Food….I’m not in the mood…but I will be!

Food. It’s a love/hate thing, right? This week, I’ve hated food.

I am thankful for the wonderful support Leah, Alysa, Andrea, and my fellow Mamavation Mom gals have given. But I have to say, I have been super frustrated with the whole exchange idea. I dread every. single. bite. that goes into my mouth. It’s boring. But I think, more than anything, that it’s because I didn’t understand how the exchange process works and I was scared to eat! I didn’t want to mess up!

Basically, this is what one day of my meal plan looks like:

-1 whole milk (yogurt)
-1 starch
-2 lean meat
-1 fat

-1 fruit

-2 vegetables
-1 fruit
-2 starch
-3 lean meat
-1 fat

-1 fruit
-2 fat

-2 vegetables
-2 fats
-4 lean meat

Looks easy enough, right? WRONG. I am a kenetic learner…a “show me” learner, if you will. So seeing all of this and not having someone tell me what to eat has been frustrating. I see the fruit and veggie options…ok…I have that. But 4 lean meats? How does that translate into a breast of chicken…how many ounces, etc.? THANKFULLY, Alysa has been WONDERFUL and has been slowly showing me how to figure all of this out. I’m sure I’ve frustrated her, too….but she sure hasn’t shown it! I am feeling more creative now, and am able to think outside the box a bit and am going to attempt a more “adventurous” eating plan this week. I have made some awesome choices, I must say. Check out this meal of coconut/pineapple chicken (made by my friend Natalie) with squash, a nice salad with oil and vinegar and 1/8 cup of purple hull peas. SO yum!

Mamavation mom Week 2 Lori

The fitness plan is kicking my tail. I can barely do it still. WHEN will it get easier? Who knows? I am NOT complaining, don’t misunderstand….it is just showing me exactly how out of shape I am and how much I NEED this campaign.

This week, I am going to attempt to add push-ups on the arm of the couch. I’ve been doing some on the wall this week (I added that to my plan myself) as I am determined to be able to do at least ONE push-up by the end of this campaign!

The scale hasn’t moved this week and I am really getting nervous. I don’t know if it’s hormones, or if I’m building muscle, or what? I am looking for some ideas on how to super charge the weight loss. Right now, I am scratching my head.

I have had several non-scale victories this week including a sandwich with no mayo, and my rings not squeezing my finger as much, and I am feeling SO much better overall and I **KNOW** it’s because I’m not eating crap. I’m so thankful that I learned about labels last week. I had a headache this week and it was after I had some grilled chicken with MSG in it from Chick-fil-a. So I am learning what I can/can not tolerate!

And, if you remember, I was down 2 lbs last week….we will see what tomorrow holds!

Mamavation Mom Week Two

I’m excited for week three! Check with us Monday night for Mamavation TV with Alysa and learn more about nutrition with us!


~Lori @CBelleConcierge


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  1. Mommahunt16 July 22, 2013 at 5:42 pm - Reply

    Awe i know how overwhelming this can be girl-I promise it will get easier. If you ever need an ear I am here. Just know that this is going to be the start of the rest of your healthy life!

  2. Melissa Beach July 21, 2013 at 4:39 am - Reply

    You can do this! Food should be viewed as fuel to power through workouts and keep up with your kids! Use your Vitamix to have those delicious smoothies with your exchanges! I am with you! Just tell me what to eat and I can follow! Eating clean magazine and Jillian Michaels website and cookbooks are great resources! I have not tried a single recipe from JM that I did not love. Have you been tested for insulin resistance? When I addressed that it was much easier to understand! I am here to help!!! Love you lots! You’re a bombshell in training! Food is not boring! Explore your inner creative side! Right now is overwhelming because you are attacking all areas at once! It is a process not a destination! You will get there! Celebrate the victories!

  3. jeanae July 20, 2013 at 7:23 pm - Reply

    You. WILL. ROCK. this… IF YOU ALLOW YOURSELF to do so.
    Did you enjoy my emphatic yelling? 🙂

    I remember the beginning exchanges, and the blasted meal planning, being so foreign and frustrating, The beauty of the campaign is that you aren’t alone. You have some awesome sauce resources available. Alysa, Leah, and everyone will lead you along the right path. The food choices will get easier. & the fitness side? It won’t be long before you are kicking that one in the butt, too 🙂

    I am cheering you on! WOOT!

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