Journey isn’t just a band..

weight loss mamavation

It's the theme for my post this week. In just the past 4 weeks this Mamavation campaign has been an incredible journey. But to be honest with you, I didn't always see it as such. In the beginning I was looking at this experience as a way to quickly get my butt in gear and allow me to lose the weight I wanted in a short amount of time. That … [Read more...]

Running Into A Better Week


This 7 week journey is just as much as emotional as physical as someone smart told me this week. It was a reminder I needed, especially this week, because this week has really taken a toll on me emotionally. I haven't really shared all that is going on in my world this week because for one I am feeling so overwhelmed that the last thing on my mind … [Read more...]

Right round baby…

tina kelley scale weight loss

I survived HELL WEEK!! That's right, I made Hell Week my bitch! Sorry, language. I forget myself sometimes. So, I'm not sure if it's because I've already gone through the freak out stage last year when I did the Move It and Lose It Challenge, but I'm feeling pretty good. That's not to say that I don't crave stuff every once in a while, … [Read more...]

I see your Hell Week and raise you..

tina kelley

A middle finger! That's pretty much the attitude I have taken about this whole "Hell Week" thing. Sure, in the back of my mind I know that it's probably coming for me, kind of like the boogeyman in all those scary movies I've watched, but it's not going to stop me. When we went to Fitcation this year, we got to listen to an amazing speaker, … [Read more...]

Just Keep Swimming …


 Just keep swimming. Just keep swimming. Just keep swimming, swimming, swimming. In case you couldn't tell, my kids have been watching Nemo today! As silly as it sounds I have found myself telling myself this over and over this week. When I was in the pool this morning, I was sore, tired and honestly didn't want to do more then a couple of laps … [Read more...]

It’s a loser’s game, and I’m a loser..


Of pounds that is!!! Now, if you remember my scale picture from last week displayed 175.4lbs. That's 3 pounds baby! I'm pretty happy with that. Even though it may not seem like a lot it's still progress. This week we received our meal plans from Alysa - @InspiredRD which has made me even more optimistic that I will reach my goals. With … [Read more...]

Shedding Some Pounds!


This has been a long week for me, but I didn't let that stop me from kicking butt and reaching my goals! On wednesday I had a spinal tap that was suppose to only have 12 hour recovery time aka I should have been fine by thursday morning but that is far from the way that things went. I pretty much spent wednesday thru saturday afternoon in bed. It … [Read more...]

The End or The Beginning?

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Normally, I would say this is the end of being a Mamavation Mom. It's truely NOT though. Although the campaign is rapping up, I am and always will be a Mamavation Mom and Bookieboo Badass! Why? Because after these past 7 weeks + I have not only lost weight, lost inches, changed my lifestyle, changed my family's lifestyle, made goals, … [Read more...]

Making Goals and CRUSHING them!


I can't believe that my  time as Mamavation Mom is coming to an end.  I am SOO close to reaching my goal of losing 20 pounds:  I have lost  18.2 pounds!  But even more exciting to me is the inches  that I have lost:  to date I have lost 24.35 inches. 24.25 inches! Do you see a difference? May 1, … [Read more...]

It doesn’t happen overnight…but it’s WORTH it!

Weight loss doesn't happen overnight...just keep going!

Hey ladies (and gentleman), Hanan here in week six of Mamavation Mom Campaign #12. If you have been following along with Wendy and I, you know that we have been working our butt off at eating better, excerising daily, losing weight, and getting fit. Happy to report to you that since applying for this campaign, I am down 16.4 lbs!! Even better … [Read more...]

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