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Indoor Air Quality

Again, just as the previous weeks, my mind has been blow by what we’ve learned. Dr. Arthur Lavin, a pediatrician, educated us on indoor air quality, what poor indoor air quality is like, how to obtain good air quality, and all around how the toxins in our air can affect us and our children. We learned that proper ventilation is key to good air quality and to achieve proper ventilation by opening our windows and using fans to bring that outside air in. Our air in our homes is very condensed…and outdoor air, as a whole, is much healthier because the toxins are spread out and less concentrated, like indoors. Opening your windows for five minutes, and using a fan, can make a WORLD of a difference in your indoor air quality.

Another way to improve your indoor air quality is to minimize the Volatile organic compounds (VOCs) in your home. These come from fumes from cleaning agents, cosmetics, hair sprays, paints, disinfectants, pesticides, glues, markers, gaseous emissions from your mattresses (Um, HOLY COW. I couldn’t believe that one!), etc. How do you rid your home of VOCs? Get some house plants! Live plants in the home can minimize VOCs by 66%! YAY for photosynthesis! Also, switch to natural cleaning products, cosmetics and personal care products, natural disinfectants, only use paints/markers in well ventilated areas, and replace your mattresses with organic, chemical free mattresses like Naturepedic offers.

Naturepedic Mattress

Y’all, Naturepedic has been SO generous to donate two mattresses to us for this campaign. This. Is. HUGE. for my family. My second born, #A2 (our nickname for him) has severe allergies and has frequent night time (and day time) nose bleeds. Severe nose bleeds. But since we replaced his 20+ year old mattress with a Naturepedic one two weeks ago, he has not had one single nosebleed. THIS IS NOTHING SHORT OF A MIRACLE for our family. And he says he is sleeping on a fluffy cloud now. They make an awesome two-sided mattress that is one side waterproof, the other side is quilted. It’s PERFECT for those in-between ages where wetting the bed is an issue. Thank you, Naturpedic. We are beside ourselves in love with your product! I am saving my pennies for a California King to replace ours with! (Check their two links in this paragraph to follow them both on Twitter and on Facebook.)

Fitness/Weight Loss

Weight Picture Week 5I struggled last week shooting my first wedding in FOREVER . I allowed myself to get dehydrated and therefore I was VERY bloated and took on water like the Titanic. I gained 4 pounds in fluid! By Monday, I was back down to my original weight loss for last week, plus 1/2 a pound. So I am down 8.5lbs. I am quite discouraged with my weight loss (or lack there of) this week. AND I shot another wedding today. Also, I feel like I am struggling with stress and it’s having an adverse affect on my weight loss. Going to boost my efforts to de-stress and work hard this week.

Sorry for the poor video, I was away for the weekend. Here’s to a MUCH better week!




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  1. Lydia August 10, 2013 at 5:01 pm - Reply

    You are doing a great job – and at least you figured out where the bloated stuff came from!!

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