Eco-Challenge 7: Energetics and Nutrition

The purpose of this post is not to sway you to become a vegetarian. It is to educate you on what you are consuming and to let you know why going-meatless on occassion can not only be great for your health but your walletbook.Energetics is a study of how energy flows and is utilized between cycles or entitites. For our purpose of examining … [Read more...]

Eco-Challenge 6: Energy Conservation

Isn't it amazing how energy bills can change from home to home or business to business or car to car? Some variance is due to how much electricity you consciously use (e.g. how much TV you watch, how many computers you have on, how big of a property you utilize) while some of it relates to the integrity of your property (e.g. insulation, passive … [Read more...]

Eco-Challenge 5: Waste Management

This will not be one of the horrible Bogeyman posts like last week's Household Chemical Exposure because you as a mom and consumer have control over the kind of waste your household produces. First think about that word, waste. Waste is leftover product we don't use and needs to be disposed of, for many of us that is turning to our garbage can, … [Read more...]

Eco-Challenge 4: Household Chemical Exposure

I really feel like this is the scary Bogeyman challenge because of how pervasive chemicals are in our homes. Our homes are usually thought of as the safe haven, but given the diversity of consumer products we bring into our four walls chemical exposure can be of concern when we really start thinking about it. I am not here to freak you out but give … [Read more...]

Eco-Challenge 3: Organic Gardening

Thank you all who have been participating in the eco-challenges. Congratulations to Scarlet Black (@MMScarlett) of Manical Matron for winning the companion guide to the film Food, Inc. Based on your challenge interactions I am sure you are going to love the book! As an offshoot of last week's Food Sources topic this week we will look at Organic … [Read more...]

Eco-Challenge 2: Food Sources

Happy Tuesday Mamavation family. Thank you to all who asked questions via this site and twitter last week about the Water Conservation. I hope you learned something about your local water supply and feel more connected to that resource. That connection is going to make you more apt to conserve it. This week we are going to explore the HUGE topic of … [Read more...]

Eco-Challenge 1: Water Conservation

I want you to ponder something... the human body is about 70% water, the planet is about 70% water. We are very much like our environment, yet it is a resource many of us take for granted. In the United States we are very lucky to have a supply of water that moves all over the country unlike many other nations, and we are lucky to have a cleaner … [Read more...]

Greening the 4th Mamavation Campaign

It is with all sorts of gratitude towards Earth Footwear that we are able to have a comprehensive series of eco-challenges for the 4th Mamavation Campaign. I am starting the introduction of our series with this special note about them because of the rare opportunity we as moms are presented with. We have been entrusted with an eco-challenge … [Read more...]

Mamavation Goes Green for Earth Footwear’s 40th Anniversary & Earth Day

Earth Footwear turns 40 this year. April 22nd on Earth Day to be exact. They have been around for 40 years providing the world with calorie burning shoes that are ALSO good to the environment. Wow, that's a long time. I'm not even 40 yet. What an accomplishment. In honor of Earth Day, Earth Footwear challenged Mamavation to go "green" for campaign … [Read more...]