James is the CEO and co-founder of Natural Health International, a vertically integrated, natural products company that spans every continent around the world. This experience and knowledge of what happens with natural products from seed to shelf gives James (and now our Mamavation community) key insights into every aspect of the natural products industry from product development to clinical research, organic and sustainable agriculture, fair trade and creating industry in third world countries, through to manufacturing and distribution throughout the world, and in each channel in the United Sates such as health professionals, natural chains like Whole Foods and mass pharmacy such as CVS.

James has studied nutrition, exercise physiology and natural products for over twenty years, working with some of the leading researchers and doctors in integrative health from around the world.

“I was lucky enough to realize early on that my life purpose is to understand and research complex and broad areas of health and to educate and empower people with complete, optimal solutions – whether that solution was a drug, natural product, type of exercise, specific health modality or combination of all of them.

I have learned two things: there is no silver bullet; and no single health expert knows everything. In fact few can claim to be experts in one area of health, let alone two. So for twenty years I have sought out the true experts in every modality of integrative medicine and each area of health. I made sure not to just look at the “expert” we see on TV or on the list of New York Times Best Sellers, but rather the true expert who is treating people every day in that exact area of health, the true expert who conducted research, clinical trials and published scores of papers on that exact subject or more simply the true expert that the doctor we might see on television goes to for insight and wisdom.”