The Mamavation Sistahood is a virtual healthy living sorority whose members are committed to learning healthy living slowly day by day. The purpose behind the Sistahood is support. Members support each other daily on twitter & Facebook and participate in blogging carnivals where they share traffic.  The Sistahood is the backbone of the Mamavation campaign.


Creator Leah Segedie of Bookieboo and Mamavation

Personal Trainer Mark Segedie of Mamavation

Dietitian Corinne of

Dr. Jean Layton, ND of

Community Manager Joanna of

Assistant Community Manager Lydia of

Mamavation Cheerleaders:

Jeanae of Waiting for Supermom
Jeanae is one of those people who always has a kind word or a smile for us and because of that, it makes perfect sense to have her join leadership with a focus on engagement of new and existing members – primarily on twitter. Have a question? Reach out to Jeanae and if she doesn’t know, she’ll be happy to find the answer for you!

Rachel of To Hab and To Hold
If there’s one thing we all know about Rachel, it’s her inspiring story of dedication throughout her multiple applications to be a Mamavation Mom as well as her success during the campaign. She’s our applicant cheerleader ready to help guide you through the application process and beyond. Thinking about applying to be a Mamavation Mom? Let Rachel know and she’ll be your biggest cheerleader.

Rebecca is of Formerly Just Mommy
Rebecca claimed once that she was shy and quiet but that’s never been the side of her we’ve come to know and love. Rebecca has taken the reigns of membership relations and is your go-to resource for questions about how to join us or where your membership stands. She’s also another one of our very vocal twitter cheerleaders and supporters.

Graduates (Prior Mamavation Moms)

Lydia is @lydsrich of Cluttered Genius
Lori is @CBelleConcierge of Our Life Simple and Full
Jessie is @Momvantage of Momvantage
Erica is @mommahunt16 of Me-Mommy Etc
Amy is @laundrydayblues of This Mom Runs It
Jeanae is @jeanae of Waiting for Supermom
Joanna is @Way2gomom of Just Joanna
Rebecca is @RUthemomof of Formerly Just Mommy
Rachel is @rachhabs of To Hab and To Hold
Tina is @MadHatterMom of Mad Hatter Mom
Megan is @NCCarterFamily of The Exposed Mom
Kelly is @eclecticmommy of Eclectic Momsense
Shannon is @ShannonMSander
Libby is @miacupcake of Bruises in the Frosting
Angela is @AngMBishop of Nine More Months
Andrea is @notimemom of Adventures in All Things Food
Kimberly is @shrinkingkimber of Shrinking Kimber
Rachel is @RunningRachel of Running Rachel
Shelley @momma_oz of Slightly off Kilter
Jennifer Gniadecki is @jennydecki of Beyond Mom
Lisa Johnson is @ljenator of 50 in 8
Rachel is @Rachel_L of Following in My Shoes
Kimberly Cogley is @mentallyinked of Mentally Inked
Lisa Samples is @LisaSamples of Mom of Two Boys Wife of One
Katie Hostetter is @frugalfemina of Frugal Femina
Stacie Connerty is @StacieinAtlanta of The Divine Miss Mommy
Alyssa Becthold is @AlyssaBecthold of Hellman

Sistahood Members:
Kia is @bodhi_bear of Bodhi Bear
Janice Smith is @fitcheerldr of Fitness Cheerleader
Heather Underwood is @notdiyheather of Not a DIY Life
Stephanie Hamm is @fitmomtraining of Fit Mom Training
Pamela Kramer is @PamelaMKramer of A Renaissance Woman
Katie is @klwschmidt of Katie Thinks
Resa Barillas is @resamichelle of Making Geek Look Good
Shelley is @momma_oz of Slightly off Kilter
Andrea is @notimemom of Adventures in All Things Food
Libby is @miacupcake of Bruises in the Frosting
Angela is @AngMBishop of Nine More Months
Lena is @elenka29 of Way 2 Good Life
Megan is @NCCarterFamily of Carter Zoo Chronicles
Shannon is @ShannonMSander of Aries Mommy
Marie is @nichols0907 of Shortys shaping up to be fit
Sarah is @mamasarahjane of Adventures with my boys
MaryAnn is @1980Dodge of The Nosy Neighbor Next Door
April is @insightsbyapril of Insights by April
Ashley is @Irishred02 of Teachable Mommy
Jeanie is @jeaniekswan of Jeanie’s adventures in Spider-webbing
Krista is @kristalswan of Mostly Mommyhood
Rachel is @rachhabs of To Hab and To Hold
Lori is @MissLori of Miss Lori
Pam is @Pamdemonium2 of Pamdemonium
Pepper is @unicornbeauty of Pepper Scraps
Tina is @MadHatterMom of Mad Hatter Mom
Monica is @monicazyoung of My Life is a Journey
Candy is @Candypo of Sweepstakes Mama
Kristin is @LittleMamaJama of Little Mama Jama
Lydia is @lydsrich of Cluttered Genius
Jasmine is @HealthyJasmine of HealthyJasmine
Johnna is @Johnna_R_T of Princess of the Midnight Workout
Mallory is @Mallorybo70 of Get off the Couch
Kimberly is @ShrinkingKimber of Shrinking Kimber
Jenny is @JennyDecki of Beyond Mom
Joanna is @Way2gomom of Just Joanna
Lily is @LilyGeorge2 of Lily George
Crystal is @Mom4Less of Mom for Less
Priscilla is @PGreen730 of The Balance of Us
Nicole is @Coastiwife321 of Wyoming Girl Turned Coastie Wife
Rachel is @inmotionmom of In Motion Mom
Kat is @casadirosati of Casa di Rosati
Jen is @JenPabst of Healthy Food and Family
Brenda is @BKstar00 of Brenda Rivera
Tracy is @Wa_Tracy of Mom to 5k
Colleen is @Colleen_mouse of Finding Our Way Home
Dusty is @DMBastian of As Mom Sees it
Jessica is @JWeaver05 of Mama is Getting Fit
Rebecca is @RUthemomof of Formerly Known as Rebecca
Maggie is @itsmargomg of Linneyville
Carin is @sokkamum of Mommy Racing Diaries
Martha is @Hollinsgirl7 of Wheatless Mama
Sara is @SensiblySara of Sensibly Sara
Megan is @ostmega of Megan’s Space
Dee is @lumpytoleandee of Lumpy to Lean
Donna is @donnachaffins of Blog by Donna
Gina is @ginabad of Mom-Blog
Julee is @jonbonjovious of Mommy’s Memorandum
Naomi is @superdumb of Superdumb Supervillain
Jen is @jenlcrum of Kid of God
June is @simplyjunebug of Simply Junebug
Alicia is @AliciaHurd of Shakin’ it up Mama Style
Meghan is @JaMonkey of JaMonkey
Heather is @sprittibee of Sprittibee
Amy is @laundrydayblues of This Mom Runs it
Tiffany is @thebizymommy of The Bizy Mommy
Paula is @frostedfingers of Frosted Fingers
Momo is @TabeticZombie of Tabetic Zombie
Courtney is @Crunchybchmama of Crunchy Beach Mama
Jessica is @all_about_savin of All About the Savings
Kelly is @agirlworthsaving of A Girl Worth Saving
Kim is @whatsthatsmell of They Smell
Rachel is @Rachel_L of Following in My Shoes
Jenny is @formerlyphread of Formerly Phread
Erica is @mommahunt16 of ME-Mommy Etc
Toni is @carrigansjoy of Carrigan’s Joy
Erin is @abirdandabean1 of A Bird and a Bean
Kristin is @OurOrdinaryLife of Our Ordinary Life
Kay is @klcmaher of More is Merrier
Jackie is @Jackie23T of Mommy’s Running Adventures
Evin is @Evinschmevin of Food Good Laundry Bad
Elizabeth is @fibromamaby3 of My Life Beyond Labels
Greta is @gfunkified of Gfunkified
Lindsay is @lindsaysfamily of Our Family Adventure
Megan is @momicology of Momicology
Tricia is @sassypantsmomma of SassyPants Momma
@subarumom09 of Suburu Mom
Jeanae is @jeanae of Waiting for Supermom