What this teacher was taught by Mamavation

Look at me rocking my new dress!

    I can't believe that my time as a Mamavation Mom is coming to a close it is shocking how quick the time has gone by and how much I have learned from this experience.  I was asked to come up with my top ten list of things that I have learned from Mamavation and I can honestly say it was hard to keep it to ten things because I … [Read more...]

Prepared to take the Wheel!


Throughout the course of this campaign I have learned many things about myself. I have learned that I CAN lose weight, without the assistance of a diet pill or crazy fad diet. I have learned that the key ingredients to my success have been in my hands all along, I just had to learn how to use them. The top ten things I have learned from this … [Read more...]

It’s All in the Family


We are now entering Week 5 of the 7 week Mamavation Mom Boot Camp. I cannot believe it really. The time has just flown by! During the time I have been engaged in the boot camp, you might say my family has been just as engaged! The workouts and diet changes are more than just a passing phase, but a lifestyle change. In order to be successful, … [Read more...]

Making Changes to my Priorities

My stack of grading that I mentioned in my Vlog

Before I get started today-I wanted to take a minute to wish Lindsay our other sister well. Sadly Lindsay can't continue with us and I wanted to wish her well as she heals from her injury.       This week's topic is to talk about our struggles we have encountered since becoming Mamavation Mom's. Although this … [Read more...]

Believe you can and you’re halfway there.


The title of this post is a great quote from Theodore Roosevelt. When I see it I think it fits nicely with where I am right now in this journey. Half the battle is trying. Half the battle is choosing to fight. So right now, we are halfway through this boot camp, and because I chose to apply and believe there was some slight sliver of a chance I … [Read more...]

Eating More to Weigh Less-For Real!


    Hello -it has been another exciting week around here at Mamavation. Although personally this week has been a bit rough now that I am back in the full swing of things at work and keeping up with all my resposnibilities of being a Mamavation Mom. Yet, despite the crazy feeling I am really loving that although the program is tough … [Read more...]

REAL good food is REAL easy!


Before becoming a Mamavation Mom, I ate a lot of processed boxed foods, but I am happy to say that 98% of what I buy now can be found in the produce, dairy and meat departments of the store! Very rarely will I go in the middle isles of the store, in fact the only thing I buy there are my almonds, hot sauce, bread, and some things for the kids.  I … [Read more...]

I’m A Mom-A Mamavation Mom

Profile pic

Hello everyone-My name is Erica (aka Mommahunt16) and I am so excited to have been chosen one of the three moms for campaign 16!  It sure has been a wild ride to get here and I couldn't be more proud and scared that I have been chosen.  Yet, before we get to the proud and scared, lets start at the beginning shall we. Why did I do this....there … [Read more...]

Begin at the Beginning


Hi! My name is Amy. I am a wife and mother of five. I spent exactly 193 weeks of my life being pregnant, in a span of 7 years. During that same time frame I spent 27 months breastfeeding, which I liked to call "eat whatever you want dieting". And then I resigned myself to being overweight simply because I'd had 5 kids.  Just  like so many of you … [Read more...]

A new beginning


Hello! My name is Lindsay. I am a 32 year old mother to four pretty cool kids, ages 14, 4, 3, and 14 months, and wife to an super smart amazing husband. We are a multicultural family and are pretty dang proud of it.  When I met my husband I was 135 lbs.  We started trying to get pregnant immediately after we married and was quite successful. I … [Read more...]


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