I would take. To say that it has been life … [Read more...]

It’s me VS Billy Blanks

mamavation scale tina kelley

More on that a bit later. Quite honestly I can't believe we are already coming to the end of this amazing journey. In other news, I'm kind of excited to be coming to the end of this journey because it means that I just have a little over a week and then I can partake in some spirits. :) Anyway, last week was quite eventful. I fell ill and … [Read more...]

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