Mamavation Mondays: Chiquita Banana Healthy Family Initiative & Dr Oz *squee*

A couple of months ago, I flew to New York City for Chiquita Bananas to accompany them at the Dr. Oz Show. I had a fantastic time in the Big Apple. It was my first time there. I've never really needed to go because I lived in London for six months and got that needing to live in a "big metropolis" out of my system. I was only there for about a day, … [Read more...]

What Would YOU ask Dr. Oz?

This week I'm flying to New York City to go to the Dr. Oz Show. Dr. Oz, just in case you live underneath a rock, is America's Doctor and he has a TV show. Yeah, he's kinda a big deal. Even though I've never met him before, we are kindred spirits. Why? (Because I'm a bit creepy?, that's not it.) Because we both have the same goal in … [Read more...]

Are You Up for the Challenge?: Dr. Oz & Chiquita Bananas Healthy Family Challenge

Dr. Oz and Chiquita have teamed together to create a Healthy Family Challenge on the Dr. Oz show to educate families on the importance of healthy living and why it's important to start young and do it as a family.Fact: The obesity epidemic facing our children is guaranteeing they will have a shorter lifespan than us as parents. No mother wants that … [Read more...]

Chiquita Sponsors this Week’s Blogging Carnival

Chiquita Bananas bring a smile to my face. I've loved the jingle and the brand since I was a child. So I was very excited when they came to me to ask if they could be part of Mamavation. I'm like.....ahhh, YEAH! (I can't imagine saying no to a food company like them....HELLO I don't think they have a single product I don't approve of.)So for … [Read more...]


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