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  1. Marsha Carter

    Thank you for all this detailed info on PFAS forever chemicals in our foods and in food packaging. Since dog and cat food packaging is made to reduce/eliminate oil/fat migrating through the bags, I am wondering if there are any pet food brands that address this toxic chemical in their packaging.

  2. Melanie Wheeler

    The butter you recommended doesn’t say pasture raised, do you have a recommendation for pasture raised?

  3. Kathy Chappell

    What about Full Circle organics. I really appreciate all the work you have been doing to try to keep our families informed.

  4. Linda

    Amish farmers were using hard plastic containers for their butter. Now they are switching to waxed paper thinking it is better for humanity and the environment. They don’t realize that those waxed papers probably contain Teflon chemicals, the PFAS forever chemicals. Hard plastic is a better alternative. Leah would you be willing to test the Amish farmer’s waxed paper wrappers?

    • Sara

      After learning about all of this my husband suggested Amish butter but I’m suspicious of the wax paper too. Would love to know.

  5. Anonymous

    Thank you for the info on Forever chemicals in butter. So glad to know our brand of butter, Clover, passed the test. We lucked out!

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