Seeking Long Term Relationship with Nutritional Expert

In our Mamavation Mom Boot Camps, we always say that a large percentage of the weight that our women lose comes from changing their nutrition. Regardless of how often someone works out or how many calories she burns during that workout, if her nutrition is bad her body will not change. We teach our Mamavation Moms to improve their food and … [Read more...]

Bitter Sweet: My Top Five Lessons I’ve Learned from Being a Mamavation Mom

5. Stress can do funky things. Even if you are doing everything perfect with nutrition and exercise, stress can really affect how your body responds to it all. Figure out some ways to take care of your mental health, first and foremost. 4. Don't sweat the small stuff. Do what you can. Forget the rest. Sometimes you cannot get it all done and … [Read more...]

Mamavation Moms – gaining as much as they are losing!

Most of the time, the opportunity to become a Mamavation Mom is viewed as a way to jump start weight loss. A way to get all the help you could ever want from the AMAZING sponsors like EarthFootwear, FitStudio, Chef’s Requested and EAS Active.. It’s an opportunity to pick the brains of remarkable experts like Pete Cohen , Tracey Mallett and, Alysa … [Read more...]