The Mamavation

Sistahood is a virtual healthy living sorority who are committed to learning healthy living. The purpose behind the Sistahood

is support. They support each other daily and are the backbone of the Mamavation


Click here for an easy to follow Mamavation twitter list. Just one click!


Creator Leah Segedie is @bookieboo of Bookieboo

Captain Morgan is @mommymomo of Mommy Momo

Cheerleader Janice is @fitcheerldr of Fitness Cheerleader

Director of Props Amanda is @beeacutie2 of Stephan and Amanda O’Daire

Director of Everything Green Kia is @bodhi_bear of Bodhi Bear

Water Czar Kimberly Cogley is @mentallyinked of Mentally Inked

Director of Membership Lori Gutierrez is @gutimom of My Kinda Rain

Veggie Contessa is Lisa Johnson is @ljenator of 50 in 8

Graduates (Prior Mamavation Moms)

Stacie Connerty is @StacieinAtlanta of The Divine Miss Mommy

Alyssa Becthold is @AlyssaBecthold of Hellman

Lisa Samples is @LisaSamples of Mom of Two Boys Wife of One

Katie Hostetter is @frugalfemina of Frugal Femina

Rachel is @Rachel_L of Following in My Shoes

Kimberly Cogley is @mentallyinked of Mentally Inked


Trayce Skogstad is @trulytrayce of Yours Truly Trayce

Amy Thue is @Amythue of Unforgettable Childhood

Tina is @ThereIsMoretoMe of There is More to Me

Dani is @DaenelT of Living Outside the Stacks

Heather is @notdiyheather of Not a DIY Life

Karla Bond is @karlabond of Bond with Karla

Angela is @angelasue79 of Fit After 30

Beth is @simplybudgeted of Simply Living on a Budget

Cherrie Bautista is @Imahotmom of I’m A Hot Mom

Sue O’Lear is @mrsfatass of Did I Just Eat That Out Loud?

Maggie is @thebusybabymama

Jessica of @fringies of Fringies…Knitting with One Needle

Tammy is @tlestrogen of 365 Weight Loss Journey

Shannan is @missShannan of Miss Shannan

Colleen is @colleen_mouse of The Princess and the Monkey

Kim is @kimmiekinkins of Adventures of a Stay at Home Mom

Lorrie is @cuteangel79 of 150 by 40

Ivette is @ivettemuller01 of WAHM BAHM

Katie is @sailorsprincess of My Life as a Navy Wife

Pamela Kramer is @PamelaMKramer of A Renaissance Woman

Heather is @vidia2be

Karen is @faithfamilyfibr of Faith, Family, and Fibromyalgia

Holly Dressel is @bloggymama of Making Over Me

Paige Bayer is @paigebayer of Canning with Kids

Krista is @luvschweetheart of Typical Ramblings, Atypical Nonsense

Jessica B is @all_about_savin of It’s All About the Savings

@FLSouthernsaver of Frugal Southern Living

@abusymomoftwo of A Busy Mom of Two

Shawn is @shawnmh of Shawn’s Sharings

Scarlet Black is @MMScarlett of Manical Matron

Lisa Johnston is @ljenator of 50 in 8

Laurie is @laurie_pooh of La Vie de Laurie

Julie Mansfield is @jamnsfld76 of Little Girls

Rita is @lovelyritaann of Going Bananas Over my Monkeys

CJ is @CJinky of CJ’s Sentiments

Cindy Schultz is @Mommaven of The Mom Maven

Rachel Steffen is @Rachelsteffen of Rachel’s Ramblings of a Multi-Tasking Mommy

Shannon is @trulove821 of Momma on the Run

Laura Kelly-Pifer is @lkp24 of Laura’s Journey to Better Health

Roxanna Jolly is @taboo2fabu of Taboo 2 Fabu

Trista is @SthrnFriedmama of Southern Fried Mama

Stephanie Hamm is @fitmomtraining of Fit Mom in Training

Amanda Welbaum is @Awelbaum of Mandi Minding Money

Jenny Decki is @Jennydecki of Ranjen Business Solutions, Inc.

Laila is @laila1920 of Mama Locs

Heather H is @skinnysushi of Skinny Sushi

Mrs. Addison is @mrsaddison of Wonderfully Chaotic

Shawnee H is @ShawneeH of Shawnee’s Tangled Tales

Kimberly is @christlikemommy of Christ-Like Mommy

Carrie Symes is @carriesymes

Greta Blau is @gretablau of Middle Aged Jock

Kristine Brite is @kristinebrite of Cora’s Story

@mkopp1 of Mom’s Healthy Lifestyle

Danielle Brigance is @danielleb1221 of Adventures of Mom

Resa Barrillas is @resamichelle of Resa Michelle

Angela B is @ninemoremonths of Nine More Months

April is @GAFlygirl of GAFlyGirl

Felissa is @Felissahadas of Two Little Caviliers

Hilary is @Hilary_a of Race. Life. Adventure

Laura @SeeLauraRun of Skinny Pants Dream

Joanna @way2gomom of Now With Baby

Jennifer @greenidmama of Life Happens

Amanda @2someonesmommy of See Amanda Run

We have a couple of rules that we live by.

First off, we strive to live healthy for our families, not for ourselves. The reason behind this is moms tend to think about themselves for five minutes a day, so it’s foolish to base your motivation on yourself because it will be short-lived. But if you base your motivation on your family, it will be constantly in your head.

Second, not a single person in the Mamavation Sistahood is perfect, especially not me. Perfect people are kicked out because they don’t make good company. This means that if you have a bad week, who cares. No one will judge you if you gain a pound or eat a piece of chocolate cake. Everyone is allowed to fall down and then get back up and keep at it with no questions asked.

Third, this is a marathon not a race. We encourage slow gradual healthy living changes. That means I NEVER encourage anyone to completely change their lifestyle when they start. That is just crazy and too much for one person to maintain without being overwhelmed. Also, consider your family, because they have to go about this with you, and it’s unfair for you to change everything so rapidly. Over months and years, your lifestyle will get better and better.

Fourth, I only allow positive supportive women in the Sistahood. The sorority is based on Sistas supporting one another in their ups and downs. It only works if the people involved carry not only their own burdens, but the burdens of their Sistas as well. If you are a trouble maker or have a tendency to attack others, you will not be welcome. And I kick out anyone who brings any negative vibes into the sorority for the good of the group.

Keeping your Membership current:

To keep your membership current you will need to post weekly “Mamavation Monday” posts. If you miss 3 weeks in a row, you will be contacted by Lori @Gutimom and asked about your membership status. If you are unable to keep up with the posting, your name will be taken off the list, but you can re-join at ANY time by simply posting again and sending me an email, bookieboo78 (at) gmail (dot) com. This list is of active members only. If you have been taken of the list, feel free to continue tweeting with us. We love having you around. I just need to maintain a current roster for my own sanity.

Becoming a Sista:

To become a Sista, you will have to pledge. Yeah, kinda like a sorority, but one that isn’t all stuck up. Don’t worry, we are looking to include people, not make them feel left out. We just want to make sure YOU are serious. What do you do?

(1) First off, simply get involved. We are looking for women with a positive, supportive, and humble attitude. We are very inclusive and willing to accept all moms from all walks of life. Tweet daily with the other girls using the hashtag #mamavation. Make some friends.

(2) Second, create a Mamavation Monday post on your blog and let us know what your weekly successes and challenges were living a healthy lifestyle. You don’t need to be perfect, but you do need to be REAL. So let us know how we can support you. Then let us know why you want to be a “Sista” and how you are going to support the rest of the Sistahood.

(3) After you create the Mamavation Monday post, link it up on in the Mamavation Group. There will be a new discussion every Saturday night where you can do this.

(4) Make sure to show up to Mingle Media TV Network at 7pm PST/10pm EST.

(5) Make sure to let @bookieboo know you are interested by emailing her at bookieboo78(at)gmail(dot)com.

When you have demonstrated that you are serious about supporting other women and learning a healthy lifestyle @Bookieboo will ask you publicly on twitter. After she asks you and you accept you will be added to the Sistahood list here and given an official Mamavation twitter background.

And of course, if you are part of the Mamavation Sistahood, you are welcome to take the badge below.


Mamavation Sistahood Badge courtesy of @trulytrayce


Join thousands of other moms in discovering what is truly healthy.

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Leah Segedie is the Founder of Mamavation and Bookieboo, a blogger network. After losing over 100 lbs, she started a career mentoring women in health and since then has assisted in over 3,500 lbs lost via the Mamavation community. Leah and her work has been mentioned in Ladies Home Journal, Reader's Digest, Fitness, Women's Day, CNN, ABC, CBS, the O'Reilly Factor, AOL, Entrepreneur, and Yahoo to name a few. She works from home in her fuzzy slippers.

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