Mamavation is now accepting Canadians!!!

Mamavation Moms lose weight and detoxify their food, home, cleaning, personal care routine, and children in a boot camp experience without having to leave the home. They are set up with support, tools, and professional coaches to help transform mind and body on this journey. As they are learning healthy living and losing weight they live their lives on a stage for seven weeks. The campaign becomes a virtual docudrama with real challenges and victories as they become the stars of the campaign.

Each Mamavation Mom will receive:

  • Customized nutritional plan
  • Professional fitness plan
  • Expert training to remove toxins from their daily life
  • Community support in the Mamavation Sistahood
  • New Balance Running Shoes (value between $70-110 earned at 5% weight loss)

To apply to become a Mamavation Mom, you need to create an application video and then fill out the application form below. The application video should be no longer than 5 minutes long and telling us in your own words why you want to be a Mamavation Mom.

Mamavation applicants are hazed during the application process. That means that Mamavation campaign leadership will be involved in tweeting exercises you should be doing everyday. This is to get you prepared for the campaign because there is LOADS of physical activity. We also want to see how obedient you will be to leadership as they are helping you lose weight and become healthier.

Each applicant also is interviewed by Mamavation leadership, which in turn makes recommendations to a panel that determines who the Mamavation Moms are. Five women are then selected as Finalists by Leah Segedie and those five women go up for a vote by committee. We no longer determine position based on popular vote. Mamavation Moms are then announced at a twitter party launch.

You must first have the following qualifications and adhere to a couple of rules to apply.

The dates for the next boot camp will be released in the near future. Refer to this page for details.

Applications: TBA

Hazing: TBA

Finalists Announced: TBA

Twitter Party Launch: TBA

Mamavation Moms will run a 5K within 6 months of their Boot Camp.

*hazing and pledging to the Mamavation Sistahood, as well as participation in the forums and twitter stream WILL be highly considered**

After you have submitted your application, show us you are a serious contender. We want to see you ALREADY living a healthy active lifestyle and sharing that in the #mamavation hashtag.  If you are paying attention to the hashtag, you will notice the hazing when it begins done by @MrBookieboo.

Twitter support: You also need to show me you have support from your friends online. You will need to lean on them some days, so show me they exist and that you ALREADY have a network of friends that care about you. Have them tweet at me the following message,

“Hey @bookieboo! I want (@insertyourIDhere) to be the next #Mamavation Mom. She has my support!”

Facebook: For the people you know who are only on Facebook, have them post on their Facebook wall tagging YOU and linking back here telling us why they think you would make an amazing Mamavation Mom.