Campaign 8: Building Character – 1 lb at a Time!


I can hardly believe this is my last post as a Mamavation Mom. After this I will be spreading my wings and continuing my journey with weight loss. My sights are set on a healthy weight I haven't been at for years. Now I have the tools to do it! Spring is a busy season around here. Planting has begun and everywhere I look there is potential … [Read more...]

Are you ready to change your life?

Shelley & Oldest

Thank you again for allowing me this wonderful opportunity. don't forget to check here for details on how to apply to be the next Mamavation Mom! As for me, my journey isn't over yet!  There's still a lot I plan to accomplish!  Stay tuned to see where this journey leads :) I'm ever so thankful for the entire Sistahood for your support this … [Read more...]

What I’ve learned as a Mamavation Mom

Shelley & Oldest

I can't believe that this campaign is almost over. The results I've seen have been astounding to me. I didn't think I'd have the results I've seen. I mean we aren't talking about Biggest loser numbers of course, but still extremely astounding to me since I don't have 9 hours a day to focus only on working out. But I digress… To me, the … [Read more...]

Bootcamp Update


Unbelievable! Can you believe that Campaign 6 is on its last week!? Shelley and I are on the home stretch for being Mamavation Mom graduates. Craziness! This social media boot camp has been a trip. Utter craziness, I tell ya!! These past seven weeks have been amazing. Amazingly challenging as well as wonderful. I have made and established … [Read more...]


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